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I really need help



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    Have a look at this to help you work out how best to use the heaters in also point you towards other youtube videos.

    I guess the Quantum's need both supplies turned on, the E7 to charge them during the off-peak period and the peak supply to power the clock, thermostat, fan and boost heater

    Look here - where it says to leave both switches on. It's well worth reading so you know how to use them
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    Thanks ! :o

    No, that's just how it should be. The off peak supply only comes on at night and it warms the bricks up at the cheap rate. As the Quantum heaters are well insulated to stop heat leaking out throughout the night when it's not needed, the peak supply is needed to blow the warm air down and out. However, the fan uses very little electricity so it's not a problem.

    The big NoNo is to use the Boost setting because that warms the bricks up using the expensive peak supply. Not to put too fine a point on it, if you have to use the Boost button, you've goofed !

    Make sure you're really familiar with the Quantum controls. If the settings are correct for your lifestyle you'll be getting the maximum warmth for the lowest cost, that's the benefit of good insulation and clever controls. However, the converse is equally true - if you don't understand it and unknowingly do something silly such as always using the Boost button (or, heaven forbid, switching off the off-peak supply), you'll go bankrupt.

    You can also programme it so that it only provides frost protection if you're away (burst pipes etc) but warms up before you get back so you don't have resort to the Boost button.

    The key to all this is that Knowledge Is Power. Get the best tariff, make sure the system is configured to use only off-peak electricity for heating, don't be fobbed off and you'll have a happy and warm new year. :)
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    Have you ever concluded if the immersion (water) heater is using day or night electricity?
  • Yea luckily I’ve not used the boost only the day I moved in as all were switched off and I expected that to be expensive but no I don’t use the boost nor have I switched any of the on/off peak switches off I was just wondering. I think I have worked out everything else and my tariff changes on 9th January to bulb as that came up the better one for me. What I do find weird and no where seems to answer this, is one day the storage heater is boiling hot, you can’t really touch it, then the next day it’s barely warm but still kicks out the heat from the bottom as it does when it’s hot to touch at the right times I’ve set it to. Is that normal? It’s still warm in the room etc it’s just every other day the actual storage heater is very hot to touch almost as if it stores it one night n it lasts two days as like I said I can touch it now it is quite cool but still giving out the heat at the times I’ve selected but tomorrow it’ll be to hot to touch. Sorry I know I repeated myself there.

    And thanks I will check out the links matelodave. Maybe it will tell me why they’re hot one day and not the next.

    Thank you again for your help
  • J B they told me it was heated during the night
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