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2020 1% challenge

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  • charlies_tribecharlies_tribe Forumite
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    Tenth Anniversary 1,000 Posts Name Dropper
    Can I join again this year please. With being off work for 9 months last year I never managed to pay anything off (just seemed to respend what we did).

    Going to aim for £5000 paid off this year so my 1% is £50.
    LBM in April 17 - £13376/£33554 (39.8%) paid.
    [email protected] June 18 = £2682/£76350 paid.
    Total debt @ 1st June 18=[STRIKE]£102311[/STRIKE] @1st Jan 19 [STRIKE]£94515[/STRIKE] £93846
    SPC #016 2020 1% challenge #33 = 1% £53.79/£5000
  • WimbrelWimbrel Forumite
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    Fourth Anniversary 10 Posts PPI Party Pooper
    Please, can I join? My 1% is £73 ( £7300 between a loan and a credit card) I would like to pay an additional 1% a month (as well any other payments above the minimum I can make as and when ) so intend to make a payment of £17 each and every week for 52 weeks, will be taking a flask of coffee and a packed lunch every day when I return to work next week and also aim to reduce the weekly shop by £10 a week. The aim will be to transfer £17 from the bank to reduce the credit card balance each Friday, starting tomorrow!
  • A_Random_ManA_Random_Man Forumite
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    500 Posts Third Anniversary Name Dropper Photogenic
    Can I join please I have cleared all of my debt apart from my car loan so am looking to save as much as I can therefore my 1% would be £61.37

    EF - £263.51/£3000 (8.78%)
    Matched Betting £8977.24|eBay £377.16|Quidco £147.76|Surveys £222.94|Interest & Cashback £519.37|Comping & Freebies £7.88
    Debt Remaining: £4877.68 - Debt Free Date: 20/07/2024 (44 Months)
  • ScloudScloud Forumite
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    10 Posts Name Dropper
    After some back pay, saving pennies and clearing a savings account Imve managed to clear 50% of my overdraft!

    It’s going to slow down immensely now so heading to eBay for a few more % and looking into Appen.
    LBM: November 2019 - CC Debt: £37,488
    June 2020: £31,272 - £6216 / 16% paid.
    July 2020: £30570 - £6918 / 18% paid.
    My debt free diary:
  • LittlebigmooseLittlebigmoose Forumite
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    Can I join too for 2020 please. Goal is to pay at least £3000 off this year. So my 1% is £30.
    #27-- 2020 1% Challenge
    #270-- The £1000 Emergency Fund Challenge
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  • natnat13natnat13 Forumite
    620 posts
    I listed 20 items on ebay yesterday, one has already sold. It will all go towards my 1%s, I just need to calculate fees etc.
    Mum, student, worker, dog mum, partner.
    Keen to live a healthly lifestyle and save money
  • FaceHeelTurnFaceHeelTurn Forumite
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    Can I join in again this year please? My 1% is £32. I paid off over a quarter of my entire debt last year using this method, so looking forward to getting into it again!
    Debts: CC1: [STRIKE]£1675.83[/STRIKE] £2269.40 CC2: [STRIKE]£3209.11[/STRIKE] £707.56 CC3:[STRIKE]£704.04[/STRIKE] £235.69 OWE PARTNER: £0
    2020 1% Challenge:
  • Ljb12Ljb12 Forumite
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    My 1% is £299. Would like to join this - the big number (£29,991) seems like a lot but £299 much more reasonable - albeit a lot and I don't know how we could make that extra, but we could definitely find it through monthly budgeting. Great idea!
  • LuckyPennyLuckyPenny Forumite
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    Ninth Anniversary 500 Posts Name Dropper Xmas Saver!
    I’d like to join please my 1% is £30, looking to save £3,000 this year
    1% Challenge #28 £3029.89/£3,000 100%
    Christmas 2020 Saving £27/£365
    Competition wins £12,794.59
  • LoadedsoulLoadedsoul Forumite
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    First Anniversary
    May I join please.

    My 1% is £153. I’m currently servicing the debit at 3.29% a month but would like to add in another 1% a month. The challenge is to cut costs and save that extra 1%.

    Happy New Year!
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