The "Save 12k in 2020" Thread!

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The "Save 12k in 2020" Thread!

edited 6 January at 7:36PM in Savings & Investments
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slowlyfadingslowlyfading Forumite
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edited 6 January at 7:36PM in Savings & Investments
So, the title is pretty self explanatory, but this is the place to be in 2020 :D it's that time of year, again!
In 2020, the aim is to save £12k (or, any other amount if you like) from 1st January 2020 til 31st December 2020. I know it's early, but it gives you the time to plan for how you are going to do it. Please comment on the thread to sign up and any plans you might have to hit your aim!

It would be nice if people felt they could chat about their savings challenges through the months, as it probably will help other people too :)
2012 thread:http://forums.moneysavingexpert.com/showthread.php?t=3547675
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2018 thread: https://forums.moneysavingexpert.com/showthread.php?t=5755819
2019 thread: https://forums.moneysavingexpert.com/showthread.php?t=5936218


- This challenge starts on 1st January 2020 00:00 and finishes on 31st December 2020 23:59.
- Everything saved MUST be done between these two dates.
- Any interest gained during this challenge on your savings can be counted!

Feel free to sign up :D but, please only sign up if you intend to go the distance - the thread tends to start off great and then people disappear :(

CLICK HERE for the easy update form:

CLICK HERE to see the total amounts so far:

Click here for the accumulation totals (every year of the challenge, added up!)
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  • Wentthedaywell?Wentthedaywell? Forumite
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    Ooh Thanks Slowly! 25K for me please - very ambitious as I might retire this year, if so I will amend it.
    Save £25k 0 in 2020 #5: February £2,000
    March minus £20,000
  • BetharooniBetharooni Forumite
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    Hi SlowlyFading

    Please can I join in for 2020? Can you put me down for £15K - am aiming to pay off my car a year early around the end of 2020 and am saving up for a house deposit, as well as other sinking funds that I have. I have been saving around £1K per month so the challenge will be trying to find the additional £3K during the year. Am joining a number of challenges to help me be as frugal and money-saving as I can so I can achieve my goals in 2020.


    B x
    Save £15K in 2020 #6 £ £3,152.09/£15,000
    Make £2020 in 2020 #11 £189.78/£2,020
    Pay ALL Your Debt Off By Xmas 2020 #015 £1,332.73/£11,978.16
    Saving for House Deposit £2,481/£40,000
    £1000 Emergency Fund Challenge #300 £200/£1,000
  • thewildrabbitthewildrabbit Forumite
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    Hi SF, £5k for me this year,

    thank you for doing this, helps concentrate the mind.


    The wild rabbit.
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    #53 in Save £6K in 2019 Saved £4180
    #7 in Save £5K in 2020
  • ryathryath Forumite
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    Hi SF,

    £8K please :beer:

    New start for me as a first time buyer in January, but still hoping to save.

    Save £12k in 2018 target = £8,743.67 / £6,000 146% No. 006
  • allie23allie23 Forumite
    1.5K posts
    Part of the Furniture 1,000 Posts Debt-free and Proud! PPI Party Pooper
    I am so excited for the shiny new thread:j. Thank you again SF for setting up this challenge and running it each year. Can't wait to get started in 2020.
    Frugal Living Challenge 2020
    Save £12k in 2020 - Challenger No 4 - £10,634/£35,000
    April Grocery Challenge £34.99/£200
  • jen49jen49 Forumite
    154 posts
    Eighth Anniversary 100 Posts
    Hi slowlyfading any room for a little one this year aiming for 12k so we shall see
    #40 Save £1 a day for Christmas 2020 £109/366
    #9 Save 12k in2020 £3705/12000.00
  • edited 4 December 2019 at 9:41PM
    cathybirdcathybird Forumite
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    edited 4 December 2019 at 9:41PM
    I'm in! Goal of £12,000 as usual :) Many thanks for all your hard work, slowlyfading :)
    10 in Save 12K: £1,708.09/£12K. ANSDs: 4/15 Tilly: £997.80
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  • bobobskibobobski Forumite
    760 posts
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    Me please! £4,000 goal, which I'll actually try to make this year. Yay!
    Save 12k in 2020 #11 (£883/£4,500) | MFW 2020 #81 (£108.60/£600)
    Save 12k: 2019 #31 (£4,212.75) | 2018 #8 (£6,826.66; house bought) | 2017 #18 (£12,078.82) | 2016 #86 (£8,476.09)
    Personal savings: £1,830.00 | Joint emergency fund: £2,750 | S&S ISA: £600 invested | Mortgage overpayments: £299.36
  • Wanna_Bee_FreeWanna_Bee_Free Forumite
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    Hi SlowlyFading,
    Thank you ever so much for creating a new shiny thread, and thank you so much for scoring. I'll go for £12k next year please - thank you!
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  • Clare43Clare43 Forumite
    109 posts
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    Hi Slowlyfading :) Can I please join with an 18k target. Thanks :)
    Save 12K in 2020. Number 13
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