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    I know we can never foresee the future, but is your mum unwell at all, which is why you are worried about not being there? If her health is good and given that you had previously checked with her if she planned to do anything then I would go ahead with the spanish trip.
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    I'm not sure what to say here but...  I went to my mothers 80th do.  She was as fit as a fiddle looked well under 70 & dressed to kill.  Her next biggy her 85th, still dressed to kill, but her eye makeup was smudged (we tidied it before we left home) & basically we picked what she was going to eat.  It had only started shortly before that but afterwards it was downhill all the way.  Whatever you decide, just ponder if you will regret the decision, that is all that matters.
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    Thanks for all your comments it was really helpful and I very much appreciated it sorry I've not replied before now. 

    My friend had already said yes so cannot take my place but she might be able to take my ticket in which case I just pay to change it and we can pay the single supplement for dg. I'll do it as a surprise visit my sister likes the idea too.

    Made a biggest mess up ever today again with dates. Been thinking all along I'm going tomorrow to Denmark on the 2pm flight. Well I'm in the car about to go and light a candle for gods mum who dies today three years ago when she gets a txt saying flight leaves in two hours. She had to use her card to pay the flights as mine wouldn't work. I was convinced it was flying tomorrow but it was today to I could not make it to the airport. Managed to change the flights but it does me almost £300. At least I get to go just an expensive mistake. 

    Really annoyed with myself I need to be more careful and check things out. I'm booked in now and I'll get the train tomorrow at 10ish. Let's hope no more disasters. 

    I'll post most when things calm down. 
  • TallGirl
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    Happy New Year everyone hope you had a great time and enjoyed Christmas too.  I had a really nice time did get there no issues and DG came too. Spent time with my mum and also the rest of the family so all good. Got loads of presents but also spent a lot and won't ask dg for any money as she's really not earning much yet. 

    New year ended up just being one friend but we had visitors the day before people I have not seen for 9 years as they live abroad now. Good catching up with them and also saw my friends who were cat sitting.  

    Had a look at my 22 aims here they are:

    Still feel I need some aims for 2022 I think these  would make sense:

    • Join the £12k saving challenge on MSE fill up Premium Bonds once I have enough cash savings. Did achieve this actually did it early and had two months spare to save for Christmas. I put £6k into premium bonds and £500 into a savings account with Monzo. Changed that now as restarted the first direct that pays 7% so that means £300 will be going into savings from now on. Think I'll stick with Monzo not the best but then it's all together. Think there's £35k in premium bonds getting closer to £50k. Spent quite a bit this year and some out of savings. This was planned for the side garden and also the drive which I got renovated for less than £2k total bargain and looks great now. 
    • Avoid expensive coffees out only use points, free such as loyalty points or O2 app. This I have stuck with more or less. Being on expenses has helped as I can earn points but also taken advantage of some Costa freebies. I've got O2 that goes you one free Greggs a week, that's one free a month so that with my own home machine is enough. I'll keep this as a aim for 2023.
    • Start reading again just need to find a book that interest me or thinking of looking audible as we have prime.  I did do this got a Kindle for my birthday and have read 4 books and started a 5th. Been quite slack recently so need to refocus on this one. 
    I'll do a proper review later and also set my new goals. Think I might start a new diary maybe more pension focussed something with Fire in it would be great. 
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    Update on savings 2220

    Premium bonds £33,900 
    added £6k 
    won £275
    Target £50k

    Aims for the £12k in 2023

    First Direct regular saver
    £300 p/m
    pays 7%

    premium bonds 
    £500 p/m

    other savings

    Will take a look at my other accounts soon. 

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    Afternoon here is my latest diary I hope you will follow me and help me in my quest for financial freedom and early retirement.
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