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  • glider3560
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    Am I correct in saying that Section 75 (for a flight only booking) would require the credit card company to pay the extra to get a new flight home if TC go under? I assume they'd also be liable for the EU261 compensation?

    I have relatives abroad at the moment (due to return to the UK on Tuesday) and they're asking.
  • mattyprice4004
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    Have been mulling this one over, can’t seem to find an answer.

    I booked flights only to LA next month, if they go under are the credit card company liable for the increased cost of the new flights or not under S75?
    I only ask as I know S75 covers a certain element of consequential loss. :)

    I if course understand there’s no such thing as a free lunch, so we’d still need to pay the original flight price!
  • Alan_Bowen
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    If your flights were with TC Airlines, then if there is a failure, you should be able to claim the additional costs through your card issuer. This works if it was a credit, not a debit card which would only provide a refund. If the flight was booked through Thomas Cooks but was on a different airline and you already have ticket details, your flights should be fine
  • Baled
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    James_B8 wrote: »
    I booked a flight and hotel through Thomas Cook at the beginning of the year but my ATOL certificate is issued in the name of Expedia Inc. my flights are with virgin Atlantic and the payment for flights was taken directly by Virgin atlantic from my credit card. The airline say they have my money and I am already “ticketed” so even if TC fail I have a seat on the flights.

    The hotel is the tricky part. Thomas Cook day my booking is essentially through Expedia and they have just acted as an intermediary agent so I should be fine, Expedia refuse to speak with me even though the itinerary number supplied by Thomas Cook is an Expedia reference number - I can even get the Expedia automated phone line to accept the number and generate a new travel itinerary sent to me via email! I have also contacted the hotel directly and they say my booking with them was made by Expedia.

    So I know I can fly - and I’m somewhat convinced, but not entirely sure, I’ll have a hotel to stay in - is anyone else in this weird in-between situation with expedia?

    I am in the same situation. I spoke to TC on the phone and then my friend went into the shop yesterday and we were both told the same thing; 'It should be fine.' They wouldn't even call Expedia to check the hotel has definitely been paid but hey, why worry? It should be fine!

    We paid TC at the end of June but who knows if they've paid Expedia? I've emailed the hotel but haven't heard back yet. I have a horrible feeling that when we get there we will be asked to pay again. I really hope I'm wrong.
  • parking_question_chap
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    k-hkr wrote: »
    Actually, just realised, I only paid a deposit for hotel rooms and don't pay balance until November 2nd :j:j:j
    They won't be getting that then unless I can get altenative flights, which are sure to shoot up if TC go under.

    You might only have paid for the deposit but its likely you are still liable to the hotel or Travel Republic for the balance. You need to read your terms and conditions.

    Dont just decide against proceeding with the holiday and think it will only cost you a lost deposit.
    POPPYOSCAR Forumite Posts: 14,891
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    We used a Lyk prepaid card for our spending money for this year’s holiday and there is still a balance on the card which we have left on there to use on next summer’s holiday (a Thomas Cook package - so maybe not!). If TC does go under can we still access the euros on our Lyk card?

    According to this it is actually held by Wirecard who are a German company so as long as they do not go bust you will alright.
  • smipsy
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    if they are going bust, when is it most likely to happen? Monday, or sometime during the next week, or is it something that can drag on for months? Assuming they don't get the money they want, of course.
  • k-hkr
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    You might only have paid for the deposit but its likely you are still liable to the hotel or Travel Republic for the balance. You need to read your terms and conditions.

    Dont just decide against proceeding with the holiday and think it will only cost you a lost deposit.

    Just read both TR terms and the hotels. TR terms say if cancel more than 7 days from holiday then just lose deposit and mentions cancellation charge of £40. The hotel go on about being unable to re-book rooms the closer you get to travel dates and escalating charges but to refer to travel agents terms. It does seem that it will be minimum charges but will talk to TR to confirm. Trouble is, to fulfil hotel booking means getting flights with other airline and they fly different days and TUI flights will no doubt shoot right up.
  • westiedog
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    I booked a package with Thomas Cook which includes flights with easyjet - I have then paid easyjet for extra legroom seats directly. I have checked in on line and have my boarding passes. Spoke to easyjet today who say if TC go bust the flights will be cancelled and I will lose my money for the seats. I asked if I can pay to rebook the flights with the same seats and they say this cannot be done until TC confirm insolvency.
  • Chelseajoy
    Chelseajoy Forumite Posts: 1 Newbie
    We're booked with Thomas Cook going to Mauritius on 30th September. Emirates flights and two separate hotels as well as taxis. Should we assume that Thomas Cook have already pre paid our flights as well as hotels etc? Our local TC Agent seems to think we will be ok but we're not sure. Any suggestions?
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