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June 2019 Grocery Challenge

edited 20 May 2019 at 7:58AM in Old Style MoneySaving
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  • cuddlymarmcuddlymarm Forumite
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    Hi Elsie
    Thanks for keeping us in track.
    As a yearly challenger I’m aiming for as little possible for June.
    We go on hol in July and am also having some renovations done. So I’m running down my freezer and cupboards so will in theory only need top ups of milk and veg, which will also free up money.
    It’s a little unnerving running my cupboards down but I’ll rebuild my stocks when I’ve got my new, bright shiny kitchen fitted.
    Anyway I’m plodding on during May and will start my new month on the first.
    Have a productive and moneysaving month guys
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  • PipneyJanePipneyJane Forumite
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    Thanks for the new thread, Elsiepac. Please sign me up for the usual £120. This is for all grocery shopping excluding meat. My June starts on the first of the month and runs to the 30th.

    - Pip
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  • thriftwizardthriftwizard Forumite
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    Thanks, elsiepac! I'm just about up & running again so will be aiming for an unambitious but doable £400 this month; I've decided to stop accounting for the pet & livestock supplies & bulk-buys separately and put them back into the "main" grocery budget. There are just 4 of us here full-time now (though often 8 or 9 at weekends) we're down one elderly cat and the two kittens are full-grown now & not wolfing down everything in sight, so I can start to cut back a bit.

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  • ScrimpsScrimps Forumite
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    I would like to join this month (I'm rubbish at keeping up with challenges regularly). I was going to start a thread to ask for support this month but think it may fall into this challenge. I've got £200till the end of june. I'm in awe of the budgets people manage to stick to, I always think I could if I tried as we eat very little meat and look for thrifty meal plans but i never seem to manage it, so I could do with your help.

    We had some financial hits related to car expenses and then DH was paid for unpaid leave in error! We thought about keeping quiet but decided to let work know and so we have a couple of tight months on my maternity pay only whilst we try to straighten ourselves out from the motoring financial hits.

    Me (nursing a 3 month old) DH (no meat or dairy) a toddler who isn't that fussy but I do have to smuggle veg in small or it gets spat out and a baby- who is just fed by me.

    We also have 2 cats. One is struggling to keep weight on and is fussy - nearing the end of his life. I've got a medication review coming up but in the meantime I keep him eating on the very expensive, budget breaking Felix doubly delicious!

    We don't eat much meat at all as DH doesn't eat it but visitng family this past weekend, DS and myself positively DEVOURED some chicken and didn't feel constantly hungry for the first time in ages so I'm going to get some this month, I usually only like to buy wild meat only but I can't afford it this month and DS and I need a little more than we've been getting.

    We don't need toiletries, we've got loads of rice, pasta, tinned and dried legumes, 21 tins of chopped toms and plenty of spices (the emergency/Brexit store cupboard is going to be fully used up). I use reusable nappies during the day so maybe need to buy one toddler size pack for overnight.
    Portion sizes are big but DH's waist size is less than30" so I can't accuse him over overeating! The budget doesn't include alcohol
    With that in mind I think it should be easy but I seem to struggle to not spend more than I plan. Hoping thie accountability may help!
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    elsiepacelsiepac Forumite, Board Guide
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    Budgets updated to here

    Hi all, I'm going for £250 this month. I went about £30 over my £200 budget last month, and that was a 4 weeker whereas this is a 5 for me. So I think £250 is sensible. I'm also combining my usual "stock" and "week 1" shops as they usually get merged anyway and it becomes confusing.

    ..............................£250 Budget
    24 May....T3sc0.....£34.31....£215.69...(WEEK 1)

    WEEK 1....£90.00.....£34.31....£55.69
    WEEK 2....£40.00.....£00.00....£00.00
    WEEK 3....£40.00.....£00.00....£40.00
    WEEK 4....£40.00.....£00.00....£40.00
    WEEK 5....£40.00.....£00.00....£40.00

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  • JingsMyBucketJingsMyBucket Forumite
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    Hi @Elsiepac! Could you please put me down for £300 for June? My month will run May 28th to June 30th as I’ll be in Scotland then but we’re also going away for a week in the middle. Let’s see what our budget will be like as a couple together in Edinburgh. :)
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  • takataka Forumite
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    Could I be put down for £156 for the calendar month please?

    Thanks for the thread elsiepac!
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  • chirpychickchirpychick Forumite
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    I have been AWOL for sooo long but a £1300 car repair bill and a £400 car repair bill 2 weeks apart has left us in a pretty dire situation. I have £50 per week to feed a family of 2 adults and 1 disabled child, 2 dogs & 3 chickens, including toiletries and cleaning products. My child is home full time too.
    Unfortunately we do NEED 2 cars so the repairs had to go ahead.
    So i'm back
    Everything is always better after a cup of tea
  • Having spent about EIGHT TIMES more than I wanted to last month I need to take more care this month.

    What went wrong? Well I budgeted for £20 for the whole month and spent £164.12. I had food growing in a polytunnel, lots of fresh food in and stuff in the cupboards.
    1. I ended up moving.
    2. I didn't take everything with me.
    3. I became discombobulated with life and bought snacks and easy food.

    What I'm going to do differently this month.
    1. One good thing is since moving back to place I lived before I notice they kept five 20kg bags of split peas, rolled oats, lentils, broad beans and soy beans. What can I do with all that?
    Breakfasts with the oats
    Soups with the peas and lentils
    Curries with the lentils
    Dips and soups with the broad beans
    Soya milk with the soy beans
    Tofu with the soya milk I make
    2. The people still where I used to live have been watering the tunnel and I'll be going once a week to see them, tend to tunnel and collect food.
    3. I will not transfer money from my savings account under any circumstances.
    4. I won't take my bank card out with me on weekends to see my partner.

    OK so please put me down for a slightly more manageable £50 for June please.
  • ScrimpsScrimps Forumite
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    I've spent £34.90 at Sainsbury's and £20 on a BBQ meat pack at the horrendously titled 'meat machine' that comes to town every friday. I don't plan a BBQ but this was a fairly economical way to buy a couple of months worth of meat for the freezer.

    Sainsbury's was mostly cat food but also bread, milk and toddler nappies.
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