Easter 2025 I’m coming to get you!

OK so that maybe slightly optimistic but you have to dream big!

I’ve been reading these for a while and decided it was time to go public instead of lurking; hopefully I can keep up with it and keep motivated. I have a mortgage which is not huge but I still have one. Originally £80,000 in November 2015 and as of tonight stands at £62,919.93, which does mean in the last 3 1/2 years I’ve paid off £17,030.07. The current redemption date is 11th November 2031 as it is a 16 year mortgage with 12 1/2 years left but I would love to pay it off in six years, hence Easter 2025 in the title.

I’m a single parent to a small boy and although I don’t earn masses I do ok. I live fairly frugally because that suits me and the mortgage is my only debt. I want to get rid of it while the boy is small and fairly cheap to run as the bigger he gets the more he will cost me. There is a kind of fuzzy end plan as to how I will spend my mortgage free time but I’ve got six years to firm that up.

So that’s why I’m here, doing this on my own for me and my fuzzy end plan :D. Thanks for reading and good luck to all you mortgage free wannabes x
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  • nyc_451
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    You're doing great as a single parent, I'm impressed!

    Six more years is not that long, you'll be so relieved once you pay it off, just keep imaging all that spare money. ;)
  • Kat78MFW
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    Hello - we are looking to pay ours off in six years too but ours is smaller and we have one and a half incomes (I only work PT). I am so impressed with how much you are paying off as a single parent.

    Good luck with it. I have subscribed to your diary.
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  • beanielou
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    Happy shiney new diary :)
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  • CathT
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    Great diary title, will be cheering you on.
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  • jodles16
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    Sounds like you are already doing amazingly, hopefully you will smash that target!!

    Jodles :D
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  • Hettyhound
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    Thanks everyone for the support, not much grown up conversation about finances or anything else in this house. There’s only so much the dog pretends to understand so it’s good to get it out of my head and dumped somewhere else! I suppose in some ways it is difficult doing this on one salary but in others it’s simpler. It’s my money to do what I want with so no arguing about “going without”. I’ve always been reasonably ok with budgeting which I think came from my parents; my mum got housekeeping money on a Thursday when dad got paid in cash and it had to last the week. We used to joke about having the same tea on the same day each week so roast on Sunday, cold meat and chips Monday, chops on Tuesday etc but I can now see why. I started using cash only for shopping about 18 months ago and it has revolutionised the way I shop and budget and meal plan and empty cupboards and freezer etc. I now get really upset if I have to throw any food out because it’s gone (properly) off.

    Had some good news today. I started a new job about 5 weeks ago but couldn’t really work out take home pay with increases in auto enrol pension and staff car parking etc. Anyway even though payday isn’t until next Tuesday we have system where payslips are posted on your personnel account a few days before and taking everything into account I’ll be about £40 a month better off which is more than I’d calculated. I once read that rich people don’t spend the extra cash they get as pay increases but invest it instead and still live to their original budgets. My budget will stay the same so I’ve already allocated it to overpayments, maybe Easter 2025 is feasible after all :T
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  • newgirly
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    Hi Hettyhound, just wanted to say welcome and good luck with the new diary, extra take home pay is great start :T
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  • Jelllibeanz
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    Sounds like you are off to a cracking start. Good luck with your journey. I look forward to reading more.
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  • Hettyhound
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    Weather wasn’t great with us yesterday so spent most of the day trying to entertain a whinging child who insisted on going for a ride on his bike in the showers and then complained he was cold and wet. He cycles and I walk at the moment but he has suggested I get a bike :eek: Did a bit of a larder clear out, made cranberry and pistachio cookies, a cauliflower, coconut and almond curry for tonight and some brownies with chestnut puree in. Only threw one thing out; I considered that an open jar of vegemite with a best before of October 2015 really was beyond help.

    Looking a bit brighter today so we are going to get the liner in our wildlife pond ‘we’ dug (so that was me then) last weekend. I’ll order the plants tonight and then sit back and wait. I also need to do May budget and shopping lists as payday is Tuesday so shopping on my day off Wednesday. I say day off but I’ve got to go into work on Wednesday to take minutes for a meeting so have negotiated leaving a bit early on Friday for the bank holiday weekend :p
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  • Hi Hetty,

    Just spending some time reading some new diaries, especially those on a similar timescale to us.
    I too have a little one who wanted to go bike riding in the rain and wind yesterday. It's looking a bit drier today thankfully.

    Good luck with your plans.
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