Is there anything positive in being skint?



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    I went to a wedding 2 weeks ago nd I got my suit from a charity shop for £10. I already had a hat (£10 from my last lot of weddings) and shoes so didn't need to buy anything else.
    I don't wear accessories (sp?) as they irritate me and get in the way when I have to pick up the littlies. I also realised that my cream hat and shoes will go with any outfit I need them to.

    I wore a dress to the evening do which I bought in France for 29.99 euros in H&M and everyone commented on how lovely it was. It is an Audrey Hepburn style dress in chocolate brown. It's fully lined and cotton so will last well.
    When the girls said how fab it was I told them where I got it and they said not to tell anyone else it was H&M, just to say I got it in France as it looked like it had been bought from an expensive boutique!!!

    I think that being skint has taught me to look at the quality and wearability of clothes so I can get more for my money. I now buy stuff that looks better and lasts longer. I have far fewer clothes worth more money but I get them cheap and I wear them all. They don't get stained or ruined because they go straight in the wash and I press them and hang them straight away.

    I love charity shops!!!
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    I almost joined the Socialist party through being skint-a sort of rebellion against the Capitalist institutions who encouraged my debts.
    Then i thought better of it lol. :D
  • There are loads of positives in being skint. One of my biggies is that I am no longer too proud to say I'm skint. I don't care any more that I dont have the latest 'stuff'. I dont care that we never eat out and loads of other things. They are all superficial crap anyway. So long as I can feed us, clothe us (cheaply) and pay the bills then I am happy. I may have had moments of pleasure when I had money to spend but I am much much happier being true to myself and living the life I can afford than I was then. I hope that makes sense.
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    Tustastic wrote: »
    Soapie, that's a great story and I bet you looked fab. Did your SIL ever take a leaf out of your moneysaving book??;)

    Nope. I don't think SIL has ever been into a charity shop. SIL and Bro are two v. blessed people who have good careers so that they don't have to worry about money.

    But, that said, SIL does make her own bread, her own pasta, her own soups for their children etc. so although they may be far richer than I and she buys clothes at shops I can only look in through the window at, she is OS money savng at heart and I couldn't have wished for a better SIL.
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    MKDon wrote: »
    It could because she wasn't wearing any:-)

    You scamp! She said she was wearing knickers and I believed her because she was always very honest. Of all the things I might do myself if meeting royalty, going commando isn't one of
    Edit to apologise for hijacking your very good thread OP. I'll stop it now.
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    Best thing about being skint means I spend more time with people who don't brag about much money they have/their latest exotic holiday/large house. In other words I spend a lot of my time with you wonderful guys and gals.
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  • Thanks for all the responses - I'm going to print these off and keep them on display so that when things are bad, I can remind myself that some good is coming out of all of this.

    And it's timing couldn't be better either - had a big row with my OH tonight who came over (as men do expecting you-know-what) while I've spent the past 3 days living off porridge and water! I don't even think I have enough food to get beyond tomorrow, so tomorrow my breakfast, lunch and dinner will consist of porridge and water, followed by nothing to eat for 3 days until Thursday (which is pay day) and no means of getting into work now my bike is off the road and I'm skint and can't get it back from the repair shop. So, thirty miles of walking between Mon - Wed, meanwhile he expects me to be like a dog on heat tonight!! ARGH!!!

    Righto, time to read over this list and repeat it like a mantra.

    Do you like supernoodles? tesco's have blue and white stiped supernoodles for 8p each - very handy things to have in the cupboard - very cheap and easy to make - husband always eats them.
  • Tesco's blue and white noodles would be nice...................but they cost 8p I don't have at the moment!!!

    Don't to brass tacks I'm afraid and it's making me seriously snappy with everyone as my OH and three smashed glasses and cups discovered last night. I have a really short temper, really bad, I've waited so much for this weekend (my first in 4 that I've not been busy helping other people out with things) to have time for me, and it ends up being the worst weekend I've had in ages - no car, no bike, no nice relaxing tea or coffee, no 'taking the time to make some nice food' but bloody porridge and water. For variety I had the porridge dry last night!

    I'm going to be so grumpy at work this coming week, it's almost not worth going in and falling out with my colleagues.
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  • Better make that 4 smashed glasses:mad: Just thinking about how unquenching water is doing my head in.:(
    Almost debt-free, but certainly even with the Banks!
  • I think the best thing about being skint is appreciating things more, I now know I have worked towards it.
    Being debt free is also an aim, it shows we have dedication and determination.
    It has given me the knowldge needed to live a good life within my means, I always knew a lot of the theory, but now I know i need to have the willpower to practise it, so I guess it gives us will power too.
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