Is there anything positive in being skint?



  • Experience from my current account charges reclaim has taught me that the Chief Exec's Office are pretty good to deal with - Customer Services can't even write a letter which makes literal sense. Their first response was so badly written, I had to send it to the Chief Execs office to ask him to decipher it for me! If anything, it lets his office see the pathetic way that customers are being treated when they write in over serious issues.
    Almost debt-free, but certainly even with the Banks!
  • Hi, this is my first ever post so bear with me!

    I've been - comparatively - skint for just under a year (big push to pay my mortgage off) and one of the unexpected bonus' for me is how much I'm looking forward to Christmas. Ususally if I want a CD, Book or DVD etc I just go out and buy it but having bought nothing for myself this year at all the thought of my best friend buying me a DVD that I've been dying to have since about May is just soooooo exciting, I can't wait!!! And my mum and dad are going to get me some lovely bits from Lush, which again in the past I would have bought without even thinking about it, so really being skint has made Christmas really special again, not that I was ever ungratefull for the gifts I received.... I don't want you getting a bad impression of me!
  • I hate being skint but today I was grateful that my car is only going to cost £50 to fix, got to the checkout at Tesco at put back at least £25 worth of stuff which normally I would've just paid for. I've also taken back a pair of boots for a refund that I didn't really need. All this has made me realise why I'm debt and how I could have avoided it. Getting rid of the " its only a tenner" hubby would be a start!!!!!
    Why didn't someone kick me up the backside earlier:mad:

    Nerd 325 "Proud to be dealing with my debts":j
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    maybe you could make flapjacks by adding butter and honey/golden syrup and whacking in the oven if youve got them?
    oats are a superfood i think :P

    this has probably already been said but you appreciate things you do buy and don't waste your money on useless stuff

    goodluck x
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  • Today was pay day for me and the one thing that I find really positive about being poor is that for those few days fo the money there is cash in your account, you can feel like a king!!
    Almost debt-free, but certainly even with the Banks!
  • ...understanding the value of everything.
    Money can't buy you happiness, but it sure helps!
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    Money can't buy you happiness, but it makes the miseries of life easier to bear?
  • :T :T :T :T
    This is too you all.. thoroughly enjoyed reading all your threads. Im so glad i logged in tonight.
    Have recently joined Free fivers, Pigsback and quidco so hopefully will be making some savings soon. Tip with the cooking, OH doesn't know I've been using quorn rather than mince in his Lasagne!!... And it's cheaper from iceland rather than the bigger shops.

  • Just as the title says? I'm trying to look on the positive side after living off porridge and water for the past 2 days as I eagerly await pay day! I'm hoping to compile a list which I'll stick on my noticeboard in the kitchen to remind me!

    At the moment, I'll start with:

    1 - I no longer waste money;
    2 - I do understand the real value of money;
    3 - I have ventured into the bottom drawer of the fridge (which is never opened!) and started using all the frozed veg that lurks in there and have found quite a few uses for cauliflower and runner beans!

    Anything else?

    You have now learn't the valuble lesson of not buying things that you don't need . . A big positive .
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