Is there anything positive in being skint?



  • Nice thread!

    I'm feeling all loved up today so I'm going to say the best thing for me about being skint is spending all day today at home with my lovely OH instead of getting cold and angry trawling the shops for [STRIKE]must haves[/STRIKE] rubbish that I don't need and wouldn't appreciate after the buzz of buying had worn off. Topped off with lunch/drinks that I can't afford and a nice side helping of stress when I check my online balance and realise I've got £25 to last me the rest of the month.

    I actually enjoy staying home and doing chores/housework now because I realise that my home is my biggest investment and I take pride in keeping it in not quite tip-top but reasonable condition. It also makes me less stressed and I love it when I'm pottering about and I find something eBayable, or one of my half-finished knitting projects, or a CD I haven't listened to in ages.

    I've also stopped buying wine 'for the house' (uh, nope, for me) so I haven't had a hangover in 2 weeks, bonus! :T
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  • Thanks for all the responses - I'm going to print these off and keep them on display so that when things are bad, I can remind myself that some good is coming out of all of this.

    And it's timing couldn't be better either - had a big row with my OH tonight who came over (as men do expecting you-know-what) while I've spent the past 3 days living off porridge and water! I don't even think I have enough food to get beyond tomorrow, so tomorrow my breakfast, lunch and dinner will consist of porridge and water, followed by nothing to eat for 3 days until Thursday (which is pay day) and no means of getting into work now my bike is off the road and I'm skint and can't get it back from the repair shop. So, thirty miles of walking between Mon - Wed, meanwhile he expects me to be like a dog on heat tonight!! ARGH!!!

    Righto, time to read over this list and repeat it like a mantra.
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  • why dont you enter some comps and do some surveys to take your mind off the porridge?!! I won a skiing hol last year!
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    1. Eventually you will have some money.... And it wont be on credit!
    2. The best things in life are free. So ya still got them!
    3. Porridge is nice....... I eat readybrek (I know its not that money saving)
    4. Switch the heating off forces you and OH to find ways of keeping!

    So chin up! Its gonna work out in the end. Just keep moving!
  • I love this thread! I'd just like to reiterate, the fact that you have to be that little bit more sneaky with your money, and some day when we're all DF, think of how bloody good the savings accounts will look!
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    Apologies if these have already been said.
    1. Makes you more humble.
    2. Makes you appreciate the value of money.
    3. Makes you more forgiving.
    4. Can be good for the soul (within reason).
    5. Can make you into a better person.

    Unfortunately, as you can see from the above, there is nothing financially positive about being skint; in fact, you are very much in the negative (financially speaking). Hope that makes at least some sense.

    Excellent thread/discussion had here: thumbsup:

    THE KILLERS :cool:

  • it makes you think what your talents are and how you can use them to save money, or earn money. A friend of mine is in a few grands worth of debt but can play guitar very nicely. He is putting together a shadow's tribute band which should be very good and the bookings are about £1000 a night!! Much better than selling a guitar to raise a few hundred £'s. I am pretty sure there are peeople on this site that have talents they could use to develop extra income. I loved the post from Jinny, I am going to get out and walk more.
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    It's knowing you can still look a million dollars without having paid out a million dollars by buying wisely at charity shops.

    A few years ago, my brother got married to a v. classy lady who's parents are not short of a bob or two. The wedding reception was held at a v. expensive castle and s-i-l's parent paid for the lot.

    I was particularly poor at the time. Fortunately, my childrens' outfit was paid for as they were bridesmaids so I only had to pay for mine.

    I did a really good trawl of the charity shops. I found a stunning frock for £1.95 and then a hat for £2.00. The hat was a plain broad brimmed affair so I splashed out another £1.50 on some ribbon to add a bit of a bow to the hat in the same colour as the frock. The shoes I had already.

    When I met my brother on the day his words were "Wow you look fantastic, where did you get that from?" I told him. He immediately called his new wife over and said "Darling, take a leaf from Soappie's book - you don't HAVE to do the designer shops to look good..." :)
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    Soapie, that's a great story and I bet you looked fab. Did your SIL ever take a leaf out of your moneysaving book??;)

    I used to know a very pretty woman who normally dressed very casually. I met her one day and she was in a fantastic classy outfit because she was going to meet royalty. She proudly told me that only her knickers HADN'T been bought from a charity shop.:p
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    It could because she wasn't wearing any:-)
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