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Frump to Fab 2019 - Here We Go Again

edited 3 April 2019 at 12:33PM in Health & Beauty MoneySaving
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  • eandjsmumeandjsmum Forumite
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    Hi can I join please .I would like to loose weight . Also I think it's about time e I made more of an effort with my appearance. I did have my haircut before Christmas and I got more fashionable glasses back in October.
  • littlegreenparrotlittlegreenparrot Forumite
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    littlegreen that waitrose baby bottom is marvellous isn't it. I have a GC with very sensitive skin and seemed to have a permanently sore bum but waitrose baby bottom butter works like magic. We always have some in the cupboard now and it does do wonders for sore hands.

    I love it, hands/elbows/lips/sunburn/ face when it gets chapped in the cold. If I go out running in the winter I quite often slather some on as a barrier.
    Endless possibilities, and good for those of us with sensitive skin - there's not much in it to react to.
  • humptydumptybitshumptydumptybits Forumite
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    I love it, hands/elbows/lips/sunburn/ face when it gets chapped in the cold. If I go out running in the winter I quite often slather some on as a barrier.
    Endless possibilities, and good for those of us with sensitive skin - there's not much in it to react to.

    Well let's face it "as smooth as a baby's bum" is a good thing so how can it go wrong?
  • lantanna wrote: »

    With me think it’s easier if I set myself small daily goals for fabbing or else I’ll get overwhelmed and just lie about. S

    That's a good idea. I think tomorrow I'll start increasing the water intake and clean out my makeup basket.

    The reduction of sugar may have to wait a few days until I finish what is already in the house (very MSE!)
  • mamanmaman Forumite
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    I use the Body Shop Hemp hand cream. It's excellent and I love the earthy smell. I don't like sweet perfumes. That's why Clarins Eau Dynamisante (?) suits me.:)

    Some great buys on Ebay sugarbaby . Your sisters will be pleased you've treated yourself to gifts that give you pleasure. I noticed a tankini in the list. :D Ready for the Jamaican holiday!

    We've been out for the day to celebrate DGD's birthday. I wore my smart black jeans. They were clean on for the first time since 20th December and they've shrunk! :rotfl:

    Seriously, I will be glad to get back to healthy eating. I've set Wednesday as the day getting back to normal. :) That gives me just over a month to be back to my usual weight. I haven't weighed as such but the jeans say it all. :eek:

    It's great that you kept those normal size clothes money . As sizes vary so much, not just vanity but from brand to brand and styles. What matters is what you feel good in. Many of the women I know through SW are happy at an end weight where I started from IYSWIM. We're all different. :)

    I wear glasses for distances so mainly driving, cinema, theatre, sightseeing. I fancied a change from the small metal frames I'd had for a while. I couldn't bring myself to spend too much on a new style I was unsure of so I bought a cheap pair from Specsavers. I loved them (tortoiseshell type frames) so last year felt confident to buy a very similar Orla Kiely pair. My absolute favourites though are my Raybans. :cool:
  • lantannalantanna Forumite
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    Fabbing goals for today completed. Skin feels great after the mask. Goals for tomorrow are to do a cleanse, tone and moisturise before work. Normally just run a wipe over my face before a bit of make up.

    Also to drink 9oo ml of water in work and use my hand cream on my desk.

    Small achievable goals!

    Off to dry my hair and then start on vanity fair !
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  • greentgreent Forumite
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    maman wrote: »
    Having an occasion (or in your case occasions) to get fabbed up for is great motivation greent and you seem to have heaps of ideas already. I'm with you on the eyebrows. Having mine tinted is a new thing for me and I love the effect. I don't know how you wear your hair but having mine done regularly is a worthwhile expense IMO. I have mine regularly cut (about every 8 weeks) and highlighted (about 2-3 times a year). I'd keep looking for a decent hairdresser.

    My hair is between shoulder and bra strap length, some layers to stop it being too heavy, with a fringe, just off-middle parting (to match my widow's peak!) This means I can go a little longer in between cuts, as long as I get a fringe trim in between. I have a little grey coming through, but not much (mid brown colour with a hint of red tones) so can't be bothered with any colour as yet (I like my natural colour) Am definitely going to aim for more regular appointments - I think the key will be booking one as I leave the salon. I have an idea of where I'm going to book an appointment for mid-late Jan - fingers crossed it's a good result :)

    Ultimate target is for DD's graduation - far more important than the weddings :)
    Like greent I also joined a couple of years back but soon got caught up with work, family etc. I did keep up some of the goals back then eg wearing perfume every day ..... every work day anyway. Like victoria61, I am also a School Business Manager but although around the same age, I have a few years until retirement.

    On the subject of eyebrows, I just did my own this week for the first time. A bit of an accident really as I actually went out to buy eyelash dye and came home with eyebrow dye!! Should have worn my glasses! Anyway, I thought it would do the job anyway so put it on eyelashes AND brows and I am really pleased with the results, so will keep this one up.

    I'm happy to dye in between visits (and maintain some shape) - I just need to book some visits every so often as I can't maintain to their standard :D

    I also still apply perfume virtually every day (I'd say I maybe miss 1 or 2 days a month) after starting this before -so something stuck, at least! :rotfl:
    Greent - I know the feeling about haircuts, I am the same! I make sure my sons is done regularly but mine ends up looking like rats tails as my mum would say. I've recently found a good hairdresser and making sure that I book in advance and for days I know that I can do (i.e. when son is at nursery and I'm off work). With the biting of the skin I know someone else that used to do this, she would wear finger less gloves and bite at them instead.

    Yep - my boys have their hair cut at the barbers every 6-10 weeks max! (depends how fluffy they look!) Not sure why I don't prioritise myself the same....

    Have loads of smellies and pampering stuff to use up, too - made good headway on this in 2018 - need to continue it in 2019 :)

    Still musing over things - will start properly on 01/01 xx
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  • lessonlearnedlessonlearned Forumite
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    Good morning lovely ladies........

    So many new faces, so much enthusiasm, so many good ideas floating around. Keep 'em coming. Keep sharing so we can all learn from each other and we can all encourage and support one another.

    And let's give it our all and let's make 2019 a cracker.

    For the newbies.....

    last year I set myself a challenge. I called it a Year to Change My Life........And I did, well I made a cracking good start.:rotfl: I went on the holiday of a lifetime to the Amazon, I did a course in Complimentary Therapies and I moved house. Phew. :T

    And I still want more.......:rotfl::rotfl:

    Not quite sure what to call it this year....... A Year to Change My Life Part 2.??? Its not very imaginative I need a more catchy title. Anyway you get the jist. I want to make some big changes and I want to really stretch myself and build a really fabulous solo life. No more widow stuff. I'm done with that.

    Tonight I'm starting as I mean to go on. My toe nails are painted Chinese red in readiness. Red toe nails are always a good start for me. I love them, they make me smile every time I catch a glimpse. So decadent........ my little secret. What a 67 year old granny with scarlet toe nails. :rotfl:

    Going to give myself a facial after my brunch - and then this evening it's glad rags on and time to party.

    Happy New Year Everyone. _party_:dance:)
  • Nisha_BNisha_B Forumite
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    Count me in ladies!

    Have been steadily losing weight but last week or 2 I've fallen off the clean eating wagon and not stepped a foot in the gym! Looking forward to getting back on it and us all supporting each other :)
  • Hey, I'm new here to join this community... happy to here ... also ready to start the New Year.. sound good:j:beer:

    Trivanks Vinks
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