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Frump to Fab 2019 - Here We Go Again

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  • Hi all, could I join in too please? I have a whole heap of goals in my head for next year, just trying to get them figured out!

    I changed job roles earlier in the year so now rather than working in a lab, I work in an office, meaning smarter clothes. So I am definitely trying harder, but need a bit more of a push! And as well as working full time, I'm also studying for a PhD on the side part time and I have a partner, 6 year old son, 5 month old puppy and a brain that doesn't always play nicely, so time is pretty precious, and if I want to get everything done, pretty regulated! I'm thinking meal plans/gym plans/monthly targets in a biiiiig spreadsheet �� plus all the random little things like remembering to take my make up off, moisturise and floss ��!♀️ and then maybe nails etc each Sunday evening.

    Plus we have 3 weeks in Florida in July, so I want to look fit in the photos!

    So right now, I'm waiting on scales arriving on Monday, plus a big shop to do! Then once I see what I weigh/body fat/muscle percentages, I can set some targets hopefully! I don't want to focus on numbers but the targets help my brain focus I guess ��!♀️

    Hopefully I can be feeling fabulous in no time!
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    My OH and I are flying up to Scotland tomorrow to celebrate New Year. I love Christmas and had a lovely Christmas day with my 3 children and their partners and my two lovely grand-daughters but then I tend to get a bit down when it's all over, so I decided we would go away this New Year. We've booked a 3 day NY package in a lovely hotel near Edinburgh.

    So I have spent this afternoon sorting out suitable clothing to pack as we will be taking part in a ceilidh on New Years eve and then a formal Gala Dinner on New Years day. I have packed a couple of lovely dresses - a full length emerald green dress and a black/blingy cocktail dress. I tried them both on a few weeks ago and they were fine but today they are a bit tighter! Possibly due to the amount of toblerone I've eaten in the last week:rotfl:

    Anyway, I bought the green dress for a formal dinner about 10 years ago so I'm pleased I can still wear it but I will definitely be looking to shift 7-10lb in the New Year. I have some lovely clothes and just want them to fit me a bit more comfortably

    I hope everyone has a lovely new year - looking forward to lots of happy times in 2019:beer:
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    Hi can I join in please. I have put on 2 stone this year and feel frumpy and have become a couch potato on my days off work. I feel frumpy and lumpy.
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    Welcome amara.

    That had me getting the online calculator out - about 5'7" and about 13 stone weight.

    Welcome - if you are as half as determined about weight loss as you are about running then it should be easily possible for you. Keep us posted:)


    CANDYGIRL - I'm not surprised that things have "slid" a bit since you were attacked. Sorry to hear that happened to you. The thing to do - I've found - after any kind of attack is to think "They've done so-and-so to me - but I'm not going to let them affect my life for the worse from here on in". Attacks of any description do affect the confidence - IF we let them - and one needs a certain level of confidence to make an effort in life about anything (be it appearance or any other aspect of our life). Don't let the barstewards get you down.

    One thing I've found about those who attack others - whether it's physically, verbally or whatever other way is "Don't take it at a personal level - because that's the sort of person the attacker is and they make a habit of doing it to people. So it's NOT "your fault" iyswim and helps with not letting them affect you to remember that fact.
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    Made a start on fabbing last night while I was catching up on Vanity Fair ironically!

    I painted my nails green! They are quite long and generally strong, apart from one blighter, which has so many ridges that it looks corrigated.
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    Words, words, they're all we have to go by!.

    (Pity they are mangled by this autocorrect!)
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    Another try-on of clothes to see how the weight loss is going - prompted by the fact that Trespass parka style raincoat has turned up here.

    The raincoat itself seems to be reasonable and hadn't realised how warm that style is. So was trying to figure out whether I'd bought my correct size or no - when I'm not my correct size myself yet:rotfl:. I've bought it for my correct size, rather than my current size. Can do it up and it's not gaping - so can wear it at the moment with only one of my "standard weight" jumpers underneath. Should be able to wear it when I'm correct size with another layer as well. Hopes I have got the correct size for my correct size:eek:

    Comparison trying-on of existing clothes - and I can do up my two size 14 jackets now (just!) - ie they would be labelled as being "size 12" if sold these days of vanity sizing - but they are obviously too small at the moment and I couldn't get another layer on as well as the basic one underneath them.

    I think I've got that calculated out correctly re that parka then:cool:

    Very reassuring even to be able to do up real size 14 jackets again (even if I can't wear them again yet) - considering that the sides were inches from meeting to start with:)

    Found a new YouTube channel of street scenes of women of Paris - and was reassured to see a few of them wearing parka style raincoats. Comparing with what the majority of them were wearing - I'd have fitted in okay there walking along the street here yesterday - with my crossbody leather handbag/fairly plain style/big decorative scarf/style of footwear. If my clothes will look okay in Paris, London or my own city (which follows London 6 months later) - then that's fine by me/what I'm after.

    Getting there....getting there....gasp.....

    Currently awaiting a new pair of glasses. My current two pairs of main ones will be fine in any of the "3 Cities" - but I think I perhaps wasn't quite "brave" enough in choice of style with my main pair. So the 3rd pair will be a "brave-r" style:rotfl:
  • sugarbaby125sugarbaby125 Forumite
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    Hello Ladies,

    Maman, my Council Tax is paid until April 2020. :D My council has no intention of increasing council tax in 2019 so I simply paid what I paid last year minus the Council Tax Support. I pay my council tax and any other large bills in advance if I can afford to, the money just sits in my council tax account until I am billed for April 2109 to April 2020. The same goes for my Thames Water account.

    I was not getting any interest to talk of on my savings so I will not miss out paying my council tax and Thames Water in advance.

    I was not expecting to get as much back pay from DWP as I received, so I put a good portion of the money to good use on paying 2 bills for 2019/2020 in advance. :D

    Over 2019, I will be doing a lot of selling on eBay to raise money and also to get rid of my surplus clothing, shoes, handbags and other items that I have never used (unwanted gifts) or items I no longer use. If items do not sell after multiple free re-listing then I will donate them to one of the many local charity shops.

    My sister J gave me £100 and my sister R gave me £20 for my Christmas which I duly spent on items for myself from eBay. Both of them also gave me wrapped presents. I had always wanted a fake fur wrap for more glamorous occasions, where I want to be warm yet would prefer not to cover up a stunning outfit with my Marks and Spencer coat, and finally I have one. I also have a new pair of Van Dal black patent leather shoes, 2 new Osprey handbags, a cerise pink tankini,3 handbag fans, a black Golunski leather purse, a table lamp and matching ceiling pendant lamp, another ceiling light and some small personal items from my £120 all items having been bought from eBay. :j:D
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    Morning All and welcome to all the new fabbers!

    While this morning I don't envisage doing anything too fab as I need to tidy up the laundry. The pile of washed dry and unironed clothing, it is so high, it resembles a land mass and is daunting. Getting all the clothes sorted will be my foundation to fabness. I have a new iron and cover, will put on the tv and just motor through the pile.

    My hair is coming back to the length that suits me after it got cut a lot too short, I guess next time I point to a picture as what i thought and was understood were different. It was not the hairdressers fault but sometimes my hair creates a wave and looks way shorter, it misbehaves and needs more length to compensate. neither of us took into account the hair doing its own thing. I have learnt

    Come what may, I intent keeping up with the fabbing and real self care. The exercise is where I have neglected myself. I need to just get in the habit of planning exercise and good health. I intend finding a GP this year, I moved a few months ago and need to find one that is somewhere nearby and is good.

    It is something that just needs to be done. Booked in for new glasses as last pair hair gets caught in and is painful, I need to modernize my look but i hate the big plastic frames that are like massive costume joke ones on me.

    Skin is back to normal after many months of neglect and apathy due to work commitments, I reevaluated my life and have been slathering on the make up for the last quarter and now need to think holistically. Focusing on the mind I have started reading again, I borrow books from (the selection is massive) and can download for 2 weeks and it allows me to avoid reading the constant brain numbing from daily mail and most glossies. So a chapter with a cup of tea. better for the brain to read some decent writing than drivel on fish wrappers.

    So for the Year ahead, my goal will be to maintain, be resilient and maintain standards. Life is never easier when we loose our anchor to ourselves, sometimes when we drift to far from ourselves, I find neglect the fabbing, daily fabbing allows we the time to check the anchor is there. Sometimes it needs only merely consideration but other times fabbing is the only way back to that anchor when we drift to far in stormy seas.
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    Greent - I know the feeling about haircuts, I am the same! I make sure my sons is done regularly but mine ends up looking like rats tails as my mum would say. I've recently found a good hairdresser and making sure that I book in advance and for days I know that I can do (i.e. when son is at nursery and I'm off work). With the biting of the skin I know someone else that used to do this, she would wear finger less gloves and bite at them instead.

    Started work at 10 today so I was able to have a nice shower, wash and dry my hair and put make up on. I feel so much better when I have done all that before work :D I've also started getting fake eyelashes put on every 3 weeks I love them and it has boosted my confidence a lot!

    C xx
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  • Just went for a quick look at that website - ie

    Started on the "community, spirituality and religion" section. Errrrm.....that section needs re-titling (as it only seems to be about one religion).

    Any suggestions on sections we might like?
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