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Frump to Fab 2019 - Here We Go Again

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  • sugarbaby125sugarbaby125 Forumite
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    Hello Ladies,

    Maddiemay thanks for the suggestion about flat lemonade or tonic water, but neither are suitable for my daughter as she does not like the taste of either. It is a great tip for others though.

    My daughter was able to keep some water down yesterday, so that is a small improvement.:D She has her normal days off today and tomorrow and New Year's Day so hopefully she will be able to return to work on Thursday 2nd January 2020. As she has never been this ill before in her life, I am keeping a close eye on her. I am not bothering to go out, not even to the cinema as she may need me to be here for her in a practical way.

    Wednesday I really hope that you are able to make it to my birthday party in April 2020. :D I gave all of you ladies plenty of notice, as I know we all lead busy lives.
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    MollMoll Forumite
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    Had a nice meal out this afternoon with a friend , putting the world to rights over a coffee lol .
    Filled in my next years calender with everyones birthdays and special events so im all prepared. Reflecting on past events reading back though this years calender, Its surprising the things you forget. Weve got more than one vehicle so i always write down relevent info ( mot, tax etc) when they are due on the appropriate month , even put the adult kids cars on , so i can remind them when its coming up , I put the price i paid for bills , ( Water rates, house insurance , AA cover phone/ TV packages etc etc, so i can compare prices when they are next due for increases ) Actually youd be surprised how much this saves me , when on the comparison sites)
    My Grandaughters 5th birthday tomorrow , so weve been invited to her party, got to wrap her presents up ( Gsmes and slime etc ) , i joke that everyone will celebrate her birthday with it being New years eve, and the next day is her Mums birthday , I got her a lovely make up set ( In like a suitcase thing ) , from Boots in thier half price sale , Hope she likes it .
  • savingmoresavingmore Forumite
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    Very long term lurker finally venturing out to say HI….I have enjoyed this thread and the one before for several years and I have lost count of how many times I have said to myself, today is the day I must finally come out and say hello.

    This is by far my favourite thread and I have joined in with several of the challenges. The first one I did was to get my colours done 2 years ago (I did say I had been lurking a while!). I am so glad I did and found it has saved me a lot of money & time as now I can scan in a charity shop and think, ‘nothing for me’, whereas before I would have come out with at least a couple of things I liked, but may not have suited me…

    I am determined to enter the new year in a new frame of mind, I love the change to start over.

    I am 62 and trying to keep myself in tip top condition as much as I can. When I turned 59 – around the time I started following on here, I determined to be in as good as shape as I could by 60. I first of all decided I didn’t want the faff and cost of colouring my hair anymore, so let it go naturally white/silver, and so glad I did, wish I had done it years ago. I get so many compliments and a heap of friends followed suit afterwards. Of course, the fact that its trendy now really helps 

    Jan 19 saw me at my heaviest outside of pregnancy so determined to lose one stone last year….Got to 10lbs and as I am staying with DS2 for last 3 weeks, I suspect I have added a few lbs, so I will be trying to lose at least 7lbs in new year.

    I have 46 months until DH and I retire and am thinking about this daily, trying to work on goals and what to focus on during this time. Thinking about my ‘word’ or ‘phrase’ for 2020 and will let you know when I get there, so far toying with health & fitness or focus – I want to make it fun and motivational but not sure either of those are quite there yet.

    Hope you will let me join in, I feel I know you all really well, so its weird to be finally connecting.

  • lessonlearnedlessonlearned Forumite
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    Good Morning Lovely Ladies.

    Hello and welcome to Savingmore. So glad you have come out of lurkdom. Nice to meet you. Nice to meet a fellow Silver Fox, or maybe that should be vixen.;). Sounds like you have made some positive changes and are doing really well.

    Well here we are, last day of 2019. And what a year. I feel that I have made some pretty radical changes this year but, you know me, I'm already wanting MORE.!! :rotfl:

    So it's best pedicured and well shod foot forward as we head to not just a new year but a new decade. I am soooo excited. I have got plans, big ones.......There's nothing like a new decade to fill us all with hope and excitement.

    So I shall make this the last post of 2019 and open up the new thread in readiness for tomorrow - just in case I'm a little fragile in the morning. :D

    Hope you all have a fabulous evening. Whether you are out partying or seeing in the new year quietly at home, Have a lovely time.

    Onwards and upwards my friends.

    I'll see you on the other side......
  • savingmoresavingmore Forumite
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    Thank you for your warm welcome LL....May this be the beginning of a fab new decade, new beginnings with well laid deserve it. shall look forward to a new thread!

    I am loving the new initiative from william and Kate, the earthshot prize...wanting to incorporate as much ‘going green’ as i can much to think about in forward planning.

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  • chaniechanie Forumite
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    Hi everyone,

    Just a quick post to say I’ll see you all on the 2020 thread.
    2020 savings on purchases £6303.60
  • mamanmaman Forumite
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