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Frump to Fab 2019 - Here We Go Again

edited 3 April 2019 at 11:33AM in Health & Beauty MoneySaving
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  • Wednesday2000Wednesday2000 Forumite
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    How exciting Clippy Girl.:T
    maman wrote: »
    It sounds like many of you have been busy shopping either online or in store. Why am I not surprised at all the navy blue Wednesday!;)

    I'm getting very predictable.:rotfl:

    I actually saw a jumpsuit I liked.:eek::D It was sleeveless and in a dark colour but I decided against it in the end.

    I need to start stocking up on autumn/winter knitwear and I do like Sainsbury's for that so I might pop in today and see what they have.

    Yes, I need a few more jumpers too.
    SSDD23 wrote: »

    Very pleased yesterday, stopped in Sainsbury's on the way home from work last night to pick up some pieces, and thought I would check whether they had an item of clothing I spotted a few weeks ago in stock in my size, the online website reminded me of their 25% off, but the item I wanted was out of stock in my size. Anyway, popped in and there were plenty, so came away with something I'd had my eye on, 25% cheaper. It's like a mix between a blazer and a cardigan, and very cosy but quite smart-looking, too...

    I saw that too,:) it's nice but that colour wouldn't suit me as I'm too pale.
  • lessonlearnedlessonlearned Forumite
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    I've been Money Tipped!
    Well I didn't bother with Sainsbury's in the end, weather just not conducive to getting out and about. I managed to get to the garden centre first thing before the rain hit and picked up the tree I had ordered. Great customer service. Told them about the flooding in my garden and they gave me lots of tips and ideas. The assistant even Loaded my car for me, bless her.

    Anyway I have spent a happy morning shopping online.

    I have bought a power tool for digging which should save my back and knees. :rotfl: a fold up trestle table which will come in handy for both outdoor entertaining and as a craft table in my spare room and a table top oven to tide me over until I redo the kitchen. My big oven has died and Only the small top oven now works. Fine for just me but useless when I need to cook for more people.

    Saved me from trudging round the shops on such a filthy day but I think I've spent quite enough for one day. :rotfl:

    Have booked a massage for Monday. Should help with my aches and pains. In the meantime I'll take it fairly easy, mineral salt baths and try and do some stretching.

    I might drop by Sainsbury's over the weekend and look for knitwear but it's not critical.
  • maddiemaymaddiemay Forumite
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    Congratulations Clippy Girl, I hope that your move is trouble free.

    Some lovely purchases being made for Autumn/Winter. I would like a wool/wool mix Lagenlook style jumper or jacket to wear over tunics when it gets colder, but don't need much else. A while ago I signed up to the 2019 Fashion on the ration thread on old style, and I really think hard now about buying anything new as I don't want to waste my points (second hand even if unworn is points free).

    66 points for the year for clothes, underwear, shoes, socks the lot:eek: the red vest top from Tu that I put back on the rack would have taken 3 or 4 of my points, and even though it would have been quite useful and only cost £3 I resisted temptation. I would add that I have wardrobes and drawers full of clothes in lovely natural fabrics to choose from.

    The heavy rain and high winds forecast have not arrived yet, I cancelled meet up with my bestie as the 15 or so mile journey is cross country on narrow roads that flood, but took OH out to lunch in a pub in town, very nice food and we are both now looking a little sleepy; delivery of some skin care items due shortly so 1 of us needs to stay awake:)
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  • savingfortomorrowsavingfortomorrow Forumite
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    Clippy girl congratulations on the move to New Zealand. It will be a great adventure.

    Welcome to the New comers. It is a long process but we will all get there.

    My fabbing ebbs and flows. Sometimes I think if you see me without the layers of makeup you could tell that I'm not in the best of form. Make up gives me a booster to start the day, that time to gather my thoughts and give the world my best face. I don't use it as an armor but to not scare them.

    Start with a little tinted moisturizer and mascara. Apply a little blusher if you like and all will be grand.

    My heart breaks over the choice to not fund certain drugs especially cf. It's really dramatic the difference between those who are on the expensive drugs; suitable only if you have specific mutations. Lives turned around, reduced infections, increased lung function. The real cost is less than the cost of the drug. They don't include the savings in hospitals.
    It's not only the case for cf patients but many conditions.
  • crazy_cat_ladycrazy_cat_lady Forumite
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    Huge congratulations on your move Clippy Girl.

    I didn't even know that nail conditioner was a thing... my hands are terrible. At the moment I have 4 cuts, all from tin cans, and 2 burns. I'm not even at work.
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  • lessonlearnedlessonlearned Forumite
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    I've been Money Tipped!
    Good morning lovely ladies.

    Well it's finally stopped raining......:rotfl: garden flooded again though. But at least the forecast looks better......hopefully we might get a last blast of summer. Certainly hope so.

    Did anyone watch the documentary about Cher last night.

    It looked at her life, the obstacles she had to overcome and the way she has constantly reinvented herself. It struck me that a lot of our modern day icons have done the same........Tina Turner, Madonna, Kylie, Jane Fonda, David Bowie......always changing and evolving to stay relevant. Whenever their careers stagnated or whenever they felt they were no longer relevant they switched gear.

    I guess in our own small way that's exactly what we are doing.:D

    I have found "Fabbing" has been life changing for me. A way of dealing with grief and loss and a way of forging a new path towards a happiness and fulfilment.

    I hope you are all enjoying the journey as much as I am.

    Have a great weekend.
  • carolbeecarolbee Forumite
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    I’ve been following along, and now need to take action. I’m very interested in the BB moisturisers, any recommendations please?

    You really are an inspiring lot, I really need to take better care of myself, starting today, drinking more water, exercising and generally better grooming
  • Wednesday2000Wednesday2000 Forumite
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    I actually got 6 nighties in my Tu order as some were twin packs. I'm wearing one of them now as it is very comfortable. I like everything I bought and it all fits.:A

    I like the Aveda Cherry Almond conditioner too, it made my hair look a lot less frizzy, expensive though!

    I'm just doing a load of laundry and listening to music. My husband is working this weekend.

    I was just looking on LinkedIn to see if I can get in contact with one of my friends that I lost touch with. I have to sign up to see her full profile. I don't particularly want to as I'm unemployed at the moment!:o:D
  • mamanmaman Forumite
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    So pleased your purchases were just what you wanted Wednesday . I had a quick look in Sainsburys yesterday and bought some leopard print slippers.:D I thought of you with your navy fetish. ;) They had a sparkly tote bag which I liked and, although I'm not sure if it's your thing, a navy sort of fisherman's jumper. :)

    Much better day here too LL . We've been to football but although we lost we played well so not too depressing. :)

    Good to have you join us Carol . I'm so pleased I've bought into fabbing. I feel so much better about myself. I was people watching again today at the game. An older lady who sits next to us usually looks good in her red jacket (team colours) and black trousers but today she was wearing her summer beige. :( It was so ageing and frumpy. It's seeing things like that, that drives me on and makes me more determined. :) While I wouldn't wear a football shirt I make a gesture on match days so today was black leggings, grey tee shirt and a red sort of hoody type cardi. I saw another woman who was 60 if she was a day wearing a football shirt and shorts. She looked ridiculous IMO. :eek:

    I always do an easy meal if we're at home on a Saturday night so it's a ready meal curry tonight. :o

    Fortunately plumber doesn't work weekends so the house is peaceful. :D
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    lessonlearnedlessonlearned Forumite
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    I've been Money Tipped!
    edited 18 August 2019 at 6:03AM
    Good morning lovely ladies.

    I am awake with the larks this morning, although I might need a nap later. An impromptu family BBQ last night. Had a lovely time.

    The Venezuelan lot are still here, still loving the U.K. it's nice to see their enjoyment of our lovely country. I know I bang on about my love of the U.K. and my pride in my country but I find it so sad that so many Brits whinge and whine about every tiny little thing. As my mum used to say "they don't know they are born"

    Talking to one of the sisters about Buenos Aires last night (her boyfriend is a doctor there). I hadn't realised that things were bad there too, just like in Venezuela. Apparently some kind of coup this week.

    Life here may not be perfect but at least we don't have the same levels of corruption, it's just endemic in some parts of the world. We still have a democracy, freedom of speech, freedom of worship and a free press.

    Hearing the difficulties my newly found Venezuelan family are struggling with makes me thank my lucky stars and bless the day I was born a U.K. citizen. I definitely feel that being a Brit is like winning life's lottery.

    Speaking of

    Popped into a chazzer and I picked up an amazing Monsoon skirt yesterday in a dazzling pattern of shocking pinks and greens. Nothing bland and beige about that:rotfl: . It is a perfect match for my pink jacket. The icing on the cake it's a SIZE 10. Never thought I'd see a size 10 in my wardrobe again.

    Also picked up a pair of Wallis summer weight trousers for £2. They are beige :rotfl: however, I do find a pair of beige or camel coloured trousers a useful addition to my wardrobe. It's the top to toe beige that is the killer isn't it. I think it's the same with greys, Black, navy. Neutrals can work really well for key pieces but maybe just not for an entire outfit.

    Football shirt and shorts on a 60 year woman. :eek: I have a couple of friends who continue to wear shorts in public and without being unkind, they really shouldn't. Varicose veins, thread veins and cellulite are not really a good look. I think as we age, covering up a little is no bad thing, better than flaunting our imperfections and leaving ourselves wide open to ridicule. I think we need to be objective and realistic. My legs were always my best asset, alas not any more. So now shorts for me are purely for the garden. In public I choose Capri style trousers, much more flattering.

    Yesterday, I was in Sainsbury's looking at clothes. A young woman in her 30s and her partner were browsing. The woman was not impressed. I heard her say "it's horrible, there's nothing here for me, I don't want to look like a granny". She caught sight of me and apologised. I laughed and said "well I'm 68 and a grandmother but I don't want to look like a granny either". She said "well you look great for 68 and not a bit grannyish". I was wearing grey jeans and my fake snakeskin jacket so not exactly a beige grandma.

    I am afraid I had to concur with her assessment. I usually like the TU clothing range but our local branch really didn't have much yesterday so I wasn't tempted to part with my money. Maybe it's a bit in between seasons at the moment. There were racks and racks of half priced stuff so I got the impression they were having a big clearout making room for the new autumn winter collections. It's knitwear I'm really interested in.
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