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Frump to Fab 2019 - Here We Go Again

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    lessonlearnedlessonlearned Forumite
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    Humpty - given the damage you describe I'm afraid to say that the short answer is your nails probably wouldn't survive many more treatments. If you do want to continue you need to find a better salon but I would advise caution.

    I know this might sound a bit contentious but tbh I am a little bit underwhelmed by some of the nail bars that have sprung up, especially the ones staffed by poor English speakers.....sorry but I'm not being racist, just speaking as a trained therapist.

    Their methods don't really come up to UK standards and the materials they use are often cheap and inferior. Some of them are little better than sweatshops with very poorly trained overworked staff. The salons are not adequately ventilated and the poor staff are hunched over for hours on end breathing in all sorts of noxious chemicals. They are not health and safety conscious, lack of cleanliness is often an issue, they have poor standards for sterilisation of equipment and nail infections are all too common,

    Even when standards are high I do believe that in the long term repeated treatments can seriously damage the nail bed so that recovery becomes impossible. I much prefer to see a more holistic approach to nail care, nourishing and strengthening them rather than a quick fix. Good nail care takes time and patience.

    Humpty if it was just a one off your nails should be ok - eventually they should recover.

    It takes approximately 6 months for the nail to grow from bed to tip but there's a lot you can do to help. I would recommend keeping them short for now, no nail polish, let them breathe and apply nail creams faithfully every night. Also rubber gloves for wet work to protect them from chemicals in cleaning products. A proprietary paint on nail strengthener might help.

    Once the nails are less thin and delicate you should then buff them regularly. Buffing will give them a nice sheen but more importantly it will stimulate blood flow to the nail which will nourish them with nutrients and help them grow stronger.
  • mamanmaman Forumite
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    Good to hear from you humpty . How was the wedding? Hope all went off well.:)

    What you describe sounds like shellac on your nails. I think the effects depend on how strong your nails are. My DD1 has it done regularly with no problems. I find it's OK for a while and then my nails get brittle so I have a break (no pun intended :o) and nurture my nails for a while and then go back. :) Normal manicures are less harsh but not so hard wearing.

    We had a great time in London at DGD's graduation. I wore my new spotty dress and despite its fame on Instagram I didn't meet anyone else in the same outfit! :rotfl:

    DGD was at a very inclusive university and there were so many different outfits on show. Some families wore traditional dress such as saris but the West Indian origin families certainly know how to celebrate an occasion. Their beautiful skin colour looks amazing with colour and they wore such strong styles too, curvy and flamboyant . Fabulous!

    We're off to a family party tomorrow. It's meant to be a garden party but weather doesn't look too promising. I plan to wear my spotty dress again so that will halve the cost per wear. :)
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    humptydumptybitshumptydumptybits Forumite
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    Hi Maman, the wedding was wonderful. A real family affair with all my GC involved in various ways and lots of other children. They all behaved beautifully and my DD just loves kids and it made the day for her, dancing away to novelty songs with a gang of kids was just right for her. The food was wonderful, one guest (a real foodie) said no one goes to a wedding for the food but this was an exception and he was looking for recipes. Of course you won't need me to tell you that she was the most beautiful bride ever and strangely it was the same when she was a baby. Do You think I might be just a bit biased?

    Your DGDs graduation sounds lovely, I've been to my 4 kids graduations, all very different at different universities. The group that stood out to me were the West Africans, the outfits were just amazing. The saddest was a graduation where two of the graduates had died in an accident and sobbing mothers' collected their degrees. So tragic.

    I guess I just need to nurture my nails for a while, presumably it will all grow out in time.

    Ebay has bucked up a bit, the £40 item is up to £41 and I've got another £73 in bids for the items I thought weren't selling. A bit more in the house fund.
  • silvasavasilvasava Forumite
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    My nails took a long time to recover from Shellac too & it doesnt help that I end up gardening with no gloves. Last Christmas I didnt want to go down the shellac route again & bought some cheap stick on ones - I didnt seem to fare so badly with those so I'll probably do it again this Christmas as its the only time I tend to have more formal occasions ;)
    At the moment I'm using OPI Start to Finish on them to help protect and strengthen - seems to be working ;)
    Small victories - sometimes they are all you can hope for but sometimes they are all you need - be kinder than necessary, for everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle
  • humptydumptybitshumptydumptybits Forumite
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    Thanks silvasava I'll try to find some of that.
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  • humptydumptybitshumptydumptybits Forumite
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    I missed your post LL. I'm not sure about the salon, it had good reviews but it was in DDs city so I don't know anyone who uses it. The young ladies who worked there were mainly students at the local uni so their English must be better than they were letting on, I think they might not have wanted to explain it all to me but who knows. They spent a fair bit of time on their mobile phones and I think their minds were on other things.

    I have never had strong nails so I have a feeling it is me rather than them. I've got my nails very short now and using flaxseed oil on them tonight. It is a good excuse not to waste my money getting my nails done. I suppose I've survived 65 years with the nails God gave me so I can cope.

    Maman you are right, it was shellac, I couldn't think of it this morning, I've woken up now.

    Ebay has gone well, I've made over £100 today on things I thought weren't going to sell and I've had an enquiry about something that is £40 so I'm hoping that will go as well and I still have my £41 item that ends Monday.

    So making money on ebay and no spending it on nails, win/win.
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    lessonlearnedlessonlearned Forumite
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    Good evening lovely ladies.......

    Humpty.....Students on their mobiles ...hmmm.

    Put that way, they don't sound up to much. :rotfl:

    Busy busy day today. Clearing and sorting the loft bedroom. Dug out all the wardrobe components for DS2 to set up on Monday. It was hard, hot work but me having everything ready will save him a lot of time so hopefully he will be able to get two of them up and kitted out in one day.

    Lots of rain again today, so at least I won't have the bugbear of watering the new plants tonight.

    I'm shattered now.

    I got badly bitten the other day by an insect. I am not sure if it is just a mosquito bite but looking at it I think it might have been a tick carrying Lyme Disease, although I didn't see a tick to remove. It might not have fully attached because I felt whatever it was bite and brushed it off immediately. The bite is not looking good though, very red and hot. It has the beginnings of the "bullseye effect" associated with a Lyme Rash, but it's itchy like a mozzie bite, so a bit confusing. Lol.

    I'll keep an eye on it. I'll know more in about a week or so. Caught early Lymes is fairly easy to treat, untreated it can be devasting.

    Not sure if it's linked to climate change but be warned, Lyme Disease is definitely on the rise in the U.K.
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    melodyladygunslingermelodyladygunslinger Forumite
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    Hi everyone. Sorry for not replying all week. It's been a very busy week.

    wednesdayThankyou do the advice on meditation exercises. I had tried them in the past but they don't seem to last long with me. I have found my CD of thunderstorms and rain sounds again though which I've been trying to listen to before bed and this has helped me calm down a bit so hopefully I will keep this up to help me��

    maman Thankyou for the link to the SW group. I have asked my cousin who goes if she's got a copy of the Welcome pack I can have a look at to see if it works for me��

    savingfortomorrow Thankyou for the concern. I do have an under active thyroid so I get tired quite easily. It just seemed to be worse recently. I am going to try to not think about others October and concentrate on my own more to get better. Something that happened at work proved that I am a very lucky person. They were all complaining about their partners and children and I just thought that I have a wonderful husband and daughter so that made me very happy and content��

    lessonlearned I am trying to not care what other people think as much but it's hard as I've always cared what other people think of me/things. I'm getting there though��

    sugarbaby125 That is some great advice. I use to do a food diary but stopped so I think I will start it up again as it did help me when I first started trying to lose weight. My dietician is the one who suggested drinking milk as I had got to the stage of not eating anything and when I tried I couldnt do it so the idea was to at least get some calories/energy into my body until I was ready to tackle food again. I drink lots of water too��
    I looked at what my ideal weight/bmi was and it was 11st which to me sounds way to low so I am aiming for the my own goal of 13st which I would be ecstatic about. It's going to take awhile but I'm determined to get there:j

    Overall this week has been ok but I'm glad its the weekend. Work has been hectic as I've had alot of work to catch up on as I was off last week. Keeps me busy I guess but i need to keep an eye on my stress levels as I don't want to get to the stage I was before christmas when I had a seizure��

    I have lost 2 3/4lbs this week so I'm nearly back to where I was so I'm very pleased. I've found a Zuma group near me that is especially for over 50's and people with disabilities/health problems so I'm going to go to that on Monday to see what its like and give it a go:j

    Going to have a relax day today as I'm in a bit of pain so will probably get the bath bombs out and relax in the bath with a book later

    Have a lovely Sunday everyone:beer:
    Sealed Pot Challenge #126 :heart2: SPC 2019 £424.00
    Weight Loss Goal To Lose: 112LB
    Weight Loss So Far: 22LB
    Weight Still To Go: 90LB:j
  • silvasavasilvasava Forumite
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    LL - could be a horsefly bite - they are itchy and I have a horrendous reaction to them. They usually end up in quite a big blister with yellowish fluid in it - nasty.
    Humpty - The OPI Start to Finish is a basecoat,Nail Hardener and Topcoat all in one,as my nails were looking so bad I just used it to give them a bit of support and protection but I've used it in the past when doing a full proper manicure - it makes your varnish last the best part of a week.
    Small victories - sometimes they are all you can hope for but sometimes they are all you need - be kinder than necessary, for everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle
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    lessonlearnedlessonlearned Forumite
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    Good morning lovely ladies

    Melody...good to hear from you, sounds like you are making a good start. Take it easy. Try to relax and enjoy the journey to Fabdom. You'll get there, all in good time.

    Here's a thought, you ain't broke, you don't need fixing. All you need is TLC, love, joy and are blessed with a loving partner and family. Let them be your comfort and try not to worry what others think. Keep an open and brave heart and you will soon draw other kinder, more nurturing people into your orbit.

    Good,luck with the exercise and SW. I haven't looked at the SW support thread on here so am not quite sure of the content, but I'm sure you will get a lot of support and encouragement there. You could also take a look at the WW thread (I started it because there wasn't one) not to follow their plan but to get an idea of the emotional and psychological side of weight gain and loss. It's something the contributors often discuss. You might find some of the comments very insightful and enlightening,

    Watched a fascinating programme last night, it was on a while ago and I Recorded it, but only finally got round to seeing it last night. It was a documentary featuring Dr Chris Van Tullekan. He's a GP with a very open mind and who bravely puts himself up for all sorts of test and experiments. Last night it was all about OTC medicines, what works, what is a rip off etc. Very interesting and I learned a lot.

    One thing he did test was pain relief, both tablets and gels. For deep muscle pain he found out that baths gave the best relief. Cold baths had the slight edge over warm ones, but obviously warm ones are kinder and more pleasant. :rotfl:

    Both SUgarbaby and I swear by mineral salt baths and lavender oil. Soothing and relaxing. You can either add a few drops of neat lavender oil to the bath or dilute it with a carrier oil such as grape seed and use it as a massage oil.

    Never, never put neat aromatherapy oils directly onto the skin without first diluting them.

    Just finished clearing the top bedroom and loft.. Washing done. Time for brunch and then some tidying up. Hopefully a nice walk later....noticed the blackberries are out so will go and pick a few whilst on my travels.

    Handmaids Tale tonight and Poldark. I watch Handmaids and record Poldark to watch afterwards. Much more fun. :rotfl: Wish The Handmaids would get on with their revolution I'm getting bored and frustrated......:rotfl:

    Have a great day.
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