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Frump to Fab 2019 - Here We Go Again

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  • Wednesday2000Wednesday2000 Forumite
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    Ooh, I forgot it was Amazon Prime day. I'm just looking at the deals on there.:D:p
    FrankieM wrote: »

    wednesday what meditation do you use? I'm wondering if I need to find something to still my mind...

    I use quite a few different things.:) I find it easier to do it when I first wake up in the morning and then in the evening when I'm in the bath.

    The Meaning of Life Experiment, it's an award winning free app you can put on your phone.

    Meditation Vacation, The Mindful Movement and Daily Calm on YouTube as well.
  • mamanmaman Forumite
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    Much though I love the hot weather, I don't think it's conducive to a good night's sleep. :( Unfortunately air con doesn't really agree with me either. We had it on holiday and it really messes up my sinuses.:( But we'll all be fine when the government decrees how many hours sleep we have each night. Simple!:rotfl:

    I try to leave my phone in the kitchen in the evenings but it is tempting. It's so convenient to be able to look things up on Google. I think part of the problem is that many TV programmes aren't good enough to hold my attention 100%. Some programmes I like to record and whizz through both the adverts and then the bits after the adverts where they repeat things from a few minutes ago because we all have the attention span of a gnat! Cheap fillers!:mad: I am getting very fed up with the dumbing down of TV and Radio. I used to listen to the radio avidly but I find myself switching off frequently these days. It's not just the drivel but many of the presenters aren't as good as they were and they endlessly (on BBC) seem to advertise their own programmes and podcasts. :(

    Glad you made the meet up Frankie. You're so right about not taking on too much at once. It's best to ingrain a habit before moving on to another. I tackled my 'too much wine' habit before I started on the weightloss. :)

    Amused to hear on the radio this morning that my Zara dress now has its own Instagram account!

    It's good to see ideas of how people wear it. I'm planning to wear mine tomorrow with black ballet pumps.

    It's still lovely weather here. Warm and sunny but not too hot. I had the makings of a dark wash so I've done some winter scarves as well to take advantage of the good drying weather. I still think of you when I'm doing a dark wash sugarbaby. Unfortunately, I can't get cheap Woolite any more though.:(
  • sugarbaby125sugarbaby125 Forumite
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    Hello Ladies,

    I did not have much sleep last night, but it was David Jason's fault. :rotfl:

    I started his autobiography My Life last night and within the 1st page, I was totally hooked. I could not stop laughing aloud. :D
  • create0create0 Forumite
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    lessonlearnedlessonlearned Forumite
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    Good morning lovely ladies.

    And a glorious morning. Washing machine on.:rotfl:

    I am now exactly 11stones, 2st 9lbs lost so far. :j. I reckon about another 10lbs or so should do it, although tbh I am perfectly happy as I am. However, I want to get my blood sugars down a bit more, still in the pre diabetic range and I really want to get them back to normal.

    It's been slow but sure but I'm very happy. I have no loose or flabby skin to contend with as a result of the weight loss. At my age that's a bonus. :rotfl:

    Had a nice massage yesterday, feel a lot less stiff today. I really do need to do some yoga or stretching every day from now now on. So the plan now is to start building up some daily exercise. No more excuses. Lol.

    Maman. I liked the article about the polka dot dress. There were some funny comments in the section below, made me chuckle.

    I'm pleased with my new carpet in the back bedroom. It's a mid priced range suitable for general domestic wear, not just "bedroom" quality. It feels very soft and luxurious. It's a sort of grey tweed effect so very simple and neutral. As I decorate each room I am going to switch from laminate to carpet and I will run the same carpet through the house. I think it will make the house feel much warmer.

    My son will fit the wardrobes in there next week then I am going to switch bedrooms for a while so that I can tackle my bedroom next. I will be having new windows fitted in both the main bedroom and the lounge, along with a new fireplace in the lounge. Both dirty disruptive jobs so it makes sense to switch rooms for a while rather than sleep in the plaster dust and mess.

    Eventually I will set up my couch in the back bedroom and hopefully operate my therapy business from there at some point. It would be nice to be up and running in the late autumn but it's not time critical. I am pretty relaxed about the schedule, there's no real hurry. It all depends on how well the renovations go. I am not looking to build a business empire, lol. - just a nice little hobby business doing something I enjoy.

    You are right Maman about how my life seems to be changing and improving. It's coming up to 5 years since my husband died....he got sick in 2006. I knew from the outset his condition was terminal. And my world fell apart. But, slowly but surely I have rebuilt my life. I am happy and content at last.

    It's been quite a journey.
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  • FrankieMFrankieM Forumite
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    I was awake during the night, woke up at just before midnight and couldn't get back to sleep, so got up.

    Did some washing, hung it out, washed up some dishes :)

    While I was scrolling Facebook I cam across a local evening walking group that was tonight...back off to bed at about 3am and then set my alarm at 5am to get some house stuff done before work.

    I'm wondering whether part of my sleep issues are about not having a set bedtime and waking up so I'm often in bed at 8pm and then waking up in the middle of the night to then get up at around 6am, so I've decided that my bedtime is 9pm and awake time is 5am (at least on work days)

    I'll add some journaling and meditation and other generally relaxing things and see how I do.

    anyway, I went to the walking group this evening, it's just an hour and I'm doing it really to meet people.

    A bit like yourself LL I feel like I'm now ready.

    It's interesting how other people seem to have opinions on when you should start dating and socialising after a break up and I have to say that it's only really now, after 3/4 years that I feel ready to face the world (and I'm still not sure whether that involves dating!)

    The group were nice, quite friendly and it's part of the ramblers/walk well/live well scheme, so there will be other walks that I could go on to meet people.

    For now though, I'll do my small steps of every Wednesday evening :)
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    lessonlearnedlessonlearned Forumite
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    edited 18 July 2019 at 6:48AM
    Good morning lovely ladies.

    Frankie sorry to hear you too are struggling with lack of sleep at the moment. I hope you find a way round it. Going to bed at 9pm does still seem quite early, especially in the summer but I guess if you are dog tired by then you dont have much choice, especially as you are an early riser. We can't fight our body clocks.

    Have you tried having a short early evening nap.,

    I am actually a great believer in "power naps". I tend to have one most days......late afternoon or early evening .....just 20 minutes or so sets me up nicely so that I don't get overtired and I can still enjoy my evenings.

    I do find that if I get overtired then I struggle to sleep (like a fractious overtired toddler:rotfl:). Also if I get overtired I find I crave food, usually unhealthy carbs.

    On the whole I do sleep much better these days. Less stress I suppose. But I also find that I'm very "screen sensitive". I sleep better if I restrict time spent on devices like ipads, phones etc. So I'm now trying to stick to a 8pm watershed.

    I was advised to try journaling after my husband died. I find it quite therapeutic. I still do it now, it's a good way of marshalling my thoughts.

    I think break ups and divorces can, in their own way, be just as difficult as the death of a partner. They are a form of bereavement too and you do need to time to grieve and adjust to a new life. Everyone has to go at their own pace.

    A bit dull here so far. Going to nip to Asda for a few bits and then do some batch cooking today. My nails need a bit of TLC and I shall give myself a facial later. Have booked a chiropodist appt for next week, dentist tomorrow. A lot of maintenance is required these

    Have a great day and keeeeep fabbing.
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    lessonlearnedlessonlearned Forumite
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    edited 19 July 2019 at 1:09PM

    "Style isn't just a question of designer clothes and chic hairstyles and doesn't have to be inherited. Style is about elegance, confidence and panache. Style is about the way you look and the way you act, it's reflected in your home and in your work and in the company you keep. It's a way of life".

    These words were written by Lady Penelope Creighton-Ward:rotfl:

    Yes, none other than Lady Penelope herself, from the TV series Thunderbirds. Ha ha.

    I am just reading her book "Lady Penelope's Secrets". It's a hoot. No idea who really wrote it, it doesn't say but obviously by a fan who "gets" her. If I didn't know better I would think it was my father, he was one of her biggest fans.....he had quite a crush.

    For those who don't know, Lady Penelope was an "It Girl" in "Swinging London". Fabulously wealthy, beautiful ex model, turned special agent for International Rescue. Landed gentry, she was Impossibly glamourous, beautifully spoken with a breathy voice similar to Joanna Lumley's. She effortlessly knocked both Barbie and Cindy out of the ring. Classy lady.

    Although the book is decidedly meant as a joke and a "homage" to Lady P it actually contains some very sound advice .....healthy eating, exercise, self respect, self care, exactly the same values we promote on here. Not bad for a puppet ......:rotfl:

    Dentist this morning, followed by Aldi's and a quick mooch round my favourite chazza. Wasn't going to bother with the charity shop because by this time it was chucking it down.

    Glad I did, picked up a lovely evenjng dress, SIZE 12 :j:j for just £4.50. Sort of Downton Abbey 1920s, perfect for a cruise or summer formal evening. I havent been able to wear a sized 12 for decades. It felt so good.

    Also picked up a pair of cream self coloured striped hessian curtains. Very Scandi rustic style - perfect for summer for my dining room patio doors.

    Going to start work refurbishing a chest of drawers this afternoon. God knows how old it was mine when I was a little girl and it was second or third hand then. It has been round the family several times and it has now come back to me. A cherished old friend. I've bought it some pretty blue and white China knobs and will give it a coat of chalk paint as a refresh. It will look nice in my therapy room.

    Have a great weekend.
  • FrankieMFrankieM Forumite
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    Back home from work, showered freshened up and looking forward to a relaxing evening with a glass of wine or too.

    Booked into a couple of meetups tomorrow and considering one on Sunday but I'll see how I go.

    I don't read anywhere enough fiction, I need to start getting some on my shelves for 'lighter' reading.

    Have a lovely evening everyone :)
  • humptydumptybitshumptydumptybits Forumite
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    Hi, hope everyone is well. I've been busy with one thing and another and my plans move on for next year. Saving is going well helped by loads of ebaying although I seem to have hit a wall this week, I've sold about £150 worth of stuff over the week and have a bid for £40 for something but that leaves me with 20 items and no bids. I'm hoping there might be some last minute action. I'm being ruthless, things get a second chance and then it is the charity shop.

    Does anyone get their nails done? I had mine done for DD's wedding and they looked lovely but I've had them taken off, well not my nails but the lacquer or whatever it is and my nails are destroyed. Any tips? I don't have strong nails at the best of times but now they are all breaking. Not sure if I went to a dodgy place, it seemed to have good reviews on line but their English wasn't good and they used and electric polisher thing to smooth off my nails and then put several coats of something on and I got cooked in a little machine. My nails looked so smooth and shiny and felt so strong. I can see the temptation of getting it done again but I honestly wonder how long my nails would survive.

    Had my hair done today, colour and cut, and I'm really pleased with it. The hairdresser I've found is great, she was a bit wary of cutting it really short at first but she agrees with me that it suits me. It was just over £50 for a cut and colour which I think is really good. The only downside is she never stops talking, I was there for 2 hours and my head was spinning by the end of it. I was so close to saying, "For the love of God could you stop for a minute." I feel mean as she is lovely but honestly I don't know how anyone can talk non stop for 2 hours, as well as talking to me she seemed to be listening to everyone's conversation and would suddenly shout out a comment to someone else. I normally have a coffee at some point and she pops off for a few minutes to do that, today I felt too hot for a coffee but I think next time I will have one if only to have a break.

    Well school broke up today so lots of childcare for the next six weeks so I think my sorting out and ebaying is going on hold till September which is a bit frustrating but maybe I need the break.

    I will try to have a read and catch up with everyone's news.
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