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Frump to Fab 2019 - Here We Go Again

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  • Wednesday2000Wednesday2000 Forumite
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    Wednesday2000 I am the same - I've always been heavier but smaller than other people (or is that just what they told us :o). I'm also fine with 11 and a half stone and a large 12/small 14. You are also spurring me on - if I can get into the 12 stones, it won't seem far to get into the 11 stones.

    Yes, it's strange, it must be to do with our frames.:)

    I know they were telling the truth as I saw one girl weigh herself and she was 9 stone and a size 14. She wasn't that much shorter than me either as I'm only 5 foot 6.
  • supersaver1000supersaver1000 Forumite
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    Yes, definitely something to do with frame. I'm 5' 6" too :beer:
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  • chaniechanie Forumite
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    maman wrote: »

    I suppose we all (unless you're a duchess!;)) have to prioritise what we spend whether that's spending in general or on ourselves. Personally, having my hair done regularly along with a few make up and skin products would be my priorities. Any thoughts?:)

    I afford my treats by cutting back in other areas. I don’t smoke, rarely drink and rarely go out. I don’t have a fancy car and we shop in Lidl. I’m considered in my purchases and will only buy stuff that ‘sparks joy’. I will wait for items I want to go in the sale, use voucher codes, eBay, TK Maxx, plus cash back. My most recent bargain was a bag for my upcoming 40th - I got it brand new on eBay saving £260 on thr shop price.

    My hair colour costs £100, but I like my hairdresser and want to support her. It is expensive, but I only get it done every few months. I will need to increase as the grey hair overtakes!

    I like premium make up, but I justify it by only having a few products. I don’t wear make up everyday, so it lasts for ages and I probably spend less than someone using lots of cheaper products. For my skincare, I only use a cleanser, toner, serum and moisturiser.
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  • savingfortomorrowsavingfortomorrow Forumite
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    I agree with Chanie- we all have to prioritize the money spending.

    My make up and skin care are a mix of high end and bargains. I love my good quality foundations but will bargain on powders, lip liners and mascara. As the mascara have to be replaced every three months I use catrice or wet n wild. I have unopened lancome, estee lauder and I prefer the cheaper ones. I like to find discounted items and real treasures.

    I love clothes but don't buy a lot in the last few years; I tend to shop a lot on ebay or charity shops. I need to get some basic t-shirts in white as the ones I have are grubby. No amount of bleach will sort it.

    I skim on hair dressers. I just don't go much- long times and only then for a trim. Having looked at the sam villa training videos on youtube, I spend more on a few excellent hair products.

    Everyone makes different things priorities. I need to get some flooring and kitchen doors. If I can pull back on mindless spending use up and trend up what i have,
  • lessonlearnedlessonlearned Forumite
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    Wow....what a fantastic day.

    Had such a lovely time with my family eldest boy did all the cooking.....he's a great cook:rotfl: He did a fabulous BBQ - so it was actually very healthy. I never eat the bread rolls etc anyway so although I didn't count points I think I probably stuck to my programme with ease.

    Supersaver......I'm glad that you are finding my weight loss musings helpful. I am actually finding it very easy, far easier than when I have tried in the past.

    I did say earlier that it's a pity I didn't join WW earlier but tbh I don't think it would have helped me back then. I don't think I was ready, neither physically or mentally.

    Thinking about it logically I think I had to sort out my digestive issues first before I could have coped with a weight loss programme and for it to be successful. I had to be completely clear of all medication and re-establish enough friendly gut bacteria first. I really don't think it would have worked if my microbiome was still out of kilter.

    In the process of revamping my diet to manage my IBS and GERD I went paleo and completely cut out all grains. This not only helped heal my stomach but it also broke my carb addiction. It completely changed my taste buds and I now have no desire to eat starchy carbs such as pasta, rice, bread, biscuits and cake. I just don't enjoy the taste of sweet things now so I never even think about cakes, puddings and pastries. I think this is why I'm finding it so easy.......I don't get tempted and I just don't get cravings.

    I hear the ladies at slimming club saying that they struggle to avoid "naughty" foods and working out how they can build sweet treats into their eating patterns, and then how bad they feel when they have given into temptation and eaten "bad" things like crisps, biscuits etc and I think how hard it must be for them having to cope with cravings.

    The other thing I've have found is that, believe it or not, I am eating at least twice as much as I did before. I'm wondering if I wasn't eating enough before and that my body had gone into "Starvation mode" because it wasn't getting enough fuel. Maybe by eating more
    I have somehow kickstarted my metabolism.

    I do know that as a result of the years of stress when I was living on adrenaline I did exhaust my adrenal glands and that my thyroid wasnt functioning properly.

    I havent had recent thyroid tests so can't say for definite that my adrenals and thyroid are back up to speed but I know I feel much healthier and that my energy levels are improving.

    I find nutrition is a fascinating subject and I have learned so much in the last couple of years. I now believe beyond doubt that good food really is the bedrock of good health and that we really are what we eat. :rotfl:
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    lessonlearnedlessonlearned Forumite
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    Re......spending priorities.

    I have been poor, I have been well off. (I know which I prefer rotfl:).

    Now, although I have a modest income I actually think I live very well. The strange thing is I seem to live better than I ever did when I was awash with funds. I eat better, am better dressed and have enough for treats and holidays. Not quite sure how that happened. :rotfl:

    All I can say is I must have been wasting an awful lot of money somewhere but gawd only knows where.....although the boys were young then, so maybe it all went on them.:rotfl:

    I have to confess I do like nice things, I'm a sucker for a bit of luxury and my creature comforts. They top my list......I'm not bothered about fancy cars, and I could even forego travel if I had to but I do like to have a nice, comfortable and stylish home, good food and nice clothes.

    Luckily, although I have limited means, I'm also creative and resourceful so When I see something I like but can't really afford I will try and find a way of achieving what I want by using what talent I was blessed with to achieve the look for less.

    So I shop around and look for bargains. I upcycle, I make some of my own lotions and potions, do all of my own beauty treatments, exercise for free at home. The only thing I can't really do is give myself acupuncture treatments and do a full body massage on myself. But I have now bought an acupressure mat and hand held massager which I use regularly so I can save a bit of money by having fewer massages.

    Like Chanie.....I don't smoke, don't go drinking in pubs, dont do drugs, and havent thrown money away on tattoos or multiple body piercings,:eek: :rotfl:
  • PepPopPepPop Forumite
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    Hi. I haven't been on here for years. I just found this thread and I'd like to join in. Think i was a member way back. I'll have a catch up on this year's thread. Looking forward to reading all your tips and advice.
  • lessonlearnedlessonlearned Forumite
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    Hi Pep. Welcome to the thread.

    Good morning lovely ladies. Lovely bright sunshine again. Makes you feel good to be alive, although not so warm as of late.

    I'm meeting a friend for lunch today in the city centre so I will have a day off shed sorting and have a mooch round the shops instead.

    Have a great day....and keeeeep fabbing.
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    mamanmaman Forumite
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    edited 1 April 2019 at 11:02AM
    Good to have you on board pep, all welcome.:)

    Good contributions to the spending priorities chat. I think more and more of us are moving towards buying less but buying quality where it matters (as in matters to us). I suppose it's an extension of Marie Kondo's theories.

    That being said, I agree with sft that there's no point buying expensive when a cheaper product will do the job equally well. I'm perfectly happy with my £1 aqueous cream for my feet and my Waitrose shower gel. Also, quality clothes don't have to be new. I love my CS buys. And I think we're encouraged to use more product than we really need. I find a pea sized amount of my (expensive) moisturiser is enough provided I warm it between my palms and I'm using it over serum (or flaxseed oil).

    ETA: I checked this morning and Boots seem to have 15% off again (maybe it's a Monday thing to boost sales). BUT they are out of stock with Clarins Beauty Flash Balm and say it won't be in stock again. That sounds a bit fishy to me. Maybe it sold too well.

    There was an article in the Sunday supplements about leather jackets. Apparently there are some excellent fakes around at the moment too and they featured both. I used to have both leather jackets and a full length leather coat years ago but now I'm not so sure. Has anyone noticed that Andrea Leadsom seems to be wearing a red leather jacket quite often lately? I don't think she looks good in it as IMO she's generally quite frumpy. I'm equally critical of male politicians too. It's all part of me and my people watching:o. I was only remarking to DH the other day how dreadful Damian Hinds looked in Downing Street in badly creased trousers. It was either a cheap suit or he'd worn it too often. Personally (man or woman) I'd want to look good in the public eye as it gives (and inspires) confidence. :)

    2 lots of dancing and lunch in a country pub are main fabbing opportunities this week. I'm working on things to do in April and so far I'm doing well with creaming my toes. Determined to push on with my reading which has stalled a bit. I'll get at least a chapter read this afternoon.

    It's bright and sunny here although not as warm. :)
  • chaniechanie Forumite
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    Lovely day here in London.

    DD started throwing up during the early hours of the morning - firstly in her bed and then twice in mine and OH's bed. I couldn't go into work today, but I have been doing some work from home (whilst tackling the mountain of bedding I have needed to wash from DD throwing up).

    I think I might have a nap now... been up since 3am.
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