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* Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas * - It's the 2019 Christmas Chatter Thread

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  • SystemSystem
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    Happy Easter everyone .

    After a lot of thought i have requested my details be removed from MSE so although past posts will still be visible my name will be removed [ when they get around to it , i guess pressing "Delete" is a labor intensive procedure !]

    MSE has changed significantly since i joined in 07 and not for the better unfortunately .

    I wish everyone on this thread nothing but good wishes and successful Christmas planning for years to come .


    Christine x
  • princesskitty29princesskitty29 Forumite
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    Hi all, happy belated Easter! Hasn’t it been lovely? It’s so nice to enjoy a bit of time in the garden. We had a good Easter break, now just trying to get back in the swing of things. We’ve been having ongoing toilet trouble with Wiggle, I won’t go into details but we’re going to have to keep him off school another week so not sure how much I’ll get done around the house! Nothing Christmassy happened here, but I’m hoping to go shopping by myself next weekend so who knows what I might find?? Anywho I hope you’re all keeping well and enjoying the weather.

    04624181 hello good to see you back! I hope you are recovering well from your leg operation and hope you don’t have to wait too long for your next one. Sounds like you’ve had a busy time! Wow 8 birthdays in one month? That does sound expensive.

    vulpix it was really lovely to see a post from you on here, I am so sorry to hear you’ve been through a dark time, I hope this thread continues to help and that you continue to pop in when you feel able to.

    CHRISSYG I’m so sorry you’ve decided to leave, I enjoy your posts and you’re a very valued member of the thread. We will miss you a lot but I am sure you have your reasons. :( Best wishes and good luck with everything. xx
  • muriemurie Forumite
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    Chrissy- so sorry to see you leave x. Its the right thing to do if its causing issues. Best of wishes for the future for you and your family (you'll be missed x).

    Princesskitty- yes its been a lovely Easter made even better by the good weather! Hope Wiggles issues calm down soon x

    This thread has become lacklustre (to say the least), i don't know if its because Christmas prep is the last thing on peoples minds with the summer looming, or if its just a general lack of interest. I will put my hand up and admit to a bad case of cba, where this thread is concerned.
    Any ideas about what we can do to reinvigorate it? Im afraid its in danger of dying a death which is a shame as we are all a great bunch (even if i do say so myself).
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  • PeppapigPeppapig Forumite
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    We’re definitely a great bunch :D

    CHRISSY sorry to see you going but glad you came on to let us know so we aren’t worrying where you've disappeared to. I must admit I don’t tend to venture off this thread, there are some very rude, arrogant and self opinionated people out there on the forum. Wish you and DD all the best for the future.
    It's the most wonderful timeof the year :
  • nic2075nic2075 Forumite
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    Sorry to see you go Chrissy. I can totally understand though. I do try and say semi anonymous on here. As much as I can anyway. Maybe in the future you could come back with another name that gives nothing away. Start afresh. Take care x

    murie, it is hard to keep the thread going at the moment. I find I want to post but really don’t have much to say. I liked the craft challenges. Maybe we could do a challenge a month, whether it’s to make something, plan something or buy one thing? Not sure, but it would keep it on track for Christmas.
    Or even change it up a bit and have a self care challenge each week or month? We could all be doing with a bit more self care, even if it is to take an hour to read a book, or go a walk. Know what I mean? It’s not Christmassy, but it helps keep us healthy and happy through the year.
  • kerri_gtkerri_gt Forumite
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    Sorry to see you go Chrissy you will be missed and sad to think that something(s) have happened to make you feel that way. Xx

    Apologies for my absence on here, I have been reading but RL has been hectic to say the least, plus I've kinda come to a Christmas halt at the moment now the Jan sales are over. I got quite a few things for peeps and there are others I would rather get later in the year. On top of that we also had a bereavement so all that and trying to stay on top of things off the keyboard have led to my poor performance.

    I love this thread and hearing what others are up to but I personally also don't want to be 100% Christmas focused all the time and I feel I kind of forget to enjoy the other times of the year. Does that make any sense?

    Hope everyone managed to have a good Easter and enjoy th glorious weather, I'll try and post a bit more often although I will warn you that my drivel may cause drowsiness ;)
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  • 3forholidays3forholidays Forumite
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    Hi everyone :wave:

    ChrissyG Sorry that you feel that you have to leave. :(

    Hope that everyone enjoyed the lovely weather that we had over the Easter weekend. Things are a bit quiet on the Christmas front hence the lack of posts from me.

    Been organising the summer break to North Norfolk though so looking forward to that in July. Has anyone else got anything booked holiday wise?
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    muriemurie Forumite
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    edited 23 April 2019 at 8:49PM
    This thread used to be where we could all chatter away about our non Christmas activities too- I think that is where we have gone wrong tbh. It's become mostly about Christmas and I think thats why people aren't posting.
    I, for one, like hearing about everyone's everyday lives but I think we have lost the ability to "chatter' on here which is perhaps why its become stagnant. Or is that just me feeling like that? I used to enjoy dipping into this thread and reading what we've all been up to.
    Ok I will shut up now (I'm beginning to wish Id never broached the subject lol.)

    Right- in the spirit of sharing (non Christmas stuff) we had an Easter/Spring wreath making session which was good fun ( they turned out pretty OK -posted on IG ) and I've been busy in the garden. Ive bitten the bullet (only been thinking about it for the last 3 years- Im slow lol), and we are finally getting artificial grass. Ive been Umming and Ahhing (?) for ages but have decided that it will be the right thing to do.

    Holiday wise - DD and I are having a few days in Edinburgh in July (her birthday present), we are going to Verona in August and (yes its Christmas talk again!!) we have booked to go to Cologne Christmas Market this year.
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  • muriemurie Forumite
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    Can anyone offer any help as to how to enable emoticons on here?
    No matter what I try I cant seem to get them to work.

    Well the weather is certainly a bit different today- very cloudy and cool. Apparently we are due to have thunderstorms today in Brum. I like listening to storms, but only when Im inside in the dry :). (woohoo I got one to work!!)
    lovin' this site!
  • vulpixvulpix Forumite
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    Goodmorning folks.

    I am sorry to see you go Chrissy but I do know that sometimes it just needs to be done.Take care x.

    I know what you all mean about the thread losing it's mojo a bit.I used to enjoy everyones chat very much,particularly after I left work and missed my work collegues chatter. You feel like the sisters I never had.

    Could we just rebrand? Not just be all about Christmas? It seems that the older members amongst us are redifining Christmas as our families and circumstances evolve.OBVIOUSLY Christmas is still our raison d'etre! But we seem to enjoy ALL celebrations here. I like the idea of us joining in with a task together,and very much enjoyed the craft challenges. I love the fact that we are all ages but have similar outlooks on life,it would be a shame for it to fizzle out.

    I know you all use IG but I just haven't got my head round it. I am just too busy!!!!(lazy)

    Need to get a wriggle on,off to Bury market and Mr V has been pacing for the last hour!

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