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* Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas * - It's the 2019 Christmas Chatter Thread

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  • SystemSystem
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    Very quiet here at the moment, but then again there is probably not much prep that we can do just yet.

    I have bought my first gift, a make up bag from Next with her initial on it for my niece. Will pick up bits of makeup through the year to fill it for her. It was her birthday last week and I had managed to get the Ciate deal which was on here. £100 odd worth of lip gloss for £25, she was very happy!

    Got £1,000 worth of dental treatment ahead of me, so need to plan things carefully. Never had a toothache before, raging abscess & the x-ray revealed that root canal work (I know that I should have felt pain, but got high threshold) that was done by a previous practice was not done completely,so actually have 1/2 a live root. As the tooth is crowned, it will require specialist treatment and I have now become a teaching case, probably on what not to do! Alternative is extraction, but that would entail other treatment costing £3,500:eek:

    Hope all doing well.

    Ouch ! good grief as if dental work wasn't bad enough but that price just adds insult to injury x

    Nothing much christmas wise to report , holiday planning in full swing though .

    Dd has finally been discharged from the fracture clinic so hopefully we can forget about the disastrous Jan 2018 Kenya trip with dumb and dumber .
  • princesskitty29princesskitty29 Forumite
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    Hi all, I hope everyone is well. We had a stressful week here last week as MiL’s digestive system wouldn’t re-start after the surgery so she went 8 days without eating properly and got quite ill, but I’m pleased to say she’s home now, eating again and recovering. Fingers crossed all is well for the future.

    This week’s events include me dropping my mobile phone down the toilet on Monday morning!! :eek: It was in the back pocket of my jeans by the way, I keep getting questioning looks when I tell people what happened! :p I put it in a bowl of rice for two days but alas it has died. I only had it two months! To add insult to injury I bought a reconditioned phone from CEX on Thursday, then yesterday when I checked the tracking number on the email they sent it said it had been signed for and delivered to someone in Wales – I don’t live anywhere near Wales! Very annoyingly I can’t find a telephone number for them so I’ve had to fill in a form on their website. I also wrote a message on their Facebook page in the hope that they might respond a bit quicker but all I got was a comment saying ‘From our records this order was signed for by Peter Kay. We are not refunding this just because he is funny, anything else I can help you with today?’ What is that all about??! Obviously someone working there is taking the mick but I don’t know why? Needless to say I have a screenshot of this and will try to find out why they would respond like this. Anyway, enough of my mobile phone saga!

    nic oh no what a nightmare with the rain coming in under the door! Glad things are a bit more settled with you.

    Treasurequeen lovely idea for your brothers fianc!.

    GTQ oh gosh I can’t believe they didn’t do your dental treatment properly! I have had a lot of work done as I have very weak back teeth and it has cost me a fortune. I had to pay out £1k once for root canal, it’s ridiculously expensive. I was lucky enough to get a bonus at work that year and it was amusing seeing people’s faces when they asked me what I was going to do with my bonus! I hope it all goes well.

    mrsinvisible your trip to Wales sounds lovely as does the ring you treated yourself too, it’s always nice to find something handmade and unique.

    CHRISSYG glad to hear DD has finally been discharged.
  • 0462418104624181 Forumite
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    Hi everyone, so sorry I have not been on in so long. I had my leg operation at the end of January and then we sold our house and moved into a large rental property. It has been go go go since the end of January. I will try and catch up on here soon but just wanted to say hi and hope everybody is well. I am waiting another operation, this time on my foot. I managed to get some things in the sale for Christmas so have got that all recorded in my Christmas book and stashed away ready for the big day. Got so many birthdays coming up next month, may is a month of 8 birthdays! including my DD, my Gran, MIL and FIL and niece. Always and expensive month but DD is already sorted out. Have already got the kids Easter gifts sorted out. They are having a small Toblerone bar each, one large Easter egg, and an outfit each. They get so much chocolate from everybody else so I think one egg each is enough from us and they always need clothes. Oh, have also got DD some slime and DS a shreddies novelty gift that has a bowl and small pack of shreddies. (DD does not eat cereal) Will try and get up to date and then pop on again. Love to everyone xx
  • freespirit66freespirit66 Forumite
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    Afternoon everyone, I hope everyone is well and looking forward to Easter

    PRINCESSKITTY I have been thinking of your MIL that sounds very scary, I’m so glad she is home and recovering well. I hope you get your phone sorted out, obviously someone is taking the **** by signing it Peter Kay!!

    MRSINVISIBLE glad you had a lovely break away, your ring sounds lovely, I love amethyst

    04624181 I hope your operation has repaired what was wrong and your foot op goes well

    PEPPAPIG I hope you are ok my lovely, I miss seeing your posts on here

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  • vulpixvulpix Forumite
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    Happy Easter Folks. Life is a bit better now for me.Thank You for all the messages which i still haven't been able to bring myself to read.I have read the thread,It has helped give me a bit of normality in some very dark times.Love to you all Vx
  • kerri_gtkerri_gt Forumite
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    Lovely to 'see' you Vulpix
    Pleased to hear life is a bit better, whatever has happened / is happening, remember to be kind to yourself and don't let anyone else tell you how you should be feeling. Much love xx
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    JAN NSD 11/16

  • muriemurie Forumite
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    Happy Easter everyone!

    Vulpix- glad things are a little easier xx
    lovin' this site!
  • PeppapigPeppapig Forumite
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    Lovely to see you VULPIX, we’ve been thinking of you, glad things are starting to feel a little better.

    Thanks FREE. All ok here, have had DGD with me this week and she’s definitely kept me busy. She went home last night and I really miss her although I must admit it’s nice to just sit and not speak for a while if I want to:D. I can’t believe she’ll be ten in a few weeks it only seems like yesterday she was a toddler. The new baby is due in July so there’ll be a big gap, I think it’s probably just as well it’s a boy, I think it not being another girl will make the transition from only child to sharing mummy that but easier.

    0462 glad the op went well and congratulations on the house sale.

    Happy Easter everyone, hope we’re all enjoying the fabulous weather. Who’d have thought I’d be watering my more vulnerable plants in April?
    It's the most wonderful timeof the year :
  • freespirit66freespirit66 Forumite
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    Evening, Happy Easter everyone!

    VULPIX oh it’s lovely to hear from you, you’ve been very much missed, even if you aren’t up to posting to know you are there is lovely x

    PEPPAPIG oh it’s lovely to hear you are ok too, yes I know exactly what you mean, they are little chatterboxes, but we love them to bits all the same. I bet she has had lots of fun with her nanny x
    CURRENTLY READING Trisha Ashley - A Good Heart is hard to find
    CHRISTMAS MONEY SAVED 2019- £160.00
    :D:D:D:DDEBT FREE DAY 20/6/2014 :D:D:D:D
  • nic2075nic2075 Forumite
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    Lovely to hear from you Vulpix, wishing you well xx

    Life is busy with the little uns recently. We enjoyed our Easter break. This weather has been heaven. I’ve enjoyed sitting outside with my coffee and a good book, with the sun on my face. Simple pleasures.
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