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Cheapest Boiler Cover Discussion

edited 14 June 2010 at 4:21PM in Energy
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  • desisaverdesisaver Forumite
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    Hi All,

    Moving from Homecare 400 as they want a ridiculous price for renewal. I have the following choices and wondering if anyone had any personal experiences/recommendations/stay away warnings -

    1. EDF Energy Total Protect

    2. Homeserve

    3. 24/7 Home Rescue

  • Mister_GMister_G Forumite
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    desisaver wrote: »
    Hi All,

    Moving from Homecare 400 as they want a ridiculous price for renewal. I have the following choices and wondering if anyone had any personal experiences/recommendations/stay away warnings -

    1. EDF Energy Total Protect

    2. Homeserve

    3. 24/7 Home Rescue


    Start here!
  • desisaverdesisaver Forumite
    91 posts
    Part of the Furniture Combo Breaker
    Mister_G wrote: »

    Scam central looks like! Looks like you pay peanuts and you get monkeys!

    Thanks again @Mister G
  • Have boiler, C/H & Annual service package.

    Had the annual service, which identified a small fault and the engineer logged it.
    Just found out that anything identified in the annual service isn't covered.

    Advised in the T&C, page 5 section 14....states anything identified in the service that cannot be repaired will incur extra costs (as I read it, I'm thinking that means the Flue which would need to work to make the boiler safe...)

    Called the sales team and they confirmed any defects identified in the annual service would be included.

    raised a complaint, and wait to hear....
  • Only consider 24/7 after checking the T&C - if they identify a fault in the annual service, it wont be covered....they'd consider it remedial work.

    Happened to me, and in the quotes I obtained from other engineers all said the part should be covered under the contract. It's down to the way they generate income by vaguely worded T&C.
  • edited 30 November 2019 at 11:23AM
    the_banditthe_bandit Forumite
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    edited 30 November 2019 at 11:23AM
    Scottish Power highest level of cover with £0 excess. (Teamed up with D&G)

    Boiler, Radiator & Service Care (Boiler must be <15yr old at new policy start)

    £9.75/month for the first 7 months then £19.50/month
    £165.75 for the year

    Other levels of cover and excess available with lower premiums.


    Annual service to help maintain your boiler
    Ongoing maintenance hints and tips
    24/7 UK based helpline for remote support
    Onsite visits if your boiler fails the annual service or stops working
    Gas Safe registered engineers
    A replacement boiler worth up to £750, if required*
    12 month plan
    £0 call out fee (other call out fee options available)
    Radiators & valves
  • Has anyone had a contract for cover with Hassle Free Boilers? I am having a terrible time with them. Took out cover and new boiler last month, boiker not working for 10 days now. Their contractors hasn't managed to fix it so I am having to pay another heating engineer to fix it tomorrow. Nightmare! The contract stares 24/7 cover but it's not! it took 3 days to send the first engineer! I want out if their contract as not providing the service I sign up to.
  • maawsamaawsa Forumite
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    Beware of British Gas! We had Homecare 200 for over a year. Engineer arrived for the CP12 and said he could not get the boiler within limits so he turned it off as unusable. Boiler was 11 years old and parts were readily available. He contacted HQ who said they could arrange a visit in 3 weeks time to discuss a new boiler! As our tenants were a couple with young children and it was October, we had to contact a local plumber who installed a new boiler the next day. BG denied all responsibility.  We wrote to Financial Ombudsman who ruled in favour of BG!  One wonders if FOS ever rule in favour of the little guys. 
  • Kilroy62Kilroy62 Forumite
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    British Gas Homecare 4 left my home sewage infested for months. It has said (and written on email) that the damage needs to be claimed for on my own insurance and then the insurance ''may'' claim back the cost (wait for it) from the British Gas (Dyno Rod franchise who hired the engineer that caused the damage as they have their own insurance.
    I have been told this is rubbish  and I can take them directly to Court as the contract is with them. 
    In addition since this has happened and despite continuing to take our money each month they have cancelled a number of emergency calls leaving us with a sewage infested bathroom and toilet (it flowed through the ceiling into the wiring and down the walls over the cooker hood cooker and microwave and under the kitchen floor) They refused to send anyone out until the next day as they only had the person who caused the damage on duty in the whole of London (their words) The person who did this denied it ever happened - (despite him being videoed and saying it was the pressure jet and would stop soon as it was flooding everywhere) The second Engineer who came the next morning also filmed it still flowing down and found the blockage he purported to have removed was still there and the pipe was so pressurised it had blown the seals along the whole pipe and the hard rubber seal on the Soil stack outside. He said he has never seen a pipe so pressurised in his life.
    British Gas also cancelled the service to the boiler stating covid 19 however this boiler service has been outstanding since last year and last year was the one from the year before all with multiple cancellations as they did not have engineers available. Do not think that was Covid 19. 
    In addition when the boiler made noises and packed up they still did not come out again stating Covid 19 and only dealing with vulnerable people. I have to laugh as after two heart attacks lung and stomach damage and a cocktail of drugs (heart etc not recreational) I am currently being shielded in a sewage infested home and refused service by the Company supposed to be dealing with people in my situation and I am paying £940 for that non service.
    So yesterday I cancelled our Homecare 4 with British Gas which was close on £940 per year. Tomorrow I am looking at the Energy club and our £1780 Energy supply and moving that also. 
    Despite sharing much of the evidence with British Gas they have palmed it off to their Franchise who are nowhere to be seen and have not made contact at all since January. At no stage has British Gas Services Limited provided any of the data requested from them and have evaded and avoided answering direct questions with respects to these requests in writing.

    I suspect that they have seriously mismanaged their re-organisation a couple of years ago. I also believe having spoken to many of the BG Engineers (not franchise) that there is not enough staff to service the customers and they have known this for over a year. This used to be a good service but the last few years have been a nightmare and although not fully over yet both my wife and I are so relieved that we never have to have this company in our lives ever again. 

    Martin - Appreciate the forum rules.  I have written to  the Directors of Centrica, British Gas and British Gas Services Limited. I a have shared many photos with BG  and the four work reports clearly showing the issues and who caused them. I have retained all the evidence  - pipes machines work reports CCTV etc I am quite happy to share this and the emails along with the photographs  - work reports - witness statements -  letters to BG sent recorded delivery etc along with the texts received from them at any stage.

    As soon as I am no longer being shielded due to my extreme vulnerability, I will as already stated to British Gas Services take this to whichever regulators/Ombudsmen applicable and also raise this in court.

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