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    I'm currently wanting to sell some shares as a one off. brought as a share save scheme through work several years ago.

    found out that can use lloyds tsb scotland as they are registrars. may sound daft but i assume that payment will be transfered into my bank account by them after their this right ???? I want my money !!! ha ha
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  • I just found a site, quite by accident which seems to show you realtime share prices. It is free to register, although the free membership comes at a small price in that your browser times out after a while, depending on how many people are trying to view shares at the same time. However, dispite that I found it seems to work and I have been using it to keep an eye on my penny shares. If your browser times out, you can click refresh and it works again so it is no hardship. True enough it does seem to update itself every few seconds.

    Can someone have a look at it and see whether I am being duped or whether it is bona fide?

    The site is:


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    Hello, Dan,

    Yes, ADVFN is a legitimate site. You get a lot of information there for free but not all of it is reliable ( though this is true even for paid-for sites ). Digitallook also has a free real-time price service, similarly restricted.
  • Thanks very much I appreciate that. I thought it looked ok, but I just thought that it was too good to be true!

    Best wishes
    Watch Out! It's quite possible that some of my best mistakes haven't been made yet!
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    I received a letter from Arc Equities Limited, this morning concerning the floation of The Weather Lottery, currently a Private company, but apparently floating on the stock market and the letter invites interest prior to "the Company's inteded admission to AIM in due course"

    Please could anyone explain this, and whether it is a good idea to buy shares in this investment - or how would I find out? Has anyone else received a similar letter?

    Thanks T
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    Any guesstimates if Standard Life discounted shares will be a good long term prospect.
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    Anyone heard of these guys or been to their 3 day seminar. Trying to work out if they are any good.
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    I have never bought shares and know absolutely nothing about them but I am due to get some from the Standard Life floatation and am considering buyibg more with £1000 I have saved. Is this worth doing or will it be more hassle than it's worth. I appreciate that no one can advise me on the actual performance of the shares but it is the process and cost which is my concern, maybe £1000 is not enough to make it a good proposition? Would welcome any help before the 5th July deadline please, Ta!
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    May be a little late now but it would have been a good sort term investment as they performed well initially and look to do well in the long term also - hope you did the right thing.

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    Hello all

    I have inherited some shares and want to be in a position to sell them when I feel it is the right time. I've been researching on the net and it seems that the recommended thing is to transfer them to a nominee account with an online broker.

    A few questions I be very grateful for advice/opinions on...

    1 how safe is it to transfer my holding over to people who I don't know? If my name no longer appears on the register of shareholders then how can I be safeguarded from having them nicked?

    2 what is the difference between a ringfenced and a non-ringfenced account? The value of my holding is (at the moment!) in excess of the
    £30k I have seen mentioned as the safeguarded amount.

    3 I am thinking of signing up with the This is Money website Sharedealing service. They charge £15 per trade. They have no subscription charge. What appeals to me about them is that they are connected with a site I know fairly well and is backed by Associated newspapers, and also that I would be eligible to ask free advice from a team of stockbrokers.

    Does anyone have experience of either nominee accounts in general or of the This is Money sharedealing service?

    Thanks very much in advance to anyone who replies......
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