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edited 19 May 2011 at 3:36PM in Savings & investments
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  • This is in response to tony2toes. Hmmm...interesting name.

    Anyways, I just bought some shares on NASDAQ with Squaregain. They charge £12.50. There are some you can buy on-line but with mine I had to buy through a broker but no extra charge there. They're pretty good. Just remember to have the W8-BEN tax form signed BEFORE you make any trades.
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  • CTT_2CTT_2 Forumite
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    I have just joined Squaregain via a link from the nakertrader website and by going this route, Squaregain will credit £50 to my account after only 1 trade.
  • CTT_2CTT_2 Forumite
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    I have today signed up with Hoodless and they have offered me a free months trading.
    Now what shall I buy.......
  • Just a question for Hobbesandco, whats the purpose of the W8-BEN form and why's it advisable to fill it in before trading on NASDAQ shares?
  • The W8BEN Form is for US Inland Revenue Tax Purposes and is compulsory if you're purchasing US shares. You cannot be a resident of the US for tax purposes (i.e. citizen or green-card holder).
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  • plumb1_2plumb1_2 Forumite
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    CTT wrote:
    I have just joined Squaregain via a link from the nakertrader website and by going this route, Squaregain will credit £50 to my account after only 1 trade.

    You could have got £75, via this route
    A thankyou is payment enough .
  • youngyoung Forumite
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    Is Squaregain a good option for a one off trade?
  • TDM850TDM850 Forumite
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    HRS you'll find a useful list of shareholder perks at Sharecrazy

    They also have a lot of other data on each company, if you click on the company names they are highlighted
  • Hi,

    I have about £3000 worth of shares in an Australian bank (following various demutualisations and mergers) which I'd like to cash in. I haven't done anything but cash in a few Abbey shares before...

    None of the 'usual' sites (Squaregain, Hoodless Brennan, etc) mentioned on here seem to cover the ASX market, just UK/US.

    I did try a while ago and found one of the big names (Barclays I think) who said they'd do it for £100 or so, but they never actually sent me the forms to open the account...

    So what are your recommendations for selling them? I have an electronic certificate for the shares.

    A possible route: I have a stepsister who recently emigrated to Australia. She could possibly do it if I gave them to her and send (most of) the money back, but I have a feeling I'd fall foul of all sorts of nasty tax and money laundering issues... I'd rather find a UK broker to handle it!

    Looking forward to your replies

  • the best site to see is advfn . and the best stockbrockers are self trade 12.50 flat fee itrade over 50k a day and here is one for free buy eme you missed the boat a bit last friday but a long way to go EME.
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