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    If you hold your shares in a nominee account, the dividend will be paid to the broker and credited to your dealing account. You can reinvest into shares either by agreement with your broker or by DRIP plan, if the company provides one.

    The times to avoid buying shares - or rather, the times when they are most volatile - are Mondays and Fridays and all weekday mornings first thing.
  • Wednesday is the day shares usually go ex-dividend, so that may be a good day to buy, as prices usually fall when this happens.\

    On the other hand, if you were counting on getting the divi, be sure to buy before the ex-div date.
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    Thanks guys...So how do you know when the dividends are paid? I thought these were on a 6 month basis and not once a week!
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    Most dividends *are* paid on a roughly six monthly basis. It's just that Wednesday is almost always the ex-dividend day for any given stock. You might be interested in this document, which outlines the procedure for companies -

    As you can see, the dates are quite fluid, though usually you can go by last year's ex-div date to get a rough idea. I have a list of this year's expected ex-div dates; if I can remember where I got it I'll post a link, or Editor might have it?


    Edit : ex-divs expected shortly -

    Divis expected + likely pay date -

    More on dividends -

    If you are interested in high yield investing this is invaluable; it is a subscription service but at £10 a year for the monthly e-mail it's well worth it

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    Excellent - I'm going to subscribe to that - in addition to the 'Value Investor' from Motley fool...It's getting exciting now! I am going to play with £1000 now and just opened an account with hoodless brenan. Let's see what I can do...

    Any good sites where you can share your portfolios (I know Motely Fool's site is good)?
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    TBH, Scooby_Man, I don't think you'll find a better place than the Fool for discussing portfolios and investing!

    ADVFN can be informative for certain types of shares but it is so full of rampers, clowns and schoolboys from the planet Destructo that it can become very wearing to wade through. Good portfolio tool, though, and probably a better source than TMF for share price info and the like. You have to register but the basic registration level is free. The bulletin boards are the top right hand tab, where it says FreeBB/PBB

    Another popular site is iii -

    I don't look at Shares Forum much - it's nowhere near as busy as TMF - but there is some useful information and there are some very helpful posters. Here's an incredibly useful thread about sites for investors -

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    The link to Hoodless Brennan seems to be broken. Also when I go direct to there site there appears to be nothing about 1st month free. Perhaps i am too late. Boo Hoo!
    Something Really Interesting
  • Does anyone know the cheapest online or telephone broker to buy US shares, particuarly ones traded in the NASDAQ? Cheapest online quote I have seen is £15 by III (Interactive Investor?) online.

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    I have company paper shares worth almost £6,000.

    What is the cheapest way to sell them?

    This will be my one and only transaction.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Depends if you want to save yourself a few quid for an extra bit of effort. If you take your share certs to your bank (assuming they execute share transactions) then they are likely to charge approx £30+ to do so.

    Alternatively you could open up a dealing account with Squaregain (I have an account with them), deposit your cert with them (takes between 7 and 14 days) and then sell them for £12.50 (there are chaeaper, Hoodless Brennan for example - £7.50 - but not sure about account closure charges); you then just withdraw your money back into your nominated bank account. Squaregain do not charge to close the account, some providers do - be aware of this if you chose this option.

    It depends if you want to save yourself £20??????

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