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Reclaim payday loans for free discussion area

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  • zx81zx81 Forumite
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    £3323.78. .
  • Oh thank you for that. I'll be able to pay one of my outstanding bills with that.

    I also have a complaint lodged with 'Lending Stream' for the same issues. They are taking longer to reply and unlike, QQ, have emailed me a form to send to my GP requesting my records concerning my mental health.

    Do I need to do this do you know and can they legally ask for the records? Quick Quid haven't and have been really nice about my case so far.

    Thanks again for your time and help.
  • zx81zx81 Forumite
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    They can ask for evidence if that's the basis of your complaint.

    You can refuse, but they will then base their decision on what evidence they have.
  • Oh, ok. I'll send it to my GP then.

    Thanks again.
  • Hello everyone,

    I hope it is ok to share my experience and positive results on here and I just wanted confirm that it REALLY IS worth pursuing PayDay lenders!!

    To cut a very long story short and give you some background I don't drink alcohol, have never gambled (not even done the National lottery), never smoked etc (sounds boring I know)! Anyhow out of the blue in 2010 suddenly lost a good job and had to go freelance / self employed, then developed very bad health and had many specialist tests etc of which some I had to pay for due to NHS waiting times. Had never struggled financially in the past as used to be prudent and keep a buffer but all this happened following a split with my fiance whilst we were living abroad in the Canary Islands; All my things stuck over there, job etc.

    I also needed money for my self employed work which due to its nature meant some 70 hour weeks I earned nothing but had lots of expenses.

    I expect a lot of you on here though it would never happen to you as I did but before I knew it I got into a huge / terrible spiral of debt with pay day loans and my health became worse as my Dr said the last thing I needed was stress and I was a wreck. When I eventually got full time paid work I was living on tins of beans etc as constantly clearing debt one pay day to the next.

    Incredibly luckily for me about 2-3 years into all this I saw an advert for Step Change on the TV and the first contact was the best phone call I have ever made in my life. They stopped the aggressive phone calls and texts I was receiving at work and at home (not just Pay day companies but just as bad Lloyds Bank whom I had been with for 26 years (and were completely appalling) in the day and late evening. They froze all interest and set up a repayment plan for 60 months. Also they told me that I could open another bank account away from Lloyds who had told me that I would not get another bank account and had kept just taking money out of my account randomly and then I had nothing for other people including rent). Now I am a very disciplined person and wanted the worry / stress to go away so I did extra weekend work on top of my full time job and continued to live frugally giving every single spare penny each month to Step Change to reduce the balance; I cleared the £9,000 in 14 months.

    I have had a stable account with Nat West for 6 years now and have a credit card for years which I zero each month and a small overdraft which I have never used. I've seen my credit rating climb from the lowest point to the UK average. Nat West have even offered me loans, a much larger overdraft etc but I will not take them as do not want debt ever again.

    Then after reading this site I saw about Pay Day loan reclaim and took your advise and emailed the ones that are still in operation 6-8 weeks ago. They have all said they will look into my loans with them. One demanded bank statements and pay slips, bank statements from Lloyds account that I closed years ago. I took your suggestion that is mentioned on here and said if it went to the Ombudsman I would give them everything if they want it but due to data protection / confidentiality I would not be sending such personal stuff to unknown people. They immediately replied and said it didn't matter and they would still deal with my case anyway!!

    Out of the blue one week later a company came back and said they are in administration but the acting people have accepted I have a claim which would of been £3,000 and although I will not get this due to their collapse I should get a few hundred pounds next year. THEN UNBELIEVABLY during week 7 Quick Quid contacted me accepting my case in full and have offered me £4,000 settlement!!!!!! I have looked at how they worked it out and it seems accurate so have very happily accepted this.

    I know its no guarantee but I am hoping that as two companies have already accepted my situation was dire and they made it massively worse that the three others may be obliged to also.

    I firstly want to thank you sooooooooo much for highlighting all this in the first place and also to say to others YOU MUST follow the suggestions on here and pursue these legalised loan sharks because you just never know!! :)
  • keepcalmandstayoutofdebtkeepcalmandstayoutofdebt Forumite
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    ^^Not sure you or anyone knows the meaning of loan shark..
    £300 added on for compliance in submitting a financial statement that the 'debt collector' takes 3 weeks to respond to, the irony being the national minimum wage job shows you can afford £200 but the debt collector wants paying in three months with one of those 'months' made up totally of their 'charges' less £10.

    I get that this site totally doesn't know what a loan shark is

  • ollie87ollie87 Forumite
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    Signed up to share my success story, here's a timeline for you.

    I had many, many QuickQuid loans from 2009 to 2015.

    • 16th April 2019 – I found out I could claim after an email from MSE landed in my inbox and I created a spreadsheet to work out what I was owed.
    • 17th April 2019 – I used Resolver to create a claim.
    • 15th May 2019 – QuickQuid asked for my bank statements to confirm it was unaffordable, I declined (that was about three bank accounts ago, and I have a record of every loan in my email inbox still).
    • 29th May 2019 – Complaint escalated to Final Response Team.
    • 5th June 2019 – Complaint escalated to Senior management escalations.
    • 11th June 2019 – Response back from QQ stating I will be getting a refund for £4,831.04 (would’ve been £5,249.47 excl. 20% tax deducted for the taxman)
    • 14th June 2019 – QuickQuid responded back to say they are sending the funds the account details I gave them on the 11th and that the money would be in my account 7-21 days from 18/06/2019.
    • 25th June 2019 - Funds arrived in my account.
    Pretty happy with all that, I worked it out at 11% more than what I was paid, but honestly the extra wait and hassle of going to the Ombudsman made me take the slightly lower offer.
  • Turtle87Turtle87 Forumite
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    Bermonia wrote: »
    Wow how big was your claim that you think a company needs to delay your complaint by a few mins so they can go bust haha
  • mallybeemallybee Forumite
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    Hi. My father who passed away 2 years ago had multiple loans over the years from Provident and Greenwoods. They seemed to keep getting extended when he was struggling to pay the previous one. Can i as his son make a claim against Provident.?

    I contacted Provident about this and they said i require a Grant of Probate and Letters of Administration which i don't have. I just want to check that this is the case and if i do can i get them after his death?

    Thank you for any help or advice?
  • JengreyJengrey Forumite
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    I used the resolver tool to make a complaint for irresponsible lending between 2010-2014.
    From the dates I gave, payday UK looked into my case and decided around 30/8/13 and 16/5/14 because I took out 9 loans they should have asked for further details as my debts were clearly escalating. They’ve refunded £1200 which I have accepted. I’m wondering if I should escalate it to the financial ombudsman, asking them to review the other dates, seen as they have only agreed 9 months out of 4 years of lending I wasn’t supported.
    Is it too late because I’ve accepted and received the monies?

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