Once your kids are earning should you charge them Housekeeping?



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    When I read your original post I thought you were talking abuot a kid who just got their first paper round - not a MAN earning over a grand a month.

    One day you'll be a mother in law. Do you want your new daughter in law to love and respect you for the grand job you did of raising her man, or do you want her despise you because she is going through what you did?

    25% is the going rate for board- if he thinks he can get cheaper elsewhere, then tell him to go try.

    £12.50 a week is taking the pee- that's two pints and a packet of fags, for goodness sake!!

    or 4% of his take-home pay.:rolleyes:

    At least you won't have to buy new doormats too often- hubby is providing plenty for DS to wipe his feet on.;)

    Good Luck- stick to your guns, and call his bluff.:D
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    I think children should contribute once they earn. It will help teach them budgetting, responsibility and won't come as such a huge shock whenst they finally flee the nest. I had to pay around £40 a week about 15 years ago.
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    When I lived at home, I forced my Mum to take 25% of my net pay even though she didn't want it. If my stepson moves in here, as is being discussed, I'll take the same from him or it'll all go on fags and booze. DH agrees with me on this.

    Those of you who are refusing to take anything from your kids are not doing them any favours now they're earning, in my opinion; you're teaching them to freeload and setting them up for a really harsh shock once they do move out. Better to teach them how to be responsible with their money as soon as possible.
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    At 17 i was earning £350 a month... and my parents gave me £50 a month allowance, never mind taking money off me :T

    I bet the majority of you wudda taken £100 a month off me :o

    Yep - you're not wrong there. I'd've taken a percentage of your money if I were your parent.
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    Definitely charge him, otherwise he'll end up like so many young adults and have no idea of money.
    You should do it now before he has lots of excess money and gets used to it. This happened to me at 17 and I suddenly started earning alot more than I was used to. Fortunately I was working all hours so didn't have much time to spend it, but I wish someone had talked to me about saving an amount a month at the time.

    Work out what he NEEDS to spend a month, take whats left, charge him £200 a month rent, show him how much he'll have left to spend on things that are extras. Such as the tv etc. Explain that that is much more than you have to spend on yourselves. Advise him to save a good deal of this money.... with a GF like that I think in the future he may be needing it :)

    Up to you what you do with the rent money, take half and put it into a savings account?
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    Yep - you're not wrong there. I'd've taken a percentage of your money if I were your parent.
    Im not slacker though, i paid for car insurance MOT and tax at 17, so i did save alot

    And i pay my way at uni, im not heavily reliant
  • In my first full time job at 17 i earned £380 a month & i had to give my mum £150. I managed to run a car, buy clothes & go out every weekend with the rest.
    Wish i had £180 a month to myself now...!
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    I would take money for bills etc, but I wouldn't spend it, I would put it in a savings account to give them a start when they leave home (but if I was in a different situation whereby I was struggling to make ends meet, then while I would try to put some aside for them, I wouldn't feel guilty not doing so).

    I think it's very very important to teach your kids the value of money. Doesn't matter whether they're bringing £70 or £300 per week, at some point they will leave home and have to start budgeting.

    If you've let them spend their entire income on going out and having fun, buying all the latest gadgets etc, then when they do finally leave home and have to pay all their bills, give them 5 years and they will probably be a candidate for spendaholics.
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    £12.50 a week??

    Can I come and live at yours? :D

    I take home about £850 a month and give my parents £400 of that!

    Looking at other people's replies it does seem like a lot. But I'd guess that when I move out, my rent/food/bills are going to be at least as much.
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    When I was at uni and living with my then boyfy and his mum, she asked for £60 a month, and me and boyfy bought all of our own shopping. Bless her, I offered more but she refused to take it. She also insisted on doing my laundry and tidying our room - at 21, I had to insist that *I* washed my undies and changed our sheets :D
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