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New iPhones

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    I think they are a little bit overpriced compared to the Huwaeii P20 Pro and Samsung Note 9, which have comparable / better cameras. The problem is if you need this camera , in particular the wide aperture for low light and the colour reproduction (its better than the Note 8/9) , and are an existing iPhone user, switching to P20 Pro or Note will be a big change and Apple know this. As an alternative I would consider a used Galaxy Note 8 for £350 and theres not that much the 9 offers other than the remote control via the stylus, the camera is almost identical in the 8 & 9. The P20 Pro has the obvious advantage of triple lens. Its all down to the camera really, if you shoot mobile / street a grand is not a lot to pay to save carrying a DSLR
    I wouldn’t bother with anything older than 6s. Best value seems to be the SE.

    Good choices and best value currently if you dont need a decent camera.
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