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  • What a great thread! I have done a fair amount of Christmas shopping this year - with saving for my wedding in March I knew I'd have to be very organised in the run-up to Christmas. My fiance and I are from split families and have a total of 33 parents, grandparents, nieces/nephews and siblings between us, so Christmas is always pretty tight (as the wedding will be)!

    I have tried to buy as much as possible out of ebay profits, and am making certain that absolutely ANYTHING I buy for anyone at the very least gives me points and/or cashback. I will be cashing in some of my survey stashes and using up some Boots/Nectar points too.

    I've made a promise to myself that anything I want to buy in addition to budgeted for expenses must be bought out of money made elsewhere - whether ebay or craft fairs. So far it's working quite well!:D:D
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  • mrsspendalot
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    I'm in!

    This will be my first DFW Christmas, although I did manage last year without getting into any more debt :T .

    So far I have bought for 7 people, all under budget :T
    My budget is logged in a spreadsheet, and I am updating it everytime I buy something. I have got a couple of good freebies too, a nintendo DS and an over the hedge DVD :T . I got some pressies on 3 for 2 in Boots (yay) and earned loads of advantage card points on them too, so have £12 on my card. I have got the in laws a smoothie maker for half price from boots (£20).

    According to my spreadsheet, I have another £193 to spend :rotfl: but that doesn't include wrapping and cards, so I will be on the look out for the cheapest way to buy that. We normally do the posh card thing, with 'grandma' 'brother' etc. on them, but that cost us £20 last year :eek: so this year there is no way! I think I will buy the kids some craft bits and they can make their own :D

    My problem will be trying to stop myself getting carried away. I love Christmas, and I love Christmas shopping. I never think I have got enough stuff and get sucked into all the stocking fillers etc. Must be disciplined!

    Oh, and I need 5 more piggy points to claim a free £10 voucher which will do nicely for someone for Xmas :)
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  • Lucy1982_2
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    I'm going to try and get more organised for next year and get as many vouchers as possible, either as gifts themselves or to be put towards gifts.
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  • lauradora
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    more shopping done this morning. Now only got Dad to buy for hooray for me :j :j :j :j :j :j :j
    Your all doing so well. :A For those of you haveing thier first DFW xmas, I promise you by next year if you stick with it you will have learned lots and will be able to relax a lot more.xxx:santa2:
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  • Mrsspendalot, have you considered getting some stickers or transfers from boots with 'granmother', 'brother' etc on and letting the kids loose with them on cards - a nice and very cheap way to personalise them and make them that extra bit special. I think they were a couple of quid maximum for a mixed sheet with a variety of names on. And I used to love those transfers as a kid!

    (That should say WH Smiths not Boots - oops!)
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  • Lucy1982_2
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    I've worked out I should get either pigglypoints or money through quidco for the rest of my christmas purchases!!!

    Who said the internet takes the fun out of shopping!
    Current debt - £16,300 :(
    Debt at worst 17/03/2011 - £18,067.62:eek::eek:
    :ANot going anywhere else, ever again :A
  • chevalier
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    dubgirl wrote: »
    We are spending Xmas with my family this year and I know I will be embarassed as my sister and my parents will buy us loads - we dont expect this, but they go overboard and I know that they are probably thinking that we are tight and our presents seem miserly in comparision.

    Could you not preempt them this year, saying that you are trying to save for x and therefore can we limit presents to one each or £20 or something?
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  • chevalier
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    jenagain wrote: »
    Don't know what to do about the ones that can't be made though - if anyone has any ideas of what to make a computer loving 7yr old please let me know!!

    Right now I'm more worried about where to find £1450 for mortgage/bills etc before the end of November :(

    Do you know anyone who has older children who might want to get rid of their now baby games? You might get them free/cheap, and they would be new to him? Or charity shops sometimes have games in them.
    I want a job that is less than an hour driving away from my house! Are you listening universe?
  • aloiseb
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    Hi folks,
    I too am a Christmas shopping victim....only a year after clearing all our debts we are now back at the top of the overdraft limit,,,,,grrrrrr.....
    Mostly I admit due to:
    .. my financial disorganisation (e.g. urgent supermarket shopping trips for a pint of milk
    ..buying things that look like bargains, only to have them break on me, causing even more spending
    ..working too hard, getting exhausted and "treating myself" with a shopping trip! (How mad is that??)

    So Christmas really just adds to the pressure. My family starts things off about now, with a series of carefully plotted birthdays to warm things up (compulsory parties, all over the Midlands!) and then the great "what are you getting for xx?" starts. This wouldn't be so bad except that usually I've got xx something already but I'm not quite sure about it, so they'll say "well , I've seen this really nice thing they'll love, but it's really expensive so why don't we go halves?" And somehow, I always seem to end up paying just a bit more than half, and I am also stuck with the slightly unsuitable gift which I'd originally bought and which won't really do for anyone else.....

    Cor, this is getting a bit like a confessional, so I will stop right there! Please tell me this isn't just me....
  • Hi everyone

    I'm new to this forum and I totally agree with some of you in regards to Christmas. I can't wait for it all to be over. Christmas starts earlier and earlier I find, they are switching the Christmas lights on already in Oxford Street and its only the 07th of November.

    Over the years I have reduced my christmas list and replaced those gifts with cards. I too wait for the sales to kick in to buy christmas cards and wrapping paper gift tags etc.

    I'm also an Avon rep and get little bits that are on sale which are quite reasonable. Everyone uses Avon and its nice cause you can also mix and match things.

    I too am in quite a bit of debt too and don't know how I have managed to keep on top of things.

    I have bought a tin that has a slit in the top and to open it u have to open it with a tin opener, I save £2 and 50p, unless i'm really strapped for cash I do use them if there is no other money in my purse.

    I'm a single mother to a four year old and he has already got the catalogue out asking for this and that. Its his birthday first though so once I have gotten over that hurdle then I think about christmas.

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