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    Its also the first christmas in 9 years that i wont be adding to my debts! im really proud that i am managing it this year.

    Me too!! After last year and feeling sick to my stomach when the cc bill came in, I decided never again. So I've been saving since Jan. I've also got myself a wee part time job in Next, so all the presents except DDs will be bought there.
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    Count me in too! I've got £100 in savings budget, an unknown sum in sealed tin (to be opened beginning of december), a few competition prizes, some pigsback vouchers and some vouchers given to me as pressies last year... doesn't sound too hopeless actually! I always go halves with ex for DSs pressies so that's not too bad and most others don't expect too much (luckily). will be making most of my own christmas cards for the relatives and maybe a present or two. I think being skint has it's advantages as I'm putting a lot more thought into it now rather than just chucking money about.
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  • I have been quite good this year, since coming to this site about 18 months ago. I bought stuff in the january sales and bits and pieces over the year in sales. I am spending £100 on each of my children still at home one out of Nov money and one out of Dec money. I decided that if they were to have what they wanted everone elses presents needed to be inexpensive. I have knitted 4 sweaters on my old knitting machine this weekend and will knit another 2 tomorrow. Then I only have a short list of other presents to buy. The sweaters have cost me nothing as I used to be a fiend for buying yarn and I think if I made one everyday for a year I probably still wouldn't run out. I have not done much knitting for a couple of years so the recipients will hopefully be happy with them. Also a lot of the stuf I bought in Boots sale out of pigsback points.
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    This is my first DFW christmas and I'm dreading it. After I was made redundant in September we're probably only going to be able to cover the mortgage payment and not a lot else. I've bought 1/2 the presents we need and have no idea how to get the rest. Everything I've bought has been on offer or in the sales though!

    I've got DSs 2nd birthday on 4th December but luckily he's too young to understand. I've saved up all of the free gifts that have come with my Vertbaudet freebies/bargains throughout the year (mainly because he was too little for them at the time - now I'm glad I didn't give them to him before!) I have bought a few other things for him so need to work out what's for Christmas and what's for birthday. DD is only 8 weeks old so we're being mean :D and not getting her anything for Christmas except a piggy bank as we did for DS. We'll also wrap up some of DS old baby toys so it looks like Santa has been for her too.

    Making the most of having a joiner for an OH, he is making photo frames for a few people, a friend is going to take some photos of the 4 of us to go in the ones for our parents/grandparents. He's also making a memory box for my friend which I am filling with random things, a skateboard for one of his brothers, and some boxes to hold wine, glasses, chocolate etc like a hamper for 2 sets of aunties and uncles. These will all be made from offcuts of wood which would usually get thrown in the skip at his work so will cost us nothing except the glass for the frames, and photos from Photobox. I'm also in the process of making a recipe book for some friends who have just moved in together. This will also go in a big wooden box, with some basic ingredients such as herbs and spices, flour, oil etc. We've been buying a few bits for them with our food shopping each week so haven't really felt like we've spent anything on that one.

    Don't know what to do about the ones that can't be made though - if anyone has any ideas of what to make a computer loving 7yr old please let me know!!

    Right now I'm more worried about where to find £1450 for mortgage/bills etc before the end of November :(
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    decide who you are really bothered about buying presents for eg - kids so as not to disappoint and make them your priority.

    chances are others may want to stop the habitual present giving - perhaps it could be suggested to do a family secret santa for a certain amount each?

    expensive cards - i used to fall into this trap - if you have to send individual cards to certain family members then remember to try the card warehouse or similar you will get good cards for under a quid. or you could try buying a nice box of cards to send to lesser family members, rather than named individual cards. you could customise these with glitter/fake snow/ etc

    if your kids are young try getting them to make home made family cards, they will be more appreciated than a shop bought one.

    grandparents and aunties will love kids photos as xmas presents. you could even do the photos on keyrings / mugs. snapfish sometimes have offers.
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    jenagain - well done it sounds like you have it all mostly under control, well done on the crafty pressies and the pressies for the little ones. i take it your 7 year old still believes in santa? if so why not try getting all family who would normally buy for him/her to chip in for santas present. scour car boots / markets for bargains. asda sell some pc games from a quid. poundland is another great shop for stocking fillers etc.
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    Morning guys!

    Can I join? I find it really stressful, especially as I have an OH and his parents to buy for this year...

    But I will admit to having some gifts already bought and wrapped :o I've been trying to get into Flylady and saw something about wrapping as you go so you don't get so stressed.

    I'm lucky that work are paying for our Christmas party so that's not to much of a worry, but I still need an outfit and as a dieter there is the whole Christmas food issue!!

    For something that should be so fun.... why is it not!!!!

    Here is the to buy for list and gift ideas:

    Mum - ??
    OH - DVD and/or some black and white pictures for living room
    OH's Dad - Book
    OH's Mum - Crabtree smelly's

    I normally get Mum a little something from the cat to.... :rolleyes:

    I'm going to OH's parents for Christmas so want to get them something, and then there are his sisters, but I have no idea what to do with them. Boots 3 for 2?
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    I would love to join in aswell,the problem I have is a lot our relatives have split up through the year and then met new partners so our gift list has increased.I set a £10.00 per gift per person rule.I have been thinking about the hamper idea,I could do a hamper for each couple(already have wicker baskets)and try to fill them for £10 per couple,I will have to think of a theme for each one.
  • Lucy1982_2
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    Sounds like a good idea.

    I can sympathise on the splits. My cousin got married in May and her and her husband have just separated and she's 4 months pregnant!!!! Just means more difficult gift situations.
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    Debt at worst 17/03/2011 - £18,067.62:eek::eek:
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    I refuse to be stressed this year - or to spend too much. The only thing which is stressing me slightly is that I forgot to look early enough for train tickets for going home to parents for Christmas, so they're not going to be as cheap as they could have been.. oops! :o

    I am quite lucky in that I don't have many people to buy for, but I challenged myself this year to spend as little as possible.

    So far I've got:
    Mum - DVD (bought from HMV.com with voucher from survey site), will get some other bits and pieces for her as well, have a few other vouchers on the way so will try to use them.
    Dad - book (from Hitflip, using free 'flips' plus approx £4 of credit bought using Paypal money from eBay sales so cost nothing really), ditto other bits and pieces.
    OH - we only get each other one little thing, I've picked up an old album I think he'll like for about £10 on eBay.
    Friend 1 - DVD (from HMV.com as above), will also get some make-up thing using Boots advantage points.
    Friend 2 - not sure yet, possibly use some photos I've taken, just need to buy/ make a couple of nice frames
    Work colleagues and couple of other friends who have lots of kids will be getting some homemade cakes etc with my new found enthusiasm for baking.
    Cards and wrapping paper are left over from last year.

    So I've actually only spent a tenner of 'real' money on presents so far, and it's definitely helped not leaving it till the last minute as I usually do! Work night out is £21 (for a really pitiful menu but ho hum..) and I've paid for that - should really add it to my total I suppose! Reckon train fare will be about £40.. .probably spend another £20-30 on work night out.. lets see if I can keep it under £100 all in! :confused:
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