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    I make my cards out of coloured card, sequins, ribbon and the ones I received last year. They're better for the planet and people seem to like them better anyway! But I don't send them out to all and sundry. Sometimes it feels like being back at school - people you barely know send you a card and you feel like you have to send one back!

    I had been a good girl and started my xmas shopping in the january sales. By about april I'd finished but I've given so much to people early, when they've been having a bad time or whatever, that I'm back to square one. Rats. And because all of my family are well off to the point that if they want pretty much anything they just go and buy it there and then, it means I've got to be ingenious to find something good and on budget.

    Bh, have you tried talking to your son? Spending money to keep up never works, and most kids are a lot happier with smaller gifts than you'd think - I know I was. Gifts are about love, not bragging rights. At ten he should be learning that material gifts aren't important, and certainly arent a yardstick to measure your parents' love by.
  • You're all doing so well -I'm afraid I'm givin in a bit and jut buying whatever DS has on his list (but going through quidco so at least a bit mse!)

    I've done a fair bit so far, and pleased with the bargains I've got for everyone else, but have put a bit on my argos card for DS - got interst free credit so havea few monthsto sort it out though
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  • Bh, have you tried talking to your son? Spending money to keep up never works, and most kids are a lot happier with smaller gifts than you'd think - I know I was. Gifts are about love, not bragging rights. At ten he should be learning that material gifts aren't important, and certainly arent a yardstick to measure your parents' love by.
    I would but he still believes in Santa and I want to keep that inocence there.
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    lunar wrote: »

    Im making up some of my hampers at the min, to be honest im having much more fun doing christmas the DFW way as i get to put more time and effort into all the gifts. Even when i am debt free i will continue to give gifts this way, its so much more personal.

    I agree! I am really enjoying the hampers I'm doing. I can't wait to give them! Ive tried to put thought into all of them and I think they people who get them will realise this! Have just finished 5 hampers with an order from Avon (quidco code not working though - grrr - but still got free delivery) and got 22 items all worth at least £2.50 but mainly £4ish for £31!!So roughly £1.40 an item which is great. I now have £10 left for this month for Christmas shopping, but really I have got most of the stuff. Must earn some more vouchers.
    Just m-i-l to spent lots of money we don't have on really.

    Sea xxxx
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    this is my second dfw xmas, i find it so hard as i love buying people gifts and the whole xmas season, i managed to spend a lot less last year and this year ive made most of my pressies and cut down alot.

    always remember its not what the gift is worth its what it means to the receiver , the cheapest gifts withthe most thought in them are always the best.
  • I'll be around too, although I've been really good this year and will not be spending more than I have to. I've come to the agreement (with myself) that overspending every year at xmas is partly to blame for my level of debt and this year I'm not buying anything with credit, if family members don't like it, tough!!

    I set out my xmas budget on another post and it came to about £170, I've currently spent £90 of that budget, the rest is for food and pressies for my nephew (5) and sister (12)
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    This is my second DFW Christmas.

    I'm being a bit ambitious this year, and trying to do it for free :o

    Any extra cash we get in over and above our usual wages is included. I'm also using vouchers where possible from Pigsback etc.

    So far I've saved around £50 by shopping around for deals and by using vouchers etc. I've also got £300 in bonus money this month - Quidco payment, survey money and some unexpected back pay.

    I only have our kids to buy for really, but we do spoil them because we have no other family to buy them presents. The only presents they get are from us.

    Anyone reckon it's do-able :D
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    spud, im determined that next year my christmas will be a free one, using freebies, vouchers, and selling on ebay. let us know if you manage it, all tips will be greatly recieved.
  • D&DD
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    Hi Guys room for another one??? I have ds2's birthday boxing day too (bad timing lol) so need all the help I can get! Its been a really tight year and I have not got started on xmas yet except for my mums pressie :eek: Ebaying like mad (which always makes me more stressed...)
    This is our 3rd DFW xmas,we were so much more organised last year but having said that we upped our repayments this year to bring our DFD closer so I'm not complaining...just stressed :rotfl:
  • :santa2:Hi all. I'm looking forward to a stress free,relaxed, family Christmas this year, my first as a dfw.

    Last year, I took the heartbreaking decision to cancel christmas. This was not only for financial reasons, but I was not physically able to go into town, with all the hustle and bustle. It took me all my courage to tell family and friends that we were not buying gifts for anybody, but the little ones, and only small gifts for our own children.
    Much to my surprise, this appeared to go down really well. The rest of the family had already considered stopping all the present buying frenzy, but nobody wanted to be the first one to do it.

    We had a brilliant day on Christmas, no big expense, but a lovely family meal, and just a great day, playing family games! I had felt bad for my own children, but they're all teenagers, and they understood and seemed very happy with their presents and the whole day in general.

    It was hard, but the general opinion seemed to be that we all spend a good deal of time and money trying to buy something that we hope the recipient will want, when we are all perfectly capable of buying ourselves anything that we really want or need.

    Charitable donations were made to oxfam instead. An aunt, gave my children a fridge magnet stating that their gift was the gift of 20 books to a school in some part of Africa. They were pleased, and understood that their aunt had been thinking of them when she was donating the money that she would have spent on their gift, to help other children.

    Admittedly my children are of an age where they can understand, and the 2 still at home, have part time jobs so they save for anything they really want for themselves. The only thing they really wanted last year, was to make sure they got the decorations and the tree put up:rotfl: We do make a big deal of Christmas day itself though, everybody gets dressed up for dinner, and they all take part in all the games or quizzes.

    Surely that's what Christmas is really about. Enjoying relaxed time with the people who matter most to you.:confused:
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