NST September: Sunshine Challenge

Hello fellow turtles :hello: and welcome to NST September - the Sunshine Challenge.

Set your budgets now. Pay to your debts/savings first and live off the rest. Make sure you're on the best deals for utilities, phones, broadband, etc. Are there any areas in your budget that you could cut down on?
Use up. Have a look through your cupboards and identify any food that's been lurking there for a while and incorporate it into a meal plan. Likewise toiletries, any half opened bottles - use before opening/buying more.
NSDs - there are 30 days in September so a minimum of 15 or 20 for a harder challenge. Usual exemptions for ys items, petrol and medical expenses.
Spread some sunshine :D - be kind to others, help out friends, neighbours, colleagues and strangers. Share your tales of any random acts of kindness :)
Healthy eating - up your fruit and veg intake, quit snacking between meals or choose healthier options. Crisps are my major downfall so I'm going to try and stop snacking on them this month.
Invest in yourself. Make sure you take the time to do things that you enjoy. Try something new that you've always wanted to do.
No spending on takeaways, drinks out, etc unless prearranged and budgeted for. Try to find free activities to do.
Exercise - it won't be long before the darker nights start drawing in so make the most of it while you can. Get outdoors for walk/run/cycle even if only for 10 minutes.

Try to post every day if you can. The support from fellow turtles on this thread is invaluable and will spur you on to meet your goals :D

Who's up for the challenge?
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    1. misstara
    2. Kerry Woman
    3. Toni'sfriend
    4. apple muncher
    5. Coxy11
    6. cybertortoise
    7. GlendaSugarBean
    8. s1n25
    9. laurenh1
    10. Icc86
    11. x_raphael_xx
    12. crazy_cat_lady
    13. DawnW
    14. thriftylass
    15. motherboard
    16. sashanut
    17. f0xh0les
    18. candyflosscloud
    19. swimminginaseaofdebt
    20. dolly84
    21. truebluemummy
    22. bizzie
    23. indigowarrior
    24. Fmess
    25. Dottydaisy
    26. gien
    27. Justforme
    28. greent
    29. shabbychic12
    Debt Dec 2022 - £2972.68. Current debt - £1769.68 (40.5% paid). Emergency fund - £986.50/£1000 (98.7% saved). Car fund - £751.48/£1000 (75.1% saved). Flat deposit - £5547.45/£15000 (37% saved).
  • thriftylassthriftylass Forumite
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    I have been MIA for a while, had to sort some stuff out, get my head round things, plus holidays and this and that. Tried a few other fora/platforms for accountability and keeping track but I'm coming back to the fold. I just missed this community and it's support.

    Hence, please count me in for September with number 14 if possible?
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  • Kerry_WomanKerry_Woman Forumite
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    Can I please be included? Thanks.
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  • Toni'sfriendToni'sfriend Forumite
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    Me too, please
    Have adventures. laugh a lot and always be kind.
  • apple_muncherapple_muncher Forumite
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    Count me in please. Love the sunshine idea!
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  • Coxy11Coxy11 Forumite
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    Please could I join you? I've been reading along in August. I'm currently not working (although I have an interview tomorrow eek) so I need to be even more accountable for my pennies and time.
    Thank you
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  • cybertortoisecybertortoise Forumite
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    Please can I join? I always fall off the wagon and fail to post, follow, hit targets etc. But I've just found out my income is dropping by £400 a month, so I need this more than ever.

    Good luck tomorrow Coxy!
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  • Me please! August was a complete failure MSE wise, so the next three weeks until payday are going to be tough. I have money for debt repayment, food and bills but not much else! Aiming for at least 15 NSDs.
  • s1n25s1n25 Forumite
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    Can I join please. I really enjoyed last month, but as it got closer to the end of the month I struggled with motivation and lost my way a bit.
    Not going to happen in Sept! Feeling positive and love the 'Sunshine idea' all the things I wanted to work on throughout Sept.
    Debt Free Diary..."Start of a new chapter"
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  • laurenh1laurenh1 Forumite
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    me please lovely :)
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