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NST 07/2018 - Survive July!

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  • Toni'sfriendToni'sfriend Forumite
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    Thank you, Apple. I'm sure I'll bounce back in a couple of days. Nothing else for it really.
    Have adventures. laugh a lot and always be kind.
  • Day 10 & 11

    Day 10
    Spend day - Petrol £10.00
    Meeting in work today so parked my car in a carpark I do not normally use so had a nice walk to my meeting and back to the car.
    Had a lung fumction test today and results wre clear, told by GP to come back in a few weeks if my cough persists so they can do more tests. :(
    Had an early night as I am not sleeping well.

    Day 11
    NSD 7/11
    Been using up my bathroom products and aslo sorted the sideboard in the livingroom, have empty drawers and more bits for the next carboot sale. :j
    Ebay sales are starting to pick up so more listing this evening while the football is on.

    Have a good evening all.
  • plumduff55plumduff55 Forumite
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    NSD 9/20 for me today.

    USE - I used up some carrots and swede ( well past their best) and made a pot of lentil soup. Don't usually make soup in this weather but I'll freeze most of it and have some for lunch tomorrow.

    Dinner was Chilli con Carni from the freezer - just had to cook the rice.

    JUMP - not for me today, I'm resting after too much walking recently.

    LOSE - found some knitting and sewing patterns I'm going to list on eBay.

    Just going to concentrate on the football now :)
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    Kerry_WomanKerry_Woman Forumite
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    Toni'sfriend - Sending you hugs.
    NSD 7/20 Was a spend day. Made contributions to some collections in work of people leaving. So I did what I usually do Friday today, eg get tv mag and weekly bus pass. Hoping Friday will now be an NSD.
    Set - Done the budget for the month.
    Use - Will definitely be doing this. Still using up things already in. Made a list of food items I need to get on Saturday.
    Revisit - Am going to set new goals. Made a list of goals and bucket list.
    Vacation - Not going on holiday. Planning to have some days out/experiences. Done 2 days out already.
    Inspire - Will try.
    Value - Will look into other ways to save for days out etc.
    Every - Have done. Grateful for:
    Having a good night's sleep.
    Achieving things on my way home from work.
    Was informed that my hourly rate has slightly been increased as I have worked at the school for 12 weeks now.
    Doing self-care today. Also brought the buddy boxes from the mental health support organisation for August and September.
    Jump - Will definitely do walking as it will help my mental health also. Walked to bus stop from work and some walking around the school doing errands.
    Unless - No need today.
    Lose - Done decluttering for now. Still need to take items to cs.
    Yearly - Have made a list as to what needs to done or going out trips/experiences/voluntary work for rest of the year.
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  • I have offically lost track of my no spends. Yesterday was a spend day but, today wasnt.
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  • apple_muncherapple_muncher Forumite
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    Today I am grateful for having time to do my to-ing and fro-ing, for dd's hosp visit going well, for friendly office staff at dd's sch, for having time to watch both Tour and Wimbledon, for getting some flowers knitted, for doing some paperwork that has bugged me for a while, for my dh being very understanding with something that has upset me, for ripe rasps fresh off the canes.
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  • greentgreent Forumite
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    (((hugs))), Toni'sfriend xx
    I am the master of my fate; I am the captain of my soul
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  • swimminginaseaofdebtswimminginaseaofdebt Forumite
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    Evening everyone,

    Popping in after a few days absence:
    • NSDs - 15 - 4/15
    • Remember others - will buy gifts for charity for Christmas - bought bath sponges for 9-12 month old boy and razors for a 13-16 or 16+ old boy
    • Budgets - £200 food/other spends and £100 social spends - £86.85 food/other spends and £40.43 social spends
    • Use things up - will do! - been reading my library books
    • Vacation time - 2 year old is easily amused with a trip to the park
    • Inspire others - will try my best
    • Value for money - need to renew my home insurance and change broadband/tv as talktalk are getting expensive. Will go through quidco/topcashback. Also want a haircut and will look for a voucher for this - have cancelled talktalk
    • Check in every day - will try my best - 8/31
    • Jump - will walk as much as I can, would like to do other forms of exercise but being a single parent of a 2 year old puts a stop to this. Wish there was affordable gyms with crèche facilities - been walking whilst going about my daily routine
    • Social - have 1 lunch planned and 1 potential dinner. Will allow a visit or two to soft play with the little one - missed lunch as little one was ill, had 1 visit to soft play, dinner arranged for 23rd
    • Lose the excess - will try to declutter the flat a little
    • Yearly - build up my Amazon balance through surveys for nephews birthday in October and presents next year - £10 Argos voucher and £7 Amazon voucher

    Other goals:
    • Add to my EF - £14.26 added to date
    • Start a driving lessons/car fund
    • Start a home improvement fund
    • Rebuild my general savings account
    • Continue batch cooking for the little one - 4 portions of butternut squash soup and 3 portions of lentil curry cooked
    • Read as many books as possible - 2 books read
    • Sign up for my next OU module once I get confirmation I‘ve passed my last one (results due 17th July)
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    mothernerdmothernerd Forumite
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    Hugs Toni's friend.

    Went shopping (in search of jigsaws that mum will be able to do - one really boring one - 12 doorways but they are all different colours and we have had success with this format before) £4.97 and put the 3p in the donation box.

    Also bought 2 grabber sticks, one large, one extra large. The rubbish is driving me mad and I cannot bend down to pick it up so these will help. I will be able to do the backs as well - sitting on a chair with a reach of about 3' all round. One will stay here and the other at mum's.

    Caught the bus to crafts (£1.20), bought 2 cans of diet coke there (50p each) but they refused to let me pay for my lunch so cheapo lunch.

    Quiet session, completing the decoration of the miniture bird houses now the paint has dried. One new lady with her carer. Found a spare bird house and she also decorated a heart for her bf and a doiley for a friend. Made a card with one participant after her butterfly house was done, helped another get started (she always needs prompting and encouraging to start) but not too much to do and used left hand as much as possible.

    Walked home. Car park is closed until Sunday. After the weekend excitment of little boys chanting and the police helicopter madly circling all Sunday night, the street velodrome is now up (much hammering).

    Today I am grateful for easy food (free barm cake, cheese spread wraps and celery with a dip), for crafts being a gentle easy session, for good reading material, for finding 2 x 99p jigsaws (have seen another 3 possibles but were all £2.99).
    My mission in life is not only to survive,but to thrive and to do so with some Passion, some Compassion, some Humour and some Style.
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  • sashanutsashanut Forumite
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    Hi all :j

    Will be a short check in as late tonight..

    Will try for 13 NSDs & hope to get nearer to 6/13

    Set your budgets not yet done
    Use Most definitely want to do this; have a mountain of food & stuff to clear. Took some stuff to CS and will sort more tonight ready for listing tomorrow. No listing done today...too much other stuff tbh.

    Revisit Targets were like other peoples I think, to lose weight (not really); to declutter - some progress; to stop wasting money - also some progress there..will list any weight losses/stuff leaving the house/money gained by selling...when it happens.. Still £44.26 so £5 voucher for doing a survey; £49.26 Another £3 voucher today: still £52.26. Have more to add, just need to total up. Still £134.12, less postage.

    Vacation Have already booked to go to Ireland for 3 weeks from July; aim to sell some stuff to pay for spends over there. Will also be planning some days out & at least another visit to the Old Country later in the year, probably 2. Have found more stuff especially shoes to go. Must ramp this up as go away 3 weeks today...clock is ticking..have found many items to take with us and many to sell..started selling & will group items to take together, have made a list. Bought a shower head to try here first, if it's ok will get a couple to take with us to kinda update the showers over there. Also had an idea to use suction bags to pack so can take more with us when we go; also can use the bags to store things in over there so they don't get damp. No inspiration today; spent morning helping DH to wrench off old (broken) toilet seat in downstairs wc, then fitting new one. Very small space, very incompetent workers, very hot, much swearing (not from me). Finally done so now you don't think you're going to fall off when you sit down :eek:. Then had to clean said tiny room, took ages..then had to clean other room as friend was coming (she didn't come last week, so a lot of clothes/junk/books/papers somehow had taken up residence in the interim). Consequently large list I confidently made last night did not get

    Value Always do try to use cashback sites where possible, and find value for money in shopping. Also have a card which gives me vouchers; and do some work which pays in vouchers too. Use cheaper supermarkets & have HB & Fultons here as well, which are both good for some stuff. Picked a load of raspberries from the garden this afternoon; then DD brought round some ones she got YS for 50p a punnet; I see some jam in my near future...if I can bear to go in the kitchen that is..Leftovers for lunch for us today; then DD came round for tea, she had her first sick day off in 18 months, but when she felt better, was very bored at jam or jelly made today though I did throw together some raspberry cheesecakes for pud, turned out very tasty although - apparently - 'too small' :rotfl:

    Every Checking in 11/31

    Gratitudes: Visit from friend and chance to sit down whilst chatting to her; her bringing me a load of books; cooler this evening but still no rain; tasty supper..

    Jump No jumping here either but in the garden every day when possible. Do try to drink water but struggle with this.Out early to water plants & fill fishpond up a bit.

    Unless budgeted, no takeaways, coffee shops, lunches out etc. Nope.

    Perhaps keep track on here of items/ lbs lost and £s made:
    So far have put on a pound in weight & made £134.12 - more to come. Lost the pound I put on last change

    Yearly we are halfway through 2018. Good idea, will have a big list of outside jobs that need doing/big/small & in between. Making big list this weekend; also one of items to take to Ireland with us; menu planning; will be a very listy weekend. Did a bit of the Irish list. No listing, too chaotic today. And today too busy as stint in CS. None today either but did give friend a pair of Birkenstocks from massive shoe collection.

    Go turtles!
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