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Prepping for Brexit thread

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  • GreenglockenspielGreenglockenspiel Forumite
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    I store things in Tupperwares rather than bags and label them with masking tape. I have one drawer for the Tupperwares and boxes of things (e.g. veggie sausages, ice cream), one drawer of preps, and one drawer of bags of things (e.g. fruit, hash browns). 
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  • PrimrosePrimrose Forumite
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    For easy used, because prior to lockdown  the pair of us often had different meal time schedules we had a bad of single use items Individually wrapped in clingfilm, ie one chop, one portion of sausages, one chicken breast in a separate bag.  Then we could just grab a single portion of whatever in the morning to start defrosting for later. 
  • marycanarymarycanary Forumite
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    Hi, remember when all we had to worry about was a pandemic? With Brexit back in the news, I am reviewing my Brexit prep which was run down a bit during the lockdown. I was very pleased to have it on hand and it was a useful lesson on the need to prepare for the unexpected. Are there any items you will be buying more or less of as we move to the end of the transitional arrangments? 
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