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  • krisskross wrote: »
    Will it be possible to find out where the attack came from? So happy to see you back though.

    There was Martin worrying that we would all find somewhere else to go:confused: Not a chance mate. We are MSE addicts:rotfl::rotfl:
    where else would we go? I looked around and everywhere is rubbish! Boring too! I did watch martins google video for the first time while the site was down. Very bouncy isn't he! :rotfl:
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  • Great to have you back
    Not Buying it 2015!
  • seven-day-weekendseven-day-weekend Forumite
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    Welcome back and thankyou to all the team for all your hard work. Thankyou Martin for caring so much. xx
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  • I'm so glad you're back!!:T :T :T
  • Just want to add my thanks to you, martin and all your team in the mse towers for all the hard work you've been doing this weekend to get the site up and running again.

    I'd never heard of anything like this before (I'm not technically minded) and can't believe how malicious some people can be.

    Glad we've got a home to come back to.:T

  • so glad your back dont let them get you down, for evil to succeed it only takes good men to do nothing :)
  • Don't want to be the one to pee in anyone's snow, and I'm delighted the site is back up and running, but is there any evidence linking the DDOS thingy and the PPI campaign?

    Just wondered because I keep seeing the two linked. If so, no doubt the evidence will be forwarded to officer Dibble who will shortly be kicking down the doors of certain financial institutions.

    If not, on the other hand...
    I was present at wreath-laying but don't think I was involved.
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    have to admit I don't think the fs industry would be this oraginised.. its more likely a spotty geek who's been upset that his spam was deleted
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  • congratulations on getting it back up so quickly - this site is the best thing on the net for myself and thousands of others - I hope you manage to find out who is behind this and they can be brought to justice for their actions - at least named and shamed in a very public way does prove that they are scared of the en mass action against them lead by Martin through tv appearances and this site.
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  • ceridwenceridwen
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    This is a hopeful sign that we'll get back to normal soon. Had to struggle to get into this - so keep up the good work Martin.

    Some of us are over "sheltering" on Facebook MSE O.S. group and chatting about this on Hesters blog (X-rated I hasten to add - before Hester reminds me!). We all support you Martin.

    Now I am sure the attacker/s are reading this - so, for their benefit the following:

    Please stop this attack. I dont personally believe this is a commercial attack - we could at least understand (though - still condemn) you if it was. But the PPI campaign had started elsewhere months ago and is also running on Daily Mail. So - I personally think there is another reason for the attack. You could at least have the decency to explain yourself - as to why you are attacking this website. This website is a commercial venture by MSE Martin we know - but, nevertheless, we all find it very valuable to us in our various financial queries and also a means of keeping in touch with "virtual friends" we have made through the Forums. We are members of a community - not just subscribers to a website - and we resent you attacking our community like this.

    I personally think you may be attacking us because you see this website as having a heavy emphasis on debt - and you believe debt is wrong. Okay - I personally dont believe its right to get in debt - but I personally have had to do some for some years - because financial emergencies cropped up and that was the only way to deal with them (eg roof replacement/medical bills/etc). Some people get in debt through !!!!lessness and loads of spending on consumer goodies - but for many of us that is not the case - we have got into debt through unexpected things cropping up and having to be dealt with and not having any savings to call on to do this. We live in a society where many of us live quite isolated lives from each other - and accordingly many of us do not have family we can call on to help us out financially should we need it. As a society - we basically believe in being self-sufficient financially - so we look to our own personal resources to help us out financially - and if that means a loan, then so be it.

    MSE Martin is NOT advocating people get into debt - and that is far from all this website is about. Debt and dealing with it is just one small part of this website. Many of us are using this website to help us live within our means, many of us are also using it socially to keep in touch with likeminded people. As for the debt part - MSE Martin is giving people a source of help and support in getting out of debt. It is not his place to be judgemental about why people got into debt in the first place - merely his place to give those of us who are in debt the help/support/advice we need to get out of debt - or would you prefer us to stay in debt?!

    Whoever you are and whatever your reason for attacking this website - please leave us alone - and bear in mind we will keep up this fight longer than you would, so we will win in the end - so please give up attacking us now.

    Well done to MSE Martin and more power to your elbow in beating off this attack.:money:
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