Tandem Bank credit card woes

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    I tend to agree with most of what you say about Tandem's rudimentary app, which is not acceptable when that is the only way to access your account. However I've not noticed any balance or refund discrepancies (I should check), and on my app (android) there is a chat function with reasonable response time within their limited working hours. Instant notification of transactions seems to work for me, usually at least. I was also surprised at the introduction of a savings account, trying to run before they can walk.

    I have only needed to call them twice, answered quickly, about a technical problem accepting their offer at account opening, and to set up a direct debit. I'm prepared to see how it goes in the hope they can improve their app and facilities in general, but unless they can obtain sufficient investment to hire decent app developers and other staff I don't think it's going to work out for them.

    Now if Starling Bank or Monzo Bank, with their excellent apps and system in general, launched a fee-free for overseas and cashback credit card, that would be perfect.
    Evolution, not revolution
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    Do tandem not provide monthly statements by post?
    I thought I read that somewhere.
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    ABRDF wrote: »
    should Martins team be recommending Tandem in its current state
    They're not recommending them as such, they're simply listing them in an article showing which is cheapest, hence the disclaimer at the foot of every page on here:
    This info does not constitute financial advice, always do your own research on top to ensure it's right for your specific circumstances and remember we focus on rates not service
  • I've had my Tandem card since mid January and an so far very pleased with it. My wife also applied for one and is similarly very satisfied. I only use the app to monitor the Tandem card, not other accounts, so I can't comment on integration with other providers.
    1. I am still using the original password I set up and have not been prompted to change it.
    2. My balances shown in the app are so far OK. They do have a strange way of showing balances, similar to Barclaycard. The balance shown seems to be the amount outstanding at the time, which is not necessarily the amount shown on the paper statements. It takes a bit of getting used to.
    3. I have had no issue with pre-authorised payments remaining on the account. I recently had an online grocery delivery cancelled because of the snow, and the pre-authorised payment disappeared within a few hours.
    4. Yes, the card only comes with monthly paper statements. There is no online access at the moment, but I am OK with that.
    5. Every time I make a purchase, I receive a notification from the app within seconds, stating how much I have spent and where I spent it.
    6. I had absolutely no issue with setting up the security with them when I activated my card. They answered the phone within seconds and took me through the procedure quickly and smoothly.
    I hope this helps you.
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    I just applied and received the Tandem credit card. The application process was very straightforward, but the product itself is a huge disappointment. As others have said, the app is very basic and any feedback 'will be added to the list of enhancements' and could take 'months'. There is no Account Services page on either the app or the website, so anything like (eg) seeing or changing your direct debit require a phone call, and simple questions like 'when will you take my direct debit' take several minutes (sic) to answer. For a 'wholly digital' bank (their words, not mine), paper statements is several steps backwards. And so on. The staff are very well meaning but it feels like this product has come to market too soon.
  • Do tandem not provide monthly statements by post?
    I thought I read that somewhere.

    Yes they do.
  • I have had a Tandem credit card since the beginning of the year and have been quite happy with it overall. Yes, the app is basic and there is no web access but it does as I expect and I like getting paper statements. Ive not had an issue with their pre-authorised payments either. Ive only used their telephone support once and they were quick to answer and sorted out my query.
    I have used it abroad for business and pleasure as well as at home and have noticed no discrepancies with the transactions made. The exchange rate is not loaded and has a better rate than anything I could get converting currency. And I love the fact I get an SMS when I purchase anything with the retailer and amount and if abroad, the amount in the text is converted to pounds sterling.
    If you are not happy with the card or their service then either dont use it or dont make it your primary card.
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    I'm pleased your happy and for your obvious advice Mr Grumpy :) Have a good day :rotfl::T
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    I actually can't stand the Tandem app, I've used the card for a while, and it's been blocked a few times, generally on a weekend when they are shut. Customer service isn't exactly the best, and its very limited. If you ask questions on social media you are just told to phone them.

    I only stick with them due to the cashback, otherwise I wouldn't personally bother until they sort out the app and get decent customer service.
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    To those who are happy with the card - @eDicky, @Jolly Gardener, @grumpycamel - do you think you will continue to use it when the cashback drops to something like 0.25%?
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