Tandem Bank credit card woes



  • NewToTheUkAgain
    What sort of limits are people getting with the cards?

    I know different circumstances can apply etc, but just to know if they give any decent limits out.
  • chineplate
    5K for me. It's a start.
  • I've had my T card for a few months now.
    For anyone who's interested, I'd say it's very much like the Curate's Egg......

    1. Fairly simple & quick application process.
    2. You can BACS (FPS) as much money into the account as you like - effectively overcoming any low credit limits you may have; if I have any large transactions to make, I "forward-pay" the approximate amount into the account before making the purchase, so there's never a problem with getting close to my limit, or having transactions declined.
    3. I really like the instant notification of credits/debits, on my mobile devices; you have confidence that payments have immediately gone in (and a lot quicker than many issuers - who keep your hard-earned for days before actually crediting your a/c), and it's a great early-warning system of any fraud / unauthorised activity on your a/c. TOP FEATURE, THIS!
    4. All transactions seem to appear much more quickly on the app, than most other issuers' platforms.
    5. Contactless functionality.
    6. At 0.5%, currently best uncapped cashback around (notwithstanding Amex, which I don't use - for several reasons).
    7. Cashback is applied to the account regularly, and quickly - unlike some issuers' products (like Amex) where you have to wait until year-end in order to get your money.

    1. CRAP customer interfaces; the cust. svcs. phone line, just goes to a UK-based call centre - who deal with lots of different companies - not just Tandem card. You're therefore not talking to "Tandem" at all - effectively, just a messanger service, for anything but the very ordinary queries. I have no faith in these folk at all. It's not their fault, but it seems to me that Tandem are just cutting costs to the bone - thereby not providing any meaningful "service" at all.
    2. No online chat available.
    3. "Instant message" on the occasions I've used it, has been a joke! I waited patiently for a response - for 10 mins, or so - whilst doing other things online - but eventually gave up. Finally got a response something like 4 days later!!!!! These aren't furious rantings Folks - just facts, from someone who does everything online, and has done so for many years - with several different bank a/cs, and many different credit card a/cs over the years. I'm just passing on my experiences to others - particularly those considering the Tandem card as their next product.
    4. App-only log in. Let there be no doubt, Folks - you cannot access your account via the normal route - i.e. a web browser - you can ONLY use the Tandem app. Bad, bad decision, Tandem!
    5. I've not been able to log-in for the last 5 days! Called "Customer services" who could only tell me that customers were experiencing difficulties, and to "Keep trying" !!! I asked to speak to a manager, who admitted that it was a call centre, and that they could only report the problem to the Tandem IT dept. on Monday, when IT would be back at work!! So, this is a modern credit card issuer, who's customers need access to their account 24 hrs a day, 365 days a year, and who rely entirely on electronic account access, but which according to their 3rd part customer service agents, don't provide 24 hr IT cover.
    You couldn't make this stuff up!

    To sum up - great little card, with some good features, but which is issued by a group of people who've not thought through what their customer really want, or need.
    Thinking of applying? Come back in 2021, or so, when they may have got the message not to fob people off with low-quality 3rd party "service" and when they've sorted out their schoolboy errors.
    As I said in the beginning - the Tandem credit card is very much like the Curate's Egg......
    ABRDF Posts: 47 Forumite
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    Thanks for your considered post.

    Since my initial posting Tandem have improved a little and fixed some of my earlier issues, but I agree they are a long way from being a customer focused product. Customer service is my biggest issue still, has you say using a third party company for customer service is really poor, this 3rd party organisation talks from scripts and is really only a message taker. The in app chat is a joke its only a message taking service and can take upto 4 days to reply to you. If and when you do get through to Tandem Bank customer services they are generally helpful but its not consistent.

    Overall a promising start but with many many problems, including not being able to speak with any senior managers when a big problem occurs. Also Ricky Knox (CEO) blocks anyone from his twitter feed if they suggest that Tandem has problems.
  • audymaccop
    Tandem Bank credit card woes
    23rd Mar 18 at 4:00 AM

    My partner and I waited for 3 months on the wait list to get Tandem’s credit card offering of 0.5% cash back and no fee foreign transactions, because of Martin’s recommendation.

    After 2 months of use we are reviewing our decision, does anyone else have feed back, Tandem don’t have a community site like Starling or Monzo or a “Trustpilot” site and I can’t see any feed back here, either good or bad!

    Our findings:
    1- The app looks and feels old school, poorly designed, slow with little functionality..
    2- The app needs a new pin every two weeks and you have ring the customer service number in core hours of 8 till 6.
    3- The out of hours customer service is outsourced, and they have little understanding of the product and only deal with fraud or lost cards. They also appear to be reading from a script.
    4- The balances on the app are incorrect
    5- Refunds show but the balance is not updated
    6- Pre authorisation show in app but never drop off the app when not collected by the merchants
    7- Customer services are only Monday to Friday 8-6, they are friendly, but don’t really understand the issues because their system transactions and balances are different from the app, you have to send screen shots to verify what your saying
    8- Paper statements, no online offering, statement balance not shown in app
    9- Account aggregation does not work with First Direct due to password issues in the app
    10- Missing transaction and transactions disappear from the app (balance stays the same)
    11- Long call wait times
    12- No instant chat
    13- Launching savings account when this product does not have fully functional and robust customer app / interface
    14- No in app notification of transaction
    15- Security setup when joining could not be complete the account pin request - still haven’t been able to achieve this

    When you do speak to the customer services team you do often get to speak with the same person which is a bonus, but they have to pass everything on. Very limited improvement in the app, it’s functionality and appearance in two months, some problems they say should be fixed in the next two months some they don’t have timescales, not all customers are have the same problems. I believe the developers should look to apps from Starling and Monzo to see great new world (fintech) banking apps, Tandems app looks, feels and offers the functionality of Lloyd’s Bank app 5 years ago.

    Unlike Starling’s Anne Boden their CEO who answers tweets from customer with good and bad issues eve late at night, Ricky Knox the CEO of Tandem just BLOCKS YOU!!!

    Your thoughts please, are we the only ones witnessing these issues? It would help us to decide to stay or go, 0.5% cash back is not enough to wade through the problems with Tandem, when we also have Clarity Cards and Monzo and Starling already.

    Finally should Martins team be recommending Tandem in its current state. Has my mother would say Tandem is “all fur coat and no knickers”!!!128514;
    I have just expected to call them twice, addressed rapidly, about a specialized issue tolerating their offer at record opening, and to set up an immediate charge. I'm set up to perceive how it goes in the expectation they can enhance their application and offices all in all, yet except if they can acquire adequate speculation to enlist fair application designers and other staff I don't believe it will work out for them.
    Presently if Starling Bank or Monzo Bank, with their great applications and framework when all is said in done, propelled a charge free for abroad and cashback Mastercard, that would be great.
  • janark
    So it's now been 7 months since the thread was first opened, but having come across it just now, nearly all (if not all) of the issues that were listed there still exist today, including the ones that would take "a few months" to sort out.

    Personally, I've had a Tandem card for something like half a year now, but I stopped using it after the first few months and it will be the first ever credit card that I'm going to actually go ahead and close. Yes, the cashback is attractive, but 50 extra quid a month isn't even close to being worth the hassle and frustration, let alone the time spent on the phone when things go wrong (and boy do they go wrong! Thus far, I've had to call CS 3 times to get the app re-instated when it's crashed and done a permanent log-out).

    I can safely say that Tandem in general has been by far the worst banking experience of any kind that I've had in the UK and worldwide ... and worldwide includes countries like Malta, which says something.

    My issues with Tandem are multiple, but mainly:

    * The app barely works. Not even talking about the lack of functionality (which, for a mobile-only bank, is disgraceful), but the app keeps on crashing and showing all sorts of anomalies. And no, I'm not using an old phone or a "jailbroken" version of a phone, etc.

    * What's with paper-only statements in 2018 AND by a supposedly "fully digital" bank?!?

    * I make a lot of transactions overseas and therefore, like to examine my transactions in detail to make sure I'm not overcharged. Tandem provides only VERY basic information about each transaction, not allowing me to properly match transactions.

    * The credit limit I was given is, frankly, quite pointless. I'm not sure how they come up with the limits that they provide but my limit is roughly 5 times smaller than most of my other cards. That said, this isn't a huge issue as Tandem allows me to put the card into debit, which is great.

    * The overall quality of customer service is shocking and they're absolutely clueless to say the least. I'll give you just one example or many:

    Me (calling in): I've applied to set up Direct Debit last month and was wondering if everything is properly set up and the payment will be taken by DD this month or do I still need to pay manually for now?

    CS Rep: Yes, everything is set up and your payment will be taken automatically.

    And then, two days later, I get a message saying I've missed my payment and because of that, I need to pay interest on the balance (which was supposed to be paid in full via DD) despite paying it the following day.

    All in all, Tandem seems like a bunch of kids trying out "this fintech stuff" from their parents' basement, rather than a bank that can be taken seriously.

    I'm out.

    P.S. I just remembered something rather curious. For some odd reason, my Tandem card isn't showing up on any of the three credit agencies! Not sure if it's just me or does Tandem not sync their data with credit bureaus.
  • System
    System Posts: 178,102 Community Admin
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    Well I just got rejected straight away for a Tandem Credit card. emmm.... what?

    Don't think I have ever been rejected for credit, I have several cards with large balances (and very low utilization) and my credit score is excellent/perfect. I like to think I am the perfect customer for a CC. I have no recent searches, long account histories. Everything you want.

    How very strange, and somewhat annoying! I don't understand.

    Anyone else had this?
  • janark
    beany_bot wrote: »
    Well I just got rejected straight away for a Tandem Credit card. emmm.... what?

    Don't think I have ever been rejected for credit, I have several cards with large balances (and very low utilization) and my credit score is excellent/perfect. I like to think I am the perfect customer for a CC. I have no recent searches, long account histories. Everything you want.

    How very strange, and somewhat annoying! I don't understand.

    Anyone else had this?

    I'm actually not overly surprised by this. Their systems in general seem to be an absolute mess, so I would expect the same to apply to their automated credit worthiness vetting system.

    I didn't have it as bad as you did, but was given a ridiculously low credit limit despite having excellent credit in every regard imaginable.

    My recommendation: just move on to a CC provider that actually wants your business.
    ABRDF Posts: 47 Forumite
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    Just a quick further update;

    1. On line statements have now been available for two weeks, you can go back to all of the previous statements, they appear immediatlyon

    2. Ability to freeze card is now on the app under manage your card
    3. Bills are shown with countdown to direct Debits and what is ging to be taken including text reminders
    4. Customer service still very poor and with limited hours
    5. Fixed credit limits with no opportunity to increase them and yes they are lower
    6. Journey Credit card launched for those with limited credit history.

    Tandem are on a journey and its a slow one!
  • Solid_Bruce
    I've had mine for months now and the service has been great.

    My only issue at the moment is that I can't seem to transfer the balance to another credit card, taking the fee free and 0% interest offered on other cards

    They simply say they do not know this company.

    Anyone had similiar issues or know a way around this?

    I would hate to start using a different credit card just so that I can do the balance transfer
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