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I'm Getting Married in 2020 - Wedding Day Journey

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  • kdalwayskintkdalwayskint Forumite
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    Hi 2020 brides :wave:

    I have finally got a date :D I have booked with the registry office and the rugby club today :T

    24th May 2019 :j I'm so excited and also a bit :eek: as it is about 10 months away!

    We need to get cracking! :rotfl:
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  • apricityapricity Forumite
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    Woop woop!
    That's my birthday, kdalwayskint!

    I wish things were differnt,
    I wanted to get married next september but probably will have to push it back now.

    My fiance says we can still have it though... I just want to cry.

    but I'm super happy for you, kdalwayskint!
    Take your time though and ensure you have a break now and then
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  • candjsmumcandjsmum Forumite
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    Just thought I would do a quick update on my daughters wedding, yes I'm a mum of the bride to be!!
    Gorgeous venue all booked for August 2020 so a way to go yet but it is a very popular place and they wanted a specific date so we told them to get it booked and good old dad stumped up the deposit. They have a meeting with the photographer they have chosen in a few weeks and have now paid a small deposit to hold the date for the cake lady. Mum in law is paying for the photographer and the cake which will be a huge help to them.
    I think that will then be it for a while. It's still 2 years away but I know how time creeps up on you when you least expect it!!
  • apricityapricity Forumite
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    hey everyone,
    The wedding is back on as I got a new job.
    Had an interview this morning at 9:30am
    Then by 3pm I had a call to offer me the job.

    I also put £100.00 in my wedding fund.
    I only have £100 to put away and then I have the total for all the registry office & reception hire (£95 Deposit & £380 for rest of it)

    My mum KEEPS asking me why I want to get married & why a rush
    She wants me to put it off as long as possible but i don't :(

    We've been engaged almost a year on September 1st and it'll be 2 years next year (we plan on getting married in September 2019)

    I also started putting the bridesmaid bags together - the first actual wedding thing I've done.
    Still a few thing to get for them though
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  • s1n25s1n25 Forumite
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    Starting my 2020 wedding journey this month!! Viewing venues with the hope to book one by the end of September.

    Congrats on the new job apricity! Yay the weddings back on!
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  • s1n25, Thank you for that I'm super happy that I got the job,
    It's such a lovely place to work in and I get 1 day off a week
    Right now my days off are Fridays

    I purchased a new wedding dress .... a white one!
    I'm hoping it would fit, I didn't originally want a white wedding dress but I saw it and fell in love.
    It was last one in my size, last one online and only £40

    nothing else has been sorted yet,
    We need to choose a photographer.
    & give notice but can't do that until after 20th of september :)
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  • ninjaworrierninjaworrier Forumite
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    Hi all, I hope you don't mind me coming in and joining the party!

    I'm getting married 30th July 2020. We have booked to have our wedding at sea on a P and O cruise.

    I have no idea where to start, and I am determined to save and be thrifty with my wedding.

    Look forward to talking to all of you in the future.

    Congratulations everyone!
  • Just read this thread - you're all well ahead of me! Haha. We got engaged a month ago and are looking at April/May 2020 but I'm struggling with venues as our guest list is quite large (120 in the day and about 180 in the evening) and we ideally need to bring in our own caterers/alcohol with minimum costs involved.

    It is exciting though - we're hopefully having a proper look at some various venue types over the next couple of weekends.

    Is anyone else based Buckinghamshire/Northamptonshire/Bedfordshire? <3
  • Congratulations on the new job Apricity &#55357;&#56842;
    Our planning has come on immensely this last couple of months, I've ordered my dress, we've sorted suits, flowers have all been picked and ordered, venue decoration has also been sorted, even booked the honeymoon!
    The only big things we have left to buy are our wedding rings and bridesmaid and flower girl dresses which we'll do nearer the time seeing as we still have over a year left.
    Started making our own invitations too, including the envelopes!
    Its ridiculous how expensive invitations and pocket envelopes are, when you can buy some card yourself and make them yourself.
  • Congratulations, wishing you two the best!
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