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I'm Getting Married in 2020 - Wedding Day Journey

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HappyLassie13HappyLassie13 Forumite
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I have booked my wedding for November 2020 and just wondered if there were any other Brides to be on here who would like to Join my diary.

My plan is to keep it updated with things that i have booked, created etc..
It would be a great place to share tips and any different things we have seen.

If anything, it'll be great for me to write everything down and pretend i'm not talking to myself even if nobody joins in. :beer:


  • kdalwayskintkdalwayskint Forumite
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    Congratulations :)

    Fingers crossed I'm a 2019 bride :)
    Saving for Christmas 2021 £170 / £365 ~ Saving for Christmas 2020 £430/£366
    Saving for Christmas 2019 ~ £365/£365

    Got married 24/05/19
    Car Fund £2200/£5000
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  • Oh Fantastic KD

    Do you have anything planned yet?

    I have an appointment with my chosen Venue on Saturday, just to go over some of my queries and place down my Deposit. - Tried to do this last week but the Sales Lady was off. Typical ha.

    I have also booked an appointment with a photographer to see whether I love his previous work etc. I think i'll be happy to go with him though, I would also like a videographer...

    There is so much to think about.
    I also need to shift some excess weight!
  • I have won a free facial from one of the Salons that was at a wedding fayre i attended so I am very happy about this.

    They do bridal make up so this will be a good way to see what they can offer.
  • We have confirmed a time with our Registrar and paid the deposit with them.
    Deposit with the venue is taken care of.
    We have also booked our photography in.
    Plenty time to get saving!
    Everything just needs deposits!
  • xironsongxxironsongx Forumite
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    We're die to get married , no date set.
    I'm working on our budget but there's so much I didn't include before and now it's looking so un-affordable :(

    The Hubs 2 be wants to save the whole agreed budget before we book & pay for anything.
    We have enough for legal fees and a tad extra so far. I keep asking to plan the wedding then to wait then to plan... It's just because i'm extremely stressed about how we can afford it.

    I'm mostly likely going to our own confetti, table cards & place cards as well as a cheap wedding dress - even if it's not an actual wedding dress. I've been looking at wedding rings out for no more than £150. The wedding will be Disney / Comic themed.

    Posting here so I can keep up with you all and gain or share tips with how to make it more affordable.
    not properly wedding planning yet but i'm freaking out already!!
    :heart: Engaged 01-09-17 :heart: Wedding £519.78 (BA) £80.22 (Sp) / £5,600 £5,000 left to save:heart:
  • aninvasionaninvasion Forumite
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    I've been married nearly a year but willing to join in regardless :)

    We did our wedding on the not-so cheap for £7000 give or take and it was lovely. We had a beautiful venue and saved on the big and little things, my veil only cost a tenner!

    Anyone want some money-saving tips?
  • Welcome to my little blog both of you!

    We haven!!!8217;t got anything saved up really, we have been lucky enough to have people take care of deposits for us but we will be saving from now. Because we!!!8217;ve chosen to get married in 2020, the money to pay for our wedding at the venue isn!!!8217;t due until 1 month before we we!!!8217;ve got quite a lot of time.

    We are saving money everywhere we can. We are also making our own name cards, invitations, seating plan, menus etc.

    There is a wedding dress outlet shop local to me which I!!!8217;ll be getting my dress from.

    Shoes will just be nice ones from a retail shop rather than paying over the odds.
  • xironsongxxironsongx Forumite
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    Anyone want some money-saving tips?

    YEASSHH please aha

    I'm not going to go stupidly expensive with my dress attire.
    I have a set limit... shoes ... I'll probably wear vans though I do want to customise them so I can add our marriage date / year on them & do it so it matches our theme for £60 but I'll decide near the time as that really depends on how much we got left I suppose.

    Our original date was August/September 2020 then changed it to next september 2019,
    then I said to push back, obviously the hubs 2 be was annoyed and fed up with me at this point...

    My mum gave us £500 to put towards whatever I wanted, and me & boo (my hubs2be) decided to put in the wedding savings fund. We did have £900 but I used a lot of it ...

    I was ill and lost almost £300 pay and have a lot going on this month so needed it plus I was really depressed for 3 weeks and Treated to my sister to a night of bowling, we paid half and took some photos etc. which helped to perk me up (I was feeling super lonely and have a lot of personal stuff going on) . Usually I can just listen to music and have a cuddle but I've tried all these methods and other and nothing worked . I told him i used this money and he said as long as i had a good time and I feel better etc... then it doesn't matter.

    I saw an venue that offers everything we want for £3,192.50 or £3,370.50 if we want to pay for our parents to stay over night...which I do want (It's £89.00 for 1 bedroom)

    It includes;
    Room Hire
    Sumptuous three course meal with coffee and mints
    Arrival drinks
    Evening finger buffet
    Overnight stay in the magnificent Bridal Suite
    Silver cake stand and knife
    Services of our award winning professional Wedding Coordinator
    Red Carpet VIP welcome
    Complimentary chair covers and sashes
    Master of ceremonies
    Free parking
    include your choice of ceremony room or garden Gazebo and the following in addition to the above:
    Sparkling wine for the toast
    A half bottle of our house wine per person
    A selection of canap!s to accompany the welcome drinks
    Our resident DJ providing the music of your choice as well as the classic wedding tunes

    But we have a few extra people for the evening which is why it's more than the package cost.
    But I recon not a lot of my family will go as I'm not inviting 1 of my cousins - my nan on my dad's side said she won't come if i didn't invite my cousin so that's 2 people down already. (We have a lot of bad history & after what happened last year...NO WAY is she coming - Boo don't want her there at all even if i did get on with her)
    :heart: Engaged 01-09-17 :heart: Wedding £519.78 (BA) £80.22 (Sp) / £5,600 £5,000 left to save:heart:
  • You're venue deal sounds very good ironsong Ours is £6500 in total for the venue and package.
    This includes us paying extra to have a choice menu and an extra drink on the table for each guest.

    I have paid for a consultation with our Cake Lady, which we will have next Friday. This will be to talk cake and taste some too. Obviously OH is looking forward to that, as am i!

    We have handed out our Save the dates also, which is very exciting.
    I have found it really difficult deciding who to invite as well. Even as we are handing out Save the Dates we find ourselves taking some away from our piles and leaving them as a maybe.
  • I've put most of the money back into my wedding. I just want to save as much as I can for the wedding and hopefully I'll be earning some extra cash soon.

    I've started purchasing some bits for the wedding.
    Confetti is sorted , brought all the bits for it and came to £7.50 though
    I may need to buy more tissue paper throughout this year to ensure there's lots for everyone.

    I've found a few budget wedding dresses I love, one looks to be suited for me and only costs £68 but I'm not buying dresses yet - I fear this is the biggest thing I will stress about. Everything else i'm relaxed with.
    :heart: Engaged 01-09-17 :heart: Wedding £519.78 (BA) £80.22 (Sp) / £5,600 £5,000 left to save:heart:
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