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I'm Getting Married in 2020 - Wedding Day Journey

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  • Nicola83Nicola83 Forumite
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    This is an exciting thread!!
    Me and my other half are planning to get married in May 2020. We've only been engaged 6 weeks but want to get the ball rolling.
    We went to a wedding fayre on Thursday which was interesting, we're just trying to sort out a venue and then we can start looking at everything else. It's so hard trying to decide which place is next and which one offers the best deal.
    I already have some ideas, the hubby to be has given me total control of everything which is dangerous Haha!
    I want a navy blue theme so it matches my sapphire in my engagement ring, and some elements of Disney in too as we're both a little bit obsessed with anything Disney.
    We've already decided we're going to make our own invitations, place settings, table centrepieces etc because not only is it cheaper but it's more personal.
    I look forward to hearing everyones progress and tips for making our days as special and unique as we want.
  • Ooh can I join? I've just booked my wedding for 6th June 2020!
    So far we've paid a 10% deposit for the venue. I need to book the registrar tomorrow, then that's probably it for this year. Doesn't stop me drooling over dresses online though!
  • Welcome Nicola and dfbefore, nice to see you here.
    I haven't been engaged for very long at all but we are getting there with the planning.
    Father in law to be and OH's stepmam have offered to pay for our cake and Suits
    My mam has offered to pay for photography and her and my dad have offered to pay for my wedding dress.
    Mother in law to be and OH's Stepdad have offered to pay for videography.
    we are unbelievably lucky and so grateful.
    It means we literally have venue, any decorations and my bridesmaids to care of.
    I've been looking a lot on Pintrest, but i haven't got my heart set on any centre pieces just yet. i don't think i have seen the one! Nicola my mam has agreed to create our invitations as well, along with all other stationary as that is her sideline hobby.

    We have sent out our save the dates and agreed on our colour shceme.
    We are going Navy and Burgandy.

    What about you guys?

    DFBefore i have seen some gorgeous dresses online, i'd love to go and look in person but i know i want to lose weight beforehand so i feel more confident.
  • Yeah, I've heard that a lot and seen a lot of videos and i think watching it back every year would be lovely. or when OH is driving me round the bend or vice versa we can look back and appreciate each other.
  • I ordered some gifts for my Maid of Honor and Bridesmaid to ask them the question.
    They have started to arrive :) just need to get it all together and then invite them round for a night and ask them. They already know, but i want to ask them officially so they have something to remember it by.

    We have also got something really special planned for one of my OH's best men (he's having 3) but once we have pulled it off i will let you all know what it is.

    I found it difficult choosing who i wanted, and kept toying with different ideas for my bridesmaids but i've settled at 3. My best friend from school, we've been friends now for 13 years. My other best friend from work, who i see outside of work regularly and we do couples nights. And my brothers girlfriend, however they are newly together and we have 2 years until the wedding so i think i'll wait till dress fittings when i ask her.
    What about you lovely lot?
  • Nicola83Nicola83 Forumite
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    HappyLassie it's a hard choice. I've decided on 3 bridesmaids, 2 being my sisters and then my maid of honour is a friend from work who I don't work with anymore but we see each other regularly.
    I have 2 young nieces as well, they'll be 10 and 5 when we get married so they're being flower girls.
    The OH isn't having a best man as his best friend who he would have asked sadly killed himself a few years back so he's just having 6 groomsmen and getting them to each say a little bit about him.

    I went in to a dress shop today just to look at them etc, my god they're heavy! When it comes to actually trying some on I've no idea what I'll go for.
  • Sounds like you'll have a lovely bridal Party Nicola
    aw that is awful, at least your OH has found a way around not replacing him but still including everyone.

    I haven't looked in a shop yet, i have seen online the kind of styles that i like. I just do not feel confident enough with my weight yet to even try any on. My health kick has restarted so hopefully i can begin looking when i'm more prepared.
  • xironsongxxironsongx Forumite
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    I'm not wedding planning for mine anymore.

    I purchased a laptop with the savings under the OK of the hubs to be plus it's not relay the right time for us as he is in the last stages of learning how to drive so he'd want to buy a car and insurance etc.. and I'm going through a rough spot at the minute; I keep getting depressed about my past & family and myself as my granddad has alzhimers and is in the last days/months. I'm waiting for that call. Every morning.

    I still need to buy little bits for the house and I'm going to save for starting emergency fund now instead until the Mr can put in savings too. I will be saving money in my piggy bank for the wedding though.

    Good luck & many happy returns xx
    :heart: Engaged 01-09-17 :heart: Wedding £519.78 (BA) £80.22 (Sp) / £5,600 £5,000 left to save:heart:
  • You've just got to do whats right for you IronSong, i wish you all the best.

    We picked our cake on friday night. We have opted for vanialla sponge and passionfruit for the bottom tier, Chocolate and salted Caramel for the Middle tier and Lemon drizzle for the top tier. I'm still thinking about having white chocolate and raspberry in there somewhere.
    Our design is done and the price is set. - Another weight off our minds.

    955 days until our wedding day :)
  • How are you doing for guest numbers happy Lassie?
    We've managed to get our day list down to 60 but we're struggling to get the evening list down. At the moment it stands at 160 :shocked:
    The h2b is too soft and doesn't want to leave people out, even though he hasn't spoke to some for years and others he's only met twice!

    Your cake sounds amazing though :)
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