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I'm Getting Married in 2020 - Wedding Day Journey

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  • Sorry i have been a bit quiet lately.
    We unfortunately suffered a miscarriage, so we had been planning baby things but that's all changed.

    Me and my MIL to be were discussing centre pieces at the weekend and she has some really good ideas.

    Hopefully i will be able to attend some more wedding fayres and get more inspiration for our day :)
  • Nicola that sounds fab! Have you put down your deposit yet?
  • kdalwayskintkdalwayskint Forumite
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    Sorry to hear your sad news HappyLassie big hugs for you and your H2B xxx
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  • Thank you :)
    We are okay, obviously it was devastating and we still feel a bit flat and empty, but we have plenty of time before the wedding to try again.
  • So tonight I am off to a wedding fayre. I'm hoping this will give me some ideas and inspiration.

    My mam, his mam and my maid of honour are coming so its a proper weddingy night :)

    How is everyone else coming along with their plans?
  • Nicola83Nicola83 Forumite
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    Sorry to hear your sad news Happy Lassie !!!128577;
    How was the wedding fayre?
    We have put our deposit down for our venue and this evening we paid the deposit for the photographer.
    Next on the list is to book the registrar and then decide what we want our save the dates to look like.
    We're making them ourselves. I'm thinking card shaped like Mickey mouse's head with the writing in the Disney font, just got to figure out how to do it :rotfl:
  • Thank you Nicola

    It was really good, i found some wedding dress shops that i'd like to go and look at. Also some bridesmaids dresses that i really like the style of.
    Finally saw a centre piece that i really liked and we can make ourselves.

    Ohh they sound amazing - i love Disney!!!!
    Maybe pintrest can shed some light on it for you? - thats what i usually use ha ha
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    hey I think i was on here with a different account,
    I just wanted to say I am really sorry to hear the news but I hope it gets better for you ,
    i can't imagine how it is for you guys.

    I hope wedding planning is going well for you and giving you something to look forward to, though i know it doesn't fill it.

    I just want it to be October so we can book a date for our wedding.
    hoping i can make it through the next 2 weeks with £35 !

    I have £1,201.10 saved which is 48% !
    I am £192.00 away from having enough to pay for all of this;
    The lantern room registry office
    Marriage notices
    Booking fee registry office
    marriage certificate
    Wedding insurance up to £50
    Manor hall reception deposit
    Rest of Manor hall fee

    Which i should be able to do in August.
    Omg It just hit me...! I'll have enough to get married! *circles*
    Sorry, I won't take the thread away from you
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  • Thank you apricots!

    That sounds fantastic! I am so happy that you are nearly sorted with your funds.

    Don!!!8217;t worry about what you post on this thread, I may have started it but I like people having input and sharing stories / ideas.

    Wedding planning is going well for us. Haven!!!8217;t booked anything else yet but we need to start getting the venue paid off which we are hoping to start doing in January
  • apricityapricity Forumite
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    thank you for your warm welcome.

    It's with deepest regret that I won't be saving for our wedding anymore.
    I lost my job & will be using the savings as emergency fund.

    Its been a very poopy day So now I'm having a cup of tea,
    redoing my CV and job hunting !
    :heartpuls Getting married 21.09.19 :heartpuls
    Emergency Savings - £15.55 / £1,000 :heart: XMAS '19 Savings - £0.00 / £365 :heart: Holiday savings - £6.00(SA) £00 (PB)
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