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I'm Getting Married in 2020 - Wedding Day Journey

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  • Our Package offers 90 Day time Guests and 150 Nighttime. So far we are at 110 with day time, i've drawn the line. Its a big number but we both have big families and invited one cousin leads to others needing to be invited.
    As for night time, i'm sticking with the 150 as i don't think there'll be more than that number in the room at a given time, even if we were to go over.
    That's the trouble with our Numbers, My OH has a group of close friends who've known each other since nursery school so there is about 15 of them, plus partners... and he's too nice to say no to anyone.

    I sometimes wish we were just going away to get married ha ha.

    We are still having to decide on our wedding menu. Not sure what we want, definitely a choice menu though.
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    Wow! You 2020 brides are ahead of me already!

    We've got an appointment with a venue, probably the one we'll go with, on Tuesday evening and I think it's when we'll choose a date.

    We've bought some vases, jars and lanterns for table decorations and are waiting for a few bits to arrive so that we can add our own touches, hessian, ribbon, lace etc and we've had to buy a new glue gun as we can't find the one we have!

    We're looking at a budget of £4000, so a little bit of saving for me to do but H2B has got his share already.

    I've bought a dress off e bay, that will arrive next week.

    I've got a post going for any other 2019 brides if you want to pop in and say hello :)
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  • I will call over to your post KD :)

    I have my bridesmaids coming over on Saturday to officially ask them, i've made up little hampers for them, i'm really excited.

    I still haven't fully decided on my centre pieces all though i have 2 designs that i like, we will be doing them all ourselves. With needing so many tables, i'm wanting to alternate centre pieces on each table.

    I bet you're excited for your dress to arrive KD
    Your centre pieces sound lovely! i think i've seen similar used on pintrest and they all look gorgeous.
    Pintrest is my best friend half the time ha ha
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    My dress has arrived, and I can't do the zip up! Operation get in the dress had already started before the dress arrived!

    Is it just me or do they make wedding dresses smaller than you expect? I'm a 12/14 (alright probably the 14) and measured myself the dress is supposed to be an 18!

    Anyone seen any pastel blue shoes anywhere? I only seem to be able to find turquoise or navy.

    Catch you all soon :)
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    Saving for Christmas 2019 ~ £365/£365

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  • Yes! they do that with Prom Dresses as well, no idea why!

    I haven't but i will keep an eye out and let you know if i see any.

    We have agreed a basic concept with our cake maker and it looks fab!
    cant believe how expensive they are though, pleased i'm not paying.
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    Deposit has been paid for our cake... the concept looks amazing and i cannot wait to see this in real life.
    I have decided on a cake topper but keeping this as a surprise for the FutureHusband.

    I have emailed my venue again asking if we can create our own menus for the meal as they keep suggesting really fancy food that i won't enjoy and nor will our a guests. We come from a proper north east back ground, so filling food is more appreciated than fancy.

    I think come September time i will start looking at dresses for myself. It may give me more motivation to lose weight too.
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    Not a bride to be, but a mum of a bride to be so hope it's OK for me to join :o
    They have decided on August 2020 and she has looked at a few places with myself and mum in law. He told her he didn't mind where as long as they got married so she has narrowed it down to a beautiful venue and we are all going along in June to look at it with the men and potentially paying the deposit!!
    Was just wondering if any of you have taken out wedding insurance and if so who have you gone with. Me and DD were talking about it last night and seeing as it's so far in advance was thinking it might be wise. Not the cold feet aspect but the fact that something could happen to the venue etc.
    Looking forward to picking up tips etc, I am soooo excited for her :T
  • Of course it!!!8217;s okay for you to join! I!!!8217;ve been a little quiet as there hasn!!!8217;t been much to report so feel free to post whenever you want! My Mam and Mam in law to be are also so excited!

    We haven!!!8217;t taken our insurance but we!!!8217;ve also been thinking about doing it. I might have a look on one of the comparing sites and see what!!!8217;s available.
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    So after several weeks of looking at different venues, we think we have finally found our venue! It has beautiful gardens, the room where the ceremony and wedding breakfast and evening do will be held is just what we wanted as it has 3 massive windows so there is loads of natural light. It's a hotel so has plenty of rooms for all our guests if they want to stay over. The best bit is it's really reasonable in price too. So we're hoping to go and put our deposit down in the next few weeks and then we can start planning everything else!
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    For anyone reading through this thread and planning around the Edinburgh area, I'll Probably have some free tickets available for the Edinburgh Wedding Exhibition at Murrayfield in September as our band will be exhibiting again this year.

    Good place for getting deals and other ideas for the big day.

    Usually £10 pp entry but these will get in groups of up to six people with the one e-ticket.

    Just let me know if you are after any and I'll see how many spare we have at the time.
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