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Cheap Sanitary Products



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    Mooncup is probably the cheapest long term, short of choosing to not have periods. I'd like to know of cheaper Vegan tampons tho for sure
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    To the lady taking the pill, have you thought about the injection? It stops periods totally in most (obviously not an option if TTC, but very good as it doesn't matter about age/weight or anything)

    Asda sell some night pads, Always maybe? They come with or without wings and are really long.
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    Sraider wrote: »
    All right ladies, most men with partners know at least some of the problems with sanitary problems and can sympathise but spare a thought for your other half.
    A great deal of men also have problems, especially those with prostate problems, which have had a great deal of publicity of late with the rate of prostate cancer now overtaking the rate of breast cancer.
    Prostate cancer patients have a great problem with urinary retention and need a pad just the same as ladies but if you search for them in all the supermarkets all you find at the end of the big ladies aisle of sanitary products are a box of 10 Tena for men level 2 retailing at £4.00. A rip off at 40 pence each and I have found no alternatives.
    Let's hear it for the men for a change, any solutions out there?

    Can’t help you with the men products but speaking as one of many women who has post menopausal stress incontinence (and that’s still there after having an operation:() I find that the cheaper pads are not worth buying as they tend to scrunch up. I’ve tried every brand on the market and stick to Tena or similar. I always stock up when there are special offers. Have you thought about buying in bulk online? Most things are cheaper that way
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    sillyvixen wrote: »
    I use reusable cloth pads (can't get on with tampons or a cup), the initial outlay is costly but nearly 3 years down the line and the savings are mounting up!! They are so comfortable and I have never had one leak (try saying that about disposables). I wish I had discovered them years before!

    I'm with you on the reusable cloths pads, so much more comfy and they last longer, a bit of an outlay to begin with but worth it.
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    Having used Tampax for 20 plus years, I thought I'd give the Tesco own brand tampons a try. They were totally useless (I tried different absorbencies so not a dodgy box). Without wishing to be too graphic, they don't "hold" as you push in the applicator so I found it almost impossible to use them. I've never encountered this issue with Tampax.

    I did take them back and give product feedback (not at all embarrassing...!). So, for me, a false economy as they weren't usuable. Perhaps sometimes you get what you pay for....
  • I'm a moon cup user too, I have also got cheaper brands so that i can keep them in my bag and bathroom at home, one of those is much larger and great for heavier flow days. Love being able to have a lie in without leaking and take a water bottle into public toilets so I can rinse in the cubicle. Wish I had discovered them years ago
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    Look for Kotex in independent chemists and discounters. I pay 75p per pack, with 10% discount at my independent chemist for being a regular there. They are a brand name, better than Always or Bodyform but also because they're a brand name they are vastly better than supermarket own brands but virtually the same price! I don't even use a pack a month. Their night-time towels are fab as maternity pads too, much better than Boots.

    I made my own cloth pantyliners (PLs) for in-between days, but have yet to work up the confidence to make a pad - unsure how many layers would be needed to give adequate protection, alongside a layer of PUL fabric. PLs cost nothing as they were made up from scraps of brushed cotton left from making pyjamas. Found a pattern online. They have 4 layers and work well - I think they're coming up for 4 years of constant use and they are faring extremely well. I suspect I may get more like 7 years use from them. I agree with other commenters, they are vastly more comfortable and at 99p per monthly box of PLs, the saving is huge already. I just chuck them in with the towels or nappies on a hot wash.
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    Need assistance re Where or How to find info regarding use of pads and PLs. Should I get an appointment with a nurse at my practice - which may well be many weeks away? At 83, I'm not yet incontinent but wake up during the night to urgently spend a penny. During the day I have no problems and can go for 3-5 hrs while shopping but I really need advice for night-time as I wake tired. Also would appreciate getting a link for that patternWizzbang online.
  • Hi all. I have Been reading through your forum with interest. Thank you for updating my knowledge of today’s products. May I however add another issue on behalf of those woman, post menopause who suffer from bladder incontinence and are surviving on a meagre single person pension. Their protection is required for 365 Days a year, year in year out. As far as I am aware no free products available?
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    Whizzbang please could you post a link to a where you found the panty liner pattern?
    You never know, my Scouts may take up a whole new MoneySaving craft!
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