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  • halogenhalogen Forumite
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    Story, that was a bit blunt. What nean us....
    As far as I know the inly medical ways to stop periods are hormonal or surgical.
    Hormonal methods would be the same as the pill- contraindicated fof women oc my age .
    And as i don't have 'problem periods' I wouldn't be considered for surgical methods.
    What I need is sanitary towels that do what they should but they seem not to exist so I have to resort to dangerous methods to cope.
  • Callie22Callie22 Forumite
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    We can't give medical advice on here but there are other forms of the pill that may be more suitable for someone in your position, like the progesterone-only pill. It might be worth looking up your nearest sexual health clinic and making an appointment - they tend to be much more clued up about the different kinds of contraception than your average GP.
  • LoanrangerLoanranger Forumite
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    Heavy bleeding for three weeks a month is problem periods!
  • halogen wrote: »
    You've lost me? What other options are there?

    Go and ask your GP.

    I find it hard to believe a 42 year old woman in the UK is unaware of any contraception apart from the pill though.
  • halogenhalogen Forumite
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    Of course you can't provide medical advice and I'm not lookibg for it, not at all.. advice on brands of sanitary protection yes but medical advice no. I only mentioned the pill as an indication of mg frustration at sanitary products manufacturers failure to live up to their advertising. Perhaps we can forget i bought it up?.

    I have light bleeding for maybe 3-4 days, if panty liners stayed put and came with wings that would he sufficient for most days. Yes they are painful, but i don't think anymore so than any other women. Irregular yes, hence the '3 weeks on a towel' comment. In any 1 cycle there is a 3 week or so window m which it might start and the 3-4 days after that when whatever hrand i rry cannot be relied on to stay put or have the coverage needed to prevent leakage.
    It's like that old bra ad about not heeding bigger bra but hetter bras. I don't need more absorbent towels just bigger ones but bigger in size always seems to come with more absorbencey which is, I assume, why i get thrush every month. I have also tried 'constructing' bigger towels by sticking several snaller ones in an overlapping pattern but i find that they stick to themselves bettet than they do to each other and they stray.
  • halogenhalogen Forumite
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    Maybe i was vague there. Of course i am aware if other forms of contraception. I was meaning options to deal with periods. By only options i mean that he pill or other hormonal f8rms of contraception are the only forms of it thaf can affect periods. Well apart from a hysterectomy; whuch I would love but seems overkill
    . My bearest sexual health clinc is listed as my GP, the next nearest is 3 hours away and only open on a Tuesday morning . However I'm nit looking for contraceptive, sexual health ir medical advice. Just a sanitary towel brand that works for me. The old kotex 1/2 ibch thick were almost there but also tended to go walkies
  • Well you can lead a horse to water...
  • halogenhalogen Forumite
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    Are you trying to say my GP can give me advice on brands of sanitary towel?
  • sleepymanssleepymans Forumite
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    halogen wrote: »
    Have to say I have tried every brand from cheap to expensive and I have yet to find ANY sanitary protection that's reliable for me. None of them are long enough or wide enough or sticky enough. (My back no longer bends far enough to make inserting tampons/mooncups possible).
    I've lost count of how many I've lost down my trouser leg, had to detach from my 'lady garden', or rescue as a screwed up ball from god knows where. I wear black trousers all the time and tend not to sit directly on my (unwastable covered) sofa now from too many experiences of leaving stains behind me from 'unexpected incidents'. The worry of embarrassing stains, plus the pain, nausea, diarrhoea, vomiting, thrush and general feeing of being unwell.. I bl**dy hate periods. Now I'm sneaky and dangerous and buy the pill on t'internet and take it back to back, so I don't get periods. I feel so much healthier. But it's not really a healthy solution and I'd love to find a pad that does what it's supposed to.

    Maybe ASDA Protective Underwear LARGE at 10 for £6 although pricy, used on heaviest days and maybe in combination with another pad, might work? HTH
    :A Goddess :A
  • halogenhalogen Forumite
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    will have a look next time I'm in the city and have access to an ASDA.
    I did previously look at inconcinence pants online but I got completely confused by trying to work out what simply stuck into exsiting underwear, what replaced underwear, what was disposable, what wasn't... it's a minefield. :-) Plus the sizing was challenging
    I do sew so I could may my own resuaable ones but... I can't see me dealing with the fuss of washing them to be honest. I'm also puzzled by how they attach to the underwear without sticky bits- the instructions I've seen for them show them with poppers or velcro on the back but what stops them simply spinning round so the popper bit is on the inside?
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