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    halogen wrote: »
    will have a look next time I'm in the city and have access to an ASDA.
    I did previously look at inconcinence pants online but I got completely confused by trying to work out what simply stuck into exsiting underwear, what replaced underwear, what was disposable, what wasn't... it's a minefield. :-) Plus the sizing was challenging
    I do sew so I could may my own resuaable ones but... I can't see me dealing with the fuss of washing them to be honest. I'm also puzzled by how they attach to the underwear without sticky bits- the instructions I've seen for them show them with poppers or velcro on the back but what stops them simply spinning round so the popper bit is on the inside?

    The ASDA pants are a combined pant with integral absorbent pad area which is about twice as long and twice as wide as a sanitary pad. The pants are elasticated and merely pull on. I would estimate they would fit someone at least uk size 24, if not a bit bigger.. there would be no sticky tabs as they are in one piece and are disposable. Though that means binning and presumably to landfill. But sometimes ones health comfort and dignity have to take priority.
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    Ahh that sounds almost perfect apart from the size... thanks
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    Very heavy periods can be treated by endometrial ablation, if that's right for you and I'm not saying it is, your GP will be the one to discuss it with.
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    Loanranger wrote: »
    Very heavy periods can be treated by endometrial ablation, if that's right for you and I'm not saying it is, your GP will be the one to discuss it with.
    thanks but I don't have heavy periods at all.
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    halogen wrote: »
    Have to say I have tried every brand from cheap to expensive and I have yet to find ANY sanitary protection that's reliable for me. None of them are long enough or wide enough or sticky enough. (My back no longer bends far enough to make inserting tampons/mooncups possible).
    I've lost count of how many I've lost down my trouser leg, had to detach from my 'lady garden', or rescue as a screwed up ball from god knows where. I wear black trousers all the time and tend not to sit directly on my (unwastable covered) sofa now from too many experiences of leaving stains behind me from 'unexpected incidents'. The worry of embarrassing stains, plus the pain, nausea, diarrhoea, vomiting, thrush and general feeing of being unwell.. I bl**dy hate periods. Now I'm sneaky and dangerous and buy the pill on t'internet and take it back to back, so I don't get periods. I feel so much healthier. But it's not really a healthy solution and I'd love to find a pad that does what it's supposed to.

    I take the mini pill which is taken every day of the year, no breaks.

    I have very little in the way of periods now.

    I too felt it wasn't healthy but I've had several chats with Practice Nurse and have chosen to bow to her knowledge and expertise on that subject. She tells me it is okay.

    I'd suggest changing pads much more often if you are finding they don't stay stuck etc. Or when I was heavy I used to put one the front and one at the back, no gap in the middle. Gave me a good felling of security to have so much coverage.
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    halogen wrote: »
    You've lost me? What other options are there?

    I had periods that were extremely heavy.

    My gp gave me medication that wasn’t contraceptive based to help. Typically I now no longer need any sanitary items.
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    Getting back to the subject of cheaper sanitary protection, I just buy them when they're on offer! Usual price for my pack of towels is £1.85 but they can be bought for as little as £1 when on sale. The trick is to stock up when they're on half-price.
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    Not very money saving on initial out lay but I was very interested to read this
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    queengoth wrote: »
    Not very money saving on initial out lay but I was very interested to read this

    I feel you would need as many period pants as you would change a pad or tampon in a day, personally these are not for me. I have pants and would ratherr use my cloth pads with them. Cheaper as I already wear pants every day!!
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    Thanks MSE for starting this thread. Sanitary products should be free anyway, so any savings / discussion about choice is welcome until the time comes!

    Some women choose to wear period knickers that are ultra absorbent to protect you from leaks, saving your normal knickers in the long run.

    There are also actual ‘period knickers’ that you can wear as a sanitary product!! Check it out:
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