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    itzmee wrote: »
    My local Asda sell super plus extra non-applicator tampons and they are as good as Lil lets but are just a third of the price.

    But Lillets do even more absorbant than that.
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    I use a reusable cup, it's a silicone collapsible one that I carry around with me so it's always on hand. I have extremely heavy periods and it's actually been a lifesaver, I was getting through a super plus in less than an hour and the dryness and mess of it all was horrible and really getting me down. My cup lasts at least 4 hours on those days and is easily and quickly rinsed with warm water while in the toilet - my work toilet is disabled access so has a sink in it. On normal flow days I can get through the entire work day without having to empty it. It's no more messy than a tampon once you get used to it, and means you don't dry out your delicate parts. It took a little practice to be able to get it to stay in place, but now it takes the same time as a tampon. It cost £21 and so far has lasted 3 years which is a good saving on even own brand products.

    They are good for those that don't have too heavier periods and that can use them and have access to appropriate facilities.

    For me on heavy days it needs emptying at least once an hour and they cause the most awful stomach cramps
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    Mooncups and the like don!!!8217;t work if you!!!8217;re a para, my lentil knitting sister in law won!!!8217;t get the hint and keeps insisting I persevere with it.

    There is nothing more uncomfortable than having a sanitary towel sticky bit welded to your lady garden, cheap towels are the worst for this.

    I would rather buy branded and not have to worry about the damn things twisting, bulging or welding themselves to the wrong place than buy cheap and spend a fortune changing towel every hour on the hour while worrying about the smell.
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    Superdrug's own brand towels are a very good alternative to Always. It is often on offer also.
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    I use reusable cloth pads (can't get on with tampons or a cup), the initial outlay is costly but nearly 3 years down the line and the savings are mounting up!! They are so comfortable and I have never had one leak (try saying that about disposables). I wish I had discovered them years before!
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    It's been many years since I even thought about sanitary protection but back in the day, it was one of the things I wouldn't scrimp on (up there with coffee and toilet rolls :D).
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    Pollycat wrote: »
    It's been many years since I even thought about sanitary protection but back in the day, it was one of the things I wouldn't scrimp on (up there with coffee and toilet rolls :D).

    Ditto. Mind you, I wasn't impressed to find that German and Dutch branded sanitary protection is much cheaper than their UK equivalents. When I returned from my last (RAF) tour in Germany, I brought back a years supply !
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    Having tried a few supermarkets/chemist own brands, aside from liners, I always end up going back to Tampax, Always or Bodyform. It's not the price (because the saving really isn't that much when you're looking at comparable options) it's the comfort, it's things like how well they stay in place, how comfortable (not causing friction/irritation by built up heat, itching...) and things like actually absorbing rather than seeming to be waterproof :/

    I've got to say though- the main brands though more expensive are not perfect and there are things I wish they'd change (eg the compact tampons which IME are pretty useless being that they snap-back to their mini-size mid application!!) But when faced with something like the supermarkets own type which was so brick like to remove the cord snapped, I wouldn't go back to cheaper brands without worrying about it and tbh I can do without the anxiety of worrying I may have used something I cannot then get rid of.

    If they could just take the tax off though, it's not a huge amount but it would in some cases make the difference between own brand types and the branded versions, but to make it clear; there is a difference between the types/prices and it's not without having tried and tested (and failed with) quite a lot of them that I make my choices to stay with the branded options.
  • I also remember 'back in the day' not being able to afford decent sanitary products on my pocket money and was to embarrassed to ask for extra cash to buy the things I needed. Awful feeling as a young teen. I am so glad this item on Martin's website has reminded me of it Now I am going to donate products to a foodbank so that other girls don't have to feel this way
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    I'd never thought about the need to have free sanitary products until last year. I think there could be a problem with exactly what would be available for free. People have different preferences and to be honest us women have managed up until now. Years ago, before my time, women would have had to wash whatever they hard worn and use again. Where I live we have a Donation Station set up by a very caring man, with some helpers, where we can donate food, clothes etc and he is aware of most of the homeless people in our town and can give out stuff as and when needed. When certain things are in short supply he puts a message on FB and people can donate what they can. I have donated sanitary products to this cause in the past. People tend to think of food and clothes first and don't think of sanitary products. I have also donated toiletries and towels to the local winter night shelter. Towels I usually by from charity shops, washed and then donated so it's a win win situation.
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