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More Charity Shop Bargains for 2018 & beyond!

edited 8 May 2018 at 10:26AM in Old Style MoneySaving
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  • dolly84dolly84 Forumite
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    Thanks for the comments about the coat. I won't be able to get back there until tomorrow so it will have probably gone. I have several Boden things I bought new so I know how pricey they are but it still seemed a lot, having said that if Boden were selling it in the sale for £25 I would've snapped it up.

    Miro - it's a wonder how something like that jacket can be bought and donated so quickly.
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  • klew356klew356 Forumite
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    My friend went into a charity shop over the weekend and got 2 schoffel gilets for a fiver each! She spent something like 25 quid and got a phase 8 dress, an oasis jumpsuit for holidays, a pair of fancy shorts I can!!!8217;t remember the make, a Sainsburys top and a few other bits, unreal!
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    DigForVictoryDigForVictory Forumite
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    I'm gradually taking up running as a hobby/ spiritual discipline. I began with starting and maintaining a gym habit, but this week I did actually accelerate the treadmill and run. Briefly - I've form for plantar & have no wish to go back to heavy painkillers, physiotherapy & the prospect of injections into the sole of my foot. So I thought, probably time to get the right shoes.
    Researched on line, talked to various friends, read more, prowled websites & in the end thought - sock it, head for Go Outdoors and plead for help (ahem & Scout discount). Max of Blackburn could not have been more pragmatic or reassuring, and had me coaxed into one pair which ticked all the boxes for comfort, budget & not being appallingly coloured (my gym gear is intended to be mildly offensive, it keeps the sons off it!) and hurrah! Owner of running shoes & still intending to try this running lark again. [Extra kudos as usually I am as "easy to shoe" as a very skittish pony.]

    Today, puttering languidly (oh this Heat), husband spotted something which looked a bit like trainers but were karrimor (known to us for boots) in Oxfam rawtenstall. I tried them on & while not as capacious around the toes, still fitting, so I am now a two pair 'runner'. Researched estimated cost - oh around £150 though usually discounted to half that & mine, under a fiver.
    Only downside I can see is I really am going to have to commit to trying this running bit now!

    Saw a seasalt top in Barnardos Blackburn, three quarter sleeves, breton-ish stripes & thought, give it a pop. Turns out organic (!), reversible to pink & white (!!) & whilst charming frankly a bit tight on me. Still, shall wash it & offer it to m'lady mother who knows & loves her seasalt stuff. It'll probably engulf her but she can wear it as a top layer, or re-donate it.

    It did come from next months paycheque, ahem, but the staying in budget on the running shoes meant the other pair wasn't as big a deal. The seasalt thing comes under the cup of coffee pretext, and "nice gift" budget if not....
  • MovingForwardsMovingForwards Forumite
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    With all good intentions I (well my OH and I) went to BHF to get furniture for our new unfurnished flat (except white goods) we get the keys Wednesday, and were picking out a bed and other items.

    I say good intentions as we were after previously loved items to keep costs down.

    They had the same Ikea bed we have in the current flat which is what my OH wanted but then he walked up to a brand new bed/mattress and said "what about this?"

    So, I confess the new bed/mattress was agreed on and off I went to look around for a TV stand (it currently sits on the fire surround but there isnt one in the new place), debated with myself over one of the glass ones but isnt the 'look' I like and instead found a sideboard type unit with doors/shelves and had 'decorations' batted back on my shoulders so I opted for that.

    It's all getting delivered to the new place and we were told if we see anything else between now and delivery day it can all get added for delivery with the original order.

    I have set a budget of £500 for furnishing the whole flat, we have some cabinets/chests of draws /bookcase type stuff which we have been gathering up and a mate has donated a sofa and rug.

    Still within budget, just need to find wardrobes and curtains, maybe a dining table and chairs (which will double up as an office area for me) so will be hitting all the local second hand shops this weekend and seeing what else I can gather up.

    I know I can get the old wardrobes cheap but they havent got pairs of them (I have done a fair bit of upcycling by whitewashing to soften the wood colour so am more than happy to do that).

    Will let you know if I manage to get everything and the amount I have left over!
  • dolly84dolly84 Forumite
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    I got a couple of items yesterday. DS has been living in his 3 pairs of shorts on rotation so I got him a Next pair in a stone colour, pockets on the back, knee length and straight fitting with a drawstring waist which is useful as he is very skinny. I got a lovely Tu smock style top in orange with a white pattern, little cutaway v neck and embroidery to the neckline, 3/4 sleeves with a gathered edge - £1. Another Tu top, 3/4 sleeves, white with cornflower blue ombre effect to sleeves and body - £1.

    I did see a M&S merino wool cardigan in grey, boyfriend style which I liked but one of the button holes was badly stretched and they wanted £4.99 for it so I left that.
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  • silvasavasilvasava Forumite
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    Movingforwards - well done you and your OH - we have a nice Barnardo's furniture CS near to us and I often take a stroll round. I am amazed at some of the quality of furniture they have. Have had some bits in the past - got a beautiful heavy 'clic' bed for DS1 for £45!
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  • MovingForwardsMovingForwards Forumite
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    I went back to BHF this morning, without OH, just to have another look around and see if a few things I wanted were still there.

    Bagged a wooden laundry box which is close enough in colour to the bed and a metal toiletry holder/stand on wheels; if there isnt the space in the new bathroom it will become a veg rack in the kitchen instead.

    Got £10 knocked off the two of them without even asking! And they have been added to my delivery a week today.

    I popped into a charity shop I havent been in that often to look for curtains but no luck, instead I ended up getting a bean bag (fake mocha suede) for my cat. £5 :D

    New bed/mattress £307
    Side board/tv stand £40
    Toiletry (or veg) rack £5
    Laundry box £20
    Delivery £20

    Bean bag £5

    Will know Wednesday if wardrobes are needed as I didnt pay much attention to the cupboards in the bedrooms (just opened, looked and closed the door) but the then current tenants didnt have wardrobes and sales particulars for flats in the same block/that cul de sac say they are wardrobes so fingers crossed!

    Only bad thing is I saw a gorgeous coffee table in BHF which would go so well with the brown leather sofa my mate is giving us; it's more classic style (large, with draw and wooden legs) than the ikea (more shelf like on casters) one we already have...must resist else I will not have much money for curtains which will mean not much choice will the colour!
  • FlossFloss Forumite
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    movingforward keep checking the shop, it nay still be there when you've found your curtains x
  • elsienelsien Forumite
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    DigFirVictory, I've managed to find all my exercise/running clothes - karrimor/adidas/Nike nearly new in the charity shops over the last few weeks for 2 or 3 quid each. I suspect I'm benefitting from New Years resolutions which have now bitten the dust.
    All shall be well, and all shall be well, and all manner of things shall be well.

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  • FrithFrith Forumite
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    St Richards Hospice today

    Brakeburn stripy long sleeved t shirt, size 12

    Casual Friday green t shirt for son1 (he tells me this is a sought after brand??)
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