Keep Moving Challenge for 2018

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With so many folk having fit-bit type devices (or similar) and keeping a note of how far they have walked or run each day I start this thread as an open challenge to record your distances.

No specific target this year, just set your own.

Whether you will be walking, running, cycling or swimming I hope that you will use this thread to keep us updated on your progress.
Use the thread as a way to encourage others to keep moving and to get motivation yourself.

It is good to have a target to aim for but don't over stretch yourself so much that you either get disappointed in your own progress or find that you have too much to make up after coming back from a holiday or extra work having cut back your miles.

I say miles simply because I am old and still measure that way but your own personal challenge could be anything from miles, kilometers, laps, steps etc.


  • indesisivindesisiv Forumite
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    Thanks for setting this up Wizard of Id.
    My only issue is that I don't have a set target nor do I want to set one particularly. My target for next year is event driven so training mileage will vary to specifically help with those goals.

    So for the keep moving challenge, my main challenge for next year is to attempt to run a sub 3 hour marathon. (and if I miss that then at least run 3:15 so that I have good for age entry into London for the year after)

    I also aim to be top 10 in the ultimate trails 55k race. Then later on in the year I have aims to run a 17:xx 5k and a sub 37 10k.

    So all in all no specific target for distance for me, but I will keep this updated as to my usual training mileage. (Usually around 40 miles a week average)
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  • Wizard_of_IdWizard_of_Id
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    Just what I had in mind indesisiv :T

    This is just a thread to keep everyone together and it is more for support that actual numbers but I, like some others will, have certain targets that we will want to achieve but they don't have to be hard & fast.
  • Wizard_of_IdWizard_of_Id
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    I am a gentleman of leisure these days and my 'thing' is walking :)
    After bringing a dog into my home in February last year, I realised just how much I enjoy getting out there no matter what the weather.

    My target for this year is 3333 miles walking.

    I was going to aim for 4000 and I might still get to that level but it was not a realistic thing to aim for at this early stage. It works out at 9 miles a day and as I am already doing more than that, I should be able to build up a bit of a buffer for those 'off' days that are bound to crop up.

    I shall continue to enter my weekly and running yearly total in my signature and my week will go from Sunday to Saturday.

    Keep on Keeping on everyone :T
  • singhinisinghini Forumite
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    #wizard of id
    Thanks for setting this up and count me in.

    My challenge is to do more KM than last year (so far I've done 1,694km in 2017 and most likely have achieved 1,725km by next week).

    My actual challenge for 2017 was not to drink any alcohol and so far I have managed it (infact ive been tea total since 21st August 2016).
    As they say "keep on keeping on" :j
  • SplanKSplanK Forumite
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    Tagging myself back in.

    Shorting my overall distance taget this time (1000 miles) as I am concious that 2017 target was a massive time sink that I dont really have time for...
    I am however aiming to do more fell walking, with one of my 'big' targets being the yorkshire 3 peaks (did 2 of them in 2017, and doing th 3rd wont be much more mileage than doing 2!). I would love to do the national 3 peaks, but not in 24hrs, but I think doing the 3 seperatly throughout the year is realistic....ish
  • mickey_mousemickey_mouse Forumite
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    Can I join in please. I will aim for 2018 miles which will be a mixture of walking and tennis ��
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  • bugsletbugslet Forumite
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    Thanks Wiz.

    Mickey, I'm joining you in the 2018 miles. All walking for me. I really should have had more of a buffer built in, last 40 miles to do now and it's definitely eating into the holiday season, but the dogs are happy!
  • Kantankrus_MareKantankrus_Mare Forumite
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    Can I join in please. I will aim for 2018 miles which will be a mixture of walking and tennis ��

    Think I will aim for the same as I failed the 2000 due to illness towards the end of the year.

    This thread is a great motivator (Thanks Wizard) and knowing you need to check in regularly keeps you going.

    Ive been out for a walk this morning....something I never normally do on Christmas day and really enjoyed it. Probably replace all the calories I burnt with the upcoming Christmas dinner.

    Think I will make it one of my Christmas traditions. :D

    Enjoy the rest of your day everyone and heres to a year full of walking, running, swimming or whatever it is you do. :beer:
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  • Barny1979Barny1979 Forumite
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    Averaging 11,000 steps per day this year, so will aim for 11,500 per day in 2018 and 2,500 miles :)
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  • bugsletbugslet Forumite
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    Barny1979 wrote: »
    Averaging 11,000 steps per day this year, so will aim for 11,500 per day in 2018 and 2,500 miles :)

    It really tells how much stride length counts. I have to do 13100 steps per day to get to 2017 miles:(
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