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  • wayne1983
    wayne1983 Posts: 1,511 Forumite
    Im a member of saros but a lot of the surveys take place far away from me in sheffield. Does anyone know where abouts they do them in sheffield. Also how do you go about finding out about been one of them that survey folk in towns etc, thanks.:beer:
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  • adecor
    adecor Posts: 269 Forumite
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    budvar3 wrote: »
    Hi guys - my comapny has just set up a website to recruit people for focus groups. We've been running them for 13 years and realised that most people didn't have a clue how to take part. We generally pay between £35 and £50 for 90mins, though it can be more for depth interviews.

    To register the website's www.hcrecruit.co.uk

    I hope it's OK to put that here - if not let me know and I'll get people to PM me.
    Just had a look at your site, but there don't seem to be any contact details available (other than email) - so I would deem this as dodgy from a personal perspective.
  • tripleh_2
    adecor wrote: »
    Just had a look at your site, but there don't seem to be any contact details available (other than email) - so I would deem this as dodgy from a personal perspective.

    Also the English seems poor for such a site " We are specialist research company who........"
  • gerti_2
    Just saw your note - I would very much like to get involved in Market research in the London area.

    My e-mail is schnittex2@hotmail.com

    Would you mind passing it on?

    Many thanks!
  • sez-g
    sez-g Posts: 1 Newbie
    Hi Lynne, I would be really grateful if you could pass my details on to any of your contacts in the Manchester & Cheshire area.

    My e-mail address is: sez-g@fsmail.net

    Thanks for your help x
  • bulktrans
    bulktrans Posts: 622 Forumite
    are their any co. (focus groups) in glasgow?
  • Kateg_2
    I'm a little worried, I looked into that hcsrecruit website. what's the best thing for me to do?
  • lynnechapman
    lynnechapman Posts: 219 Forumite
    First Anniversary Combo Breaker First Post
    Just to update you, my web site is now live (but not officially launched as I am still tweaking it).
    I have set it up to tell the public about market research, explain why and what happens and what it means if you are asked to attend, as so many people don't know about it and are suspicious. It also has a facility to register your interest in attending groups; your details are then passed to a group recruiter near your locality and they will contact you.

    Lynne Chapman
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  • Badger_Lady
    Badger_Lady Posts: 6,264 Forumite
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    If anyone lives / spends time in Central Cardiff, there's a company there that often brings people in for market research (in exchange for vouchers of course!).

    Anyone interested can PM me for details :)

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  • wayne1983
    wayne1983 Posts: 1,511 Forumite
    Hi, i want to join more market researche companys, however this may sound silly. Reading on here it gives advice where to look etc, and 1 is yell.com. Now what i want to know is do you just phone and ask to join or how do you go about it. I know this makes me sound thick but i dont want to make calls and them thinking what the hells he on about, thanks,:D:beer:
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