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    I got an email from them today - they are indeed increasing their prices as of 3rd Feb - by 12.8% in my area.
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    Also received email.

    But still one of the cheapest renewable energy suppliers - now cost is about level with Bulb, Pure Planet, and So Energy for me (according to MSE Cheap Energy Club)
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    Apache1 wrote: »
    Has PE recently increased their prices to new customers and when will that increase apply to existing customer?

    I called them about this yesterday (also started another thread related to this). MSE Energy Club only lists the new Q1 2019 tariff for me but when I called and spoke to them they told me that tariff is only for new customers and that there weren't any price increases for the August and December 2018 tariffs that they knew of. Although it sounds like people are today receiving e-mails...

    My consideration is that People's Energy would be £607 for me with my current tariff, the Q1 2019 one would be £660 (beaten by a few other tariffs out there. There's the promise of 75% profits back in 2020 after being with them for a year although I could pay £550 with Utility Point on a 1 year fix...
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    Great question. That's great news to hear you saved £381 with us and we're delighted to have you be part of the People's Energy family.

    We are delighted to confirm we will not be increasing our prices in the next month or so :beer:. In our first year of business we reduced our prices twice and have only increased them once since then due to the unsustainable wholesale price increase in the market. Our team will always put our members over profit so where we can we'll help people save money rather than pay more.

    Hmmm. Not exactly very ethical to have representatives of PeoplesEnergy implying that there will be no price increase in the next month or so . Strictly , there will be no price increases for a month or so but now you are increasing prices by over 12% (ie. 2 months after joining you).

    Seems to me this is another little energy company 'con job' .

    Time to move suppliers again for me and my parents (sigh!)
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    Emails have been sent to my father and myself showing the new tariff increases and the new projected annual costs .
    The only problem is they have included my father's 'new projected costs' in MY email and sent MY 'new projected costs' in my father's email . They have mixed up our accounts .

    Further, I've checked the online statements for both my father and myself and they have NOT included direct debit payments for the months Dec 18 and Jan 19 . The carried forward balances are all incorrect

    (God forbid we have another NPOWER type useless energy company).

    So far, this company looks like they have systems/processes that are not yet automated with accounts/emails obviously being driven by manual steps. Doesn't actually provide me with any confidence so I think I will move asap.

    New customers beware that this might be another company that is not fit to have a license to be an energy supplier.
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    I reckon they've probably taken on a fair number of disgruntled Outfox customers in the last month as the next cheapest option, for 100% renewable at least. Not to mention also the appeal of the 75% of profits being returned. It's going to be a bit of a gamble I think as the profit returns are 2020 after being there for at least a year and so much of an unknown so you never know if that proposed benefit is worth waiting for against any potential price increases until that point...
    I think they're having the same struggles as the other small suppliers I've been with the last couple of years. Same kind of set up, a small UK based operation in one location (e.g. Iresa in Nottingham, Outfox in Leicester etc.) and the costs are kept lower at the potentially reduced level of customer service and technical correctness. I did only have to wait about a minute or so to get through on the phone and e-mails so far have been responded to generally after a day or so.
    It is a bit of a shame they're not as responsive on this forum as they used to be. I have only been a customer for a couple of weeks although the initial account setup and everything seems to ok so far...
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    Just had an incorrect email advising me of a price increase taking effect 3 Feb. I contacted CS who advised that different areas are having the price rise at different times and my area is not due yet. I had already switched out. Unfortunately, I cannot see PE surviving much longer.
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    I wondered why peoples Energy show their rates to domestic customers in their portal EX VAT when every one (domestic) has to pay VAT and you can't make a fair comparison?
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    lynchnigel wrote: »
    I wondered why peoples Energy show their rates to domestic customers in their portal EX VAT when every one (domestic) has to pay VAT and you can't make a fair comparison?

    Not sure what you mean :huh:

    I found their tariff details on their website here
    Prices are shown inclusive of VAT

    If you are a customer and looking at your online account, then presumably (I don't know for sure as I am not a customer) they show you the cost exclusive of VAT as that is how your bill/ststement will be produced ... with VAT shown seperately, as per HMRC requirements.
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    Signed up on 3/12 - received initial emails, direct debit set up and first reading sent straight away.

    Sent email on 24/12 with questions; follow up sent 11/01 - still no reply to either.

    In the meantime I contacted my old supplier (igloo) who responded the same day; and said that peoplesenergy still haven’t sent them my readings (6 weeks on).

    Really disappointed with customer service here. Seemingly a lack of response on here as well. Will be moving on once the switch completes.
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