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    My experience

    I was with Scottish Energy

    I fileld in the PE form but did not get any immediatefeedback. Infact I got an email from Scottish Energy first telling me I was leaving so I spose that was confirmation something was happening.

    I then got a direct debit confirmation and an email aksing for meter reads and to create an account.

    I have created an account (abotu a week after that previous email) and submitted my readings and they have emailed me thanking me for the meter reads and they will send my old supplier the meter reads.

    I presume what happens now is PE start charging me from these new meter reads and my old supplier charge me up to them.

    I would say the process is not as slick as it was with Scottish Energy (which is no surprise) but its not always absoltuley clear what is happening.

    Overall though no problems per se.
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    Hi Just signed up for Peoples energy over the phone very easy and helpfull staff answered all my questions .
    keep you posted .
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    Just signed up today.
    Quick and easy to get a quote and sign up.
    Two emails showed up in seconds.
    "you set up a DD"
    "Hello from The People's Energy Company"
    All's good right?
    Hang on why is my email Quote totally different from the one on their site a few seconds ago?
    BAIT and SWITCH is my first thought - I did take a screenshot of the original quote.

    Electric KW/h decreased, small amount
    Gas KW/h increased, small amount
    Standing Charges increased by over 14%

    I emailed them for explanation, I'll let you know.

    (I'm expecting some BS about their prices are always changing and just happens that in the few seconds between quote and email quote it changed - right)
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    I signed up 5 days ago, I only got 1 email immediately saying I've set up a DD, no mention of quote or payment.
    Nothing since either. It would be nice to know what's going on.
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    I signed up last Wednesday and first thing was the direct debit e-mail which arrived straight away. I received an e-mail yesterday just after I sent a chase e-mail to ask what was happening (probably just coincidence it arrived at the same time) which welcomed me, confirmed the tariff details, direct debit etc.
    All looking good so far, just hoping they don't bump the prices just after I switch.
  • leviathanleviathan Forumite
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    Sounded great on the first page, then halfway down the second the responses stopped coming.
    And things got worse.
    Now it looks somewhat like they are the same as all the other suppliers.
    All talk and no action.

    Multiple people having problems.
    Maybe the real issue is that switching is just far too complicated for any of these energy comapnies to get right.

    If we were given £10 a day for any mistakes they make they would certainly get their acts together.
    But we are here to suffer and provide profit for shareholders (TPE supposed to be the exemption!) , not to be treated decently.

    Energy & water should never have been privatised.
  • Oasis1Oasis1 Forumite
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    Such a shame there's a lack of response from PE to people's posts. I was considering switching, but now I'm not.
  • TransmitThisTransmitThis Forumite
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    Update to my signup quote change...

    Demi from PE support emailed.
    I am not sure why this has happened and I do apologise for this.

    I'm now waiting for the resolution of the ticket, ie Standing charge to be the quoted amount.
    I have no idea why this was changed from 18p/d to 21p/d all I can say is check your quotes and keep an eye on prices.

    Hopefully this was an error and not indicative of the Smaller, new, energy resellers.
    Stay vigilant out there.
  • Apache1Apache1 Forumite
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    Has PE recently increased their prices to new customers and when will that increase apply to existing customer?
  • Apache1Apache1 Forumite
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    Is there any interest from People's Energy in replying to their customers?
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