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This thread is to specifically discuss the new

To discuss or ask a question about this article: click reply
To report your credit card success: use this thread
To discuss original bank charges reclaiming: use this thread
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  • Please read Martin's article linked above for new credit card specific template letters and POC. When I get a minute I'll put some links into this post regarding threads on credit cards but meantime you'll find most of the information you need in the Reclaim Help Thread which is linked in my signature.
  • I've been offered £42.00 settlement from Capital One (total owed was £136.08) and £69.12 from Royal Bank of Scotland (total owed was £144.00) - should I just accept the offers in light of the recent situation???
  • You need to read Martin's article, link in the top post, and have a read of the Capital One thread for other people's experiences in dealing with them.

    You'll find the links to the main threads in the Reclaim Help Thread which is linked in my signature.
  • Can I put in a claim for credit card charges if my credit card has since been cancelled with the bank? I remain with the same bank, but the credit card balance was incorporated into a loan I also have with them. I would be grateful for advice. The card has not been in use over this year. Thanks!
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    Need adviceI have had a few credit cards in the past which are now closed accounts. I live at a different address from where they were registered. Can i still claim refunds for charges on those cards ?Thankyou to anyone that can help!!
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  • I have a closed account with Barclaycard can i still reclaim?


  • hi can anybody tell me the correct procedure on how to reclaim my (payment protection plan) for barclaycard visa please ?
  • Hi all,

    i'm a newbie and this is my first post. I've been reading alot about reclaiming charges on my credit cards. I have credit cards from the past that have been closed for quite some time now and i am sure i was occassionally charged for late payments etc and don't know whether it is worth enquiring with them. What do you think? Is it just as easy to call them and ask for the past 6 years claims or does it have to be in a letter?

    Thanks in advance x
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    Hi all just a quick question, I had a few credit cards a year or two ago, I am thinking of claiming back all the unfair charges they used to steep onto me!! As the accounts are now closed, how would I go about getting my information? I doubt, unless I am wrong they would give it to me over the phone? Is there some particular department I need to write too? And anything specific I need to say in my letter?

    Also finally my friend had some large credit cards debts, but I think his debts were £3000, so he offered the bank something like 1,800 and they accepted then he closed the acounts, could he still claim his unfair charges from these accounts?

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  • If you have closed your account with them then do not fear. It makes no difference. I recently claimed back charges from Capital One, Natwest Mastercard and others for unfair charges. Be prepared for a fight from Natwest, but follow the guidelines set out in the article and you will be right as rain. They will roll over eventually. Is just a matter of time, seriously.
    Reclaiming Bank Charges in the UK
    Trying to Reclaim in the USA
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